robo 3d vertical rod prusa style

by Spidematt Jan 7, 2017
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unfortunately I used microsofts 3d builder because at the time I wasn't good at fusion 360 and also with 3d builder it is very easy to modify anything I just took a copy of both parts and cut them and put them together which is super easy in 3d builder but it creates a lot of errors when you use anything else

Hi there,
Excellent Idea!
I'm trying to modify a couple of things, but when I import the STL in Sketchup I get a lot of errors, could you upload the original file? What software did you use to create the model?

https://www.prusa3d.com/prusa-i3-printable-parts/ this one should work i used the toranado extruder here on thingiverse

can you link the print files for the extruder parts you printed.

Just more options for prusa carriages I made it to use the tornado extruder which is awsome so not a lot of advantages other than more choices

What advantages are there to this over the stock arrangement?

Under the left side rods

oh i see, i printed the prusax files and didn't see where to put it. noticed the toranado file is more recent.so i'll print that

where did you put the x endstop switch?

i noticed on the idler part the holes for the rods don't go all the way through? how did you put the rods in without twisting the mechanism? or do you put them on first and then slide them onto the z axis rails?

so this should fit any prusa type carriage? i can literally print a prusa carraige and it will work perfectly right?

which parts do i actually need to print and what settings did you use? is PLA ok and i'm guessing supports are needed right?

I used petg and 100 percent you could get by with less and I did use supports

you put them in first just like on a prusa i would getr new rods and cut them then use screws on the ends with square nuts to set them in place just like a prusa