Tronxy X3 x-belt tensioner

by idig3d Jan 7, 2017
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I think my printer might have made the holes a little tight, Which parts are meant to be threaded and which are meant to be free? Would you mind explaining how it works a little better?

I presume the only part that is meant to be threaded in the end knob? I can see if you have a nut inside the end knob and you tighten it, it will pull the bracket back and vice versa. but in my case the screw is threaded on the endcap and bracket so i think i need to drill them out so the screw goes through free?

My belt is now grinding on the edge of the profile next to the stepper motor. Is my tension too high?

Possibly. Check alignment, too. Might have to move the motor gear up or down a bit on the shaft to get it centered.

Thanks for the advice, it must've been 0.5mm too low. Not grinding any more :D !

witch one is for the X1

Would it be possible to add a bracket that supports an m3 idler pulley instead of the bearing and washers?

Has anyone seen a matching Y belt tensioner that fits with the stock vslot setup...

Im perfectly happy with my bed on its vslot mount so dont want to replace with linear rails etc... but i would like a matching tensioner that fits around the standard 2020 vslot and its mount

Hi, this looks like a very ingenious design, nice to reuse existing parts. I have an idea to put a hex recess in the cap for a hex bolt head instead of a screw head, this way it won't spin when tensioning. Also, do you think another T nut and screw on the otherside would be helpful to hold straight or is it not needed? If you can do this I will tip you.

This is very much needed

Thanks for this! I used the shaft for the X1 and in my case it seems the legs are too short. The big round washers take up a lot of space, bringing the center of the pulley way further than it is designed to be (see pic). I basically only have one or two millimetres left for tensioning. Any way you could upload a new version with longer legs for the X1?

Uploading a 10mm taller one right now. A nice tip wold be wonderful. Thanks.

Worked perfectly, thanks! Just had to add a brim, otherwise it kept unsticking at some point or another.

Comments deleted.

works very well, also works with x1.

works with the x1 as well

I do not know what happens but the car brake stops where the hotend.

You're a lifesaver. Tip incoming!

Great design. Super functional.

had to flip 180 to get it to print right. thanks works perfect.

Thanks for your designs and help with this printer. Tronxy managed to send me a box without x or y pulley brackets. Not to be detered, I cut two out of 1/4 inch oak I had around the house. My hope is that I can print your x and y tensioners as my first prints to eliminate the need to wait for GearBest to send me replacements. This brings up a couple of questions. 1. Will these work in PLA for a few prints (or longer?) I have some ABS on the way, but have PLA now. 2. Are the belts different sizes? It was all I could do to get the x belt zip-tied to the extruder. I just didn't have very much belt to work with. There's nothing mentioned in the instructions (obviously,) but I had quite a bit extra on the y axis and was very tight on x. I would like to get them reversed now if that is the case. Thanks again.

I'm pretty sure the belts (at least mine were) are the the same length. GT2 belt it pretty cheap and pretty easy to find.

Folgertech's fair prices and ships fast enough. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GT2-Timing-Belt-by-the-Meter-6mm-width-3D-printer-Rostock-Mendel-REPRAP-/330987181822

Need a meter for each direction.

Thanks for the link. I grabbed some. I like to have spares.

Thanks for the tip! You made my day!

1/4” oak? Oh yeah! I try to use what I have on hand as well.

Mine are in PLA. PLA is stronger than ABS, but more brittle with a lower glass transition temperature (less heat resistive). The tensioners are not near any sources of heat, so PLA is probably better. And, until you get/make/print a way to reduce/stop the hot end fan from blowing on the heat block, tour printer won't reach ABS temps.

I initially printed my fan shroud in PLA. It softened a bit, bit was usable long enough to reprint it in ASA--like ABS but UV-resistant.

The only thing I don't like about my x-belt tensioner is that you have to unattach the belt to install it at the cost of a zip tie and a bit of extra finagling.

with a liiitle bit of patience you can put it together without detaching a belt. BTW are you willing maybe release source file for that?

Pretty please.

Small price to pay for a well designed belt tensioner. I cut all my zipties installed them and then ran to harbor freight and bought more zipties. Great work, I have both your x and y tensioner they are awesome! Well deserved tip my man.

Thanks again for the tip and encouragement. Glad the design is working out well for you.

do you also need to dremel/sand a bit? because shaft doesnt fit directly to 2020

I added a new version that is should print a bit better. The end that slides over the extrusion prints straight up now for an easier install.

The orientation of the print, the end may get a bit of a elephant's foot. I had to trim the inside edges back using an xacto knife and tap it on. Also, If your printer is overextuding then it maybe be a even tighter fit. It is designed with a 0.4mm clearance. If a bit of post finishing doesn't work, I'll upload a slightly larger opening,