Serious Edge Banding Trimmer (cheap utility knife blades)

by J-Max Jan 6, 2017
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"top side of the clamp laying on the bed." Where is top side?

Lay on the bed the side with supports :-)

It's the flat face, closest to the blade's location. I appears on top of the first picture of the Edge trimmer. The little clamp part needs to be printed upside down : the largest flat side on the bed.

what ???
I just saw that printed by user xmass, coincidence, totally....... and you know what ? I have glued edges for a big (for me) project yesterday. My router is a bit too big for that and I wondered how tyo cut them !

It seems it's just in time ! Good for you. Enjoy !

Currently printing ! such a great piece. My woodwork man's cave will have one more printed tool :-)

So it will looks like mine ;) May I suggest the "Serious Clamping Squares" ; the "Serious sanding blocks", and the "Serious Centre Finder" ? Actually the four printed things I designed the most useful in the shop.

I see that ! In fact, I was about to print the serious clamping squares... but I've found some at Leroy Merlin, for 2.1€ each. saved time for cheap and efficient tool... enough for me. I needed 10 of hem.

Sure, the price is unbeatable !

Hi J-Max,
Thank you very much for sharing this great gadget. I was really happy when I saw this thing here. So far, I tried several ways to trim the ironed side bands on the panels and I was looking for a better way to do this job. This one is really promising. But I need to use M5 hex nuts which are available everywhere instead of brass inserts. I read mager33 has melted nuts into the plastic. But this issue can be solved in design phase properly. Would you please share the design file so I can modify it for M5 hex nuts and share the modified file to woodworker users in Thingiverse.

Hi Mehmet. Thanks for your feedback. I will try to make another version for regular Din 934 nuts as soon as possible. Thingiverse is already a huge melting pot and it's hard to find your way in things and remixes which are not often tested. What I post is tested, 100% printable and 100% usable. That's why I don't share the files. I think different versions are easier to be found on the original thing's page. I allways send my remixes to the original designer.

Brass inserts are not difficult to be found nowadays (aliexpress, ebay...) and they are a must for 3D printer owners. Definitely. Brass Inserts are made for holding into plastics, easy to install, stay in place, and are less expensive than standard nuts. Those who don't want to get brass inserts can use any strong glue instead : wax and buff the bolts at least 3 times, fill both bolt and hole with glue, allow it to dry, then you can screw and unscrew the bolts.

WHY!??? Why i just found out about this today, since yesterday i had to trim a LOT of edge banding!? Make me with undo and redo it all againg!

I don't know Demetrius... Now I know you will trim your edge banding easily. Enjoy ! ;)

Great design - works well!
Could be printed a bit shorter to save time if that matters.
I did not have the brass insert, but melted a hexnut into the hole. Works perfect.

Danke mein freund ! Enjoy !
The extra lenght is to help the trimmer to reference straight ;)

Awesome. Managed to print it but can't figure out what fasteners you used and how. Cheers.

Hi Andrei,
Thank you ! I'm so sorry ! It will be better if I did not forget the BOM in the description.
I upgraded the thing description : 2xDin912 M3x20 : 2x Brass inserts M3 OD 4.3mm
For the brass Inserts, make a search with "M3 brass inserts" on Aliexpress.com ;)
Have a nice one, bye !

Are you sure it's M3, every dimension on the model points me to M4 actually :(

I confirm M3 screws and inserts Johny007. You're abused by the outside diameter of the M3 inserts : 4.3mm.

Very nice! There have been plenty of times that this would have been great to have. Kudos on an inspired design!

Thank you mate !