Tronxy X3 y-belt tensioner (front)

by idig3d Jan 7, 2017
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the two litte legs on the shaft broke. i wonder if my heat wasnt set high enough or pla is just not good to use for this. anyway thats 2hrs wasted but, i think the design could be better... i might even try that or,,

I have printed this and your thing for the x belt they all keep breaking no matter what I do. I increased the infill no luck there... I am talking 5 to 6 times each to no luck, it looks great but it sucks...…….

Hi thanks heaps for this design, its very handy. I did mod it slightly adding two belt keeper bumps so the lower belt is guided up into the 2020 channel and the upper belt when at y190 < is guided into the channel too. I found this stopped the belt catching on the 2020 extrusion. and movement was even smoother.

tnx i use it for upgraded tarntula.... :-)

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Is it possible to make it worth with a 20mm screw?

oh nevermind i dont have m5 anyway. thought it was m3.

having problems printing the Y shaft, The overhangs kill it. Anyone have some good Cura settings for support/printer profile

Can posts pics in the Facebook group? Lots more folks to help there.

You might try printing a shroud to help with cooling first.

Have you tried printing with a lower temp and slower?

had to flip mine 180 deg to get it to print right. tried 4 times before i flipped it.
little cleaning and it fit perfect

managed to get one printed but had some y shift near the end (like 89%)

Lower temp has been giving me nothing but problems. I ramped temps (210/70) Which has it's own issues with my glow in the dark PLA but it worked.

It's still usable. But I had to print it upside down with a brim and lined support, it was a pain to print but it helped my belt issues and I was able to run a 4 hour print and make a fan shroud (I print slow)

I plan on reprinting with HIPS or ABS once my spools arrive.

Glad you got something working. The reason I set it up wth legs down was to have a cleaner opening for the 2020 extrusion when I created X-belt version first. Using supports and upside down would be a good option--sounds like you found it.

A bit of z-lift or hop when printing might help and avoid crossing the print. Not certain what Cura calls those options.

Had a reoccuring error printing maximum volume vases. finally figured it out. The tensioner was limiting the maximum y distance. New version had been added to the files.


You are doing a great job. I want to thank your job in behalf of the Tronxy X3 users community.
I also want to do pieces like yours but I'm not able ... at the moment !!!

Thanks so much

Thank you for the kind words and the tip! You made my day! Cheers!