fan_fun - wanhao duplicator i3 plus

by notanumber Jan 8, 2017
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joli design.
je voulais modifier votre design pour l'installer sur mon imprimante.
je voulais savoir si vous pouviez partager le fichier source.

Great Mod but you should really change the title to remove the underscore. Anyone searching for "fan fun" will not find it. You have to type in "fan_fun". I've recommended it by name a number of times but forgot the underscore which made it unable to be found.
I knew about it and went looking for the link and couldn't locate it. Finally resorted to Google.

Comments deleted.

any chance for a version with a 50mm blower fan?

Comments deleted.

I feel like this sits a little too high, and is blowing on the hot end a little too much. Any chance of an updated file with the mounting point on the top being a little thicker?

ive got a cocoon create touch, and have the same observation, compared to the example photo, when I install this mod it sits very high above the build plate, running a test print with it now to see.

no but you can insert a piece of paper or thin cardboard between the support and the fan-fun mounting point...

The bolts weren't long enough to reach after i put some paper in. I ended up needing to use some longer ones and a couple of nuts to move it lower.

Fine! I hope that the working is right for you now... ;)

Can you use the stock fan? ie: will the cable reach

Can anyone tell me if this mod would also work on the Wanhao Duplicator i3 mini?

Worked great! Just with heat the screws with a lighter for 5 seconds then screw them in all the way and leave to cool.

pleased to you ;)

You cannot attach both screws. the duct didn't have a possibility to mount it on the Wanhao i3 duplicator plus.

Per the instructions (albeit in French) you are supposed to heat up the screws and use them while hot to create a thread in the holes.

This design looks just great on the printer and improves cooling quite a bit
A fantastic upgrade to my Monoprice Maker Select 3D Printer v2
Merci beaucoup :-)

pas trop le temps en ce moment mais j'essaierai dès que possible.


Pourriez-vous créer une version à l'arrière de cet appareil?

Le "Fan Fun Cooler" peut devoir être plus long à atteindre à partir d'un adaptateur de montage arrière.


Could you please create a rear mounted version of this device?

The "Fan Fun Cooler" may need to be longer to reach from a rear mount adapter.

Printed this for my Monoprice Maker select and works great.... Thanks.

I printed this last night and I think it's made a huge improvement in my printing.
I do want to reprint this though as I printed it horizontally using lots of support, but I'm pretty sure rotating the model 90 degrees and I can print little or no support.

Will this work on the monoprice maker select?

Printing now...in yellow as well! Thanks for this

the i3 plus fan is 24v but the power supply of the fan seems to be 12v...

I notice there's a 40x40 Noctua fan mounted on this i3 Plus. I thought those small Noctua fans only came in 12v but the i3 plus is 24v.
Am I missing something?

Is there a video tutorial on how to install this? Im very new to 3D printing and want to make sure I don't wreck the printer.

Excellent design and the cooling is very uniform!
I tested it, and it works great! It's a little complicate to print, but I recommend it.

Comments deleted.

I'm no expert by any stretch but you might want to play with your settings. I haven't seen an "official" PETG profile but I am benefiting from one shared online for Simplify 3D and PETG specifically- tweaked as I need. I had trouble with some extra sloppiness on the base layer, but I've found blue tape to work a little better than buildtak and hairspray. I've added supports for that center part, and even though the print is only a few layers in, so far so good. I've used some fan ducts similar to Thing (1021065) in PLA and it's worked well as long as the shroud stays about 4-5 mm away from the hot end, around 2-3mm they soften and gradually deform.
If it helps I'm running at 250 on the hotend, 60-75 on the bed, and running slower for the PETG with little retraction and I am using the part cooling fan (though at low speed.

I hope you are able to get things cleared up- I did a twisted vase to dial in my settings when I first got the filament. Sorry if anything I say is not helpful!

Whats your retraction?

To people who installed this: Do you see any improvements in print quality using this compared to the stock fan mount? Really interested in this design

I found an improvement when printing Marvin. I have noticed on my machine that overhangs in the back and right sides of the model don't print well and this seems to help a bit. I haven't printed much with the new fan so it's hard to say how big the improvement it.

I just ran a set of z braces after installing this and the print came out super nice. My fan ran a lot less and for a lot shorter periods of time. I'm pretty new to printing so I don't have a long history to compare it to but it did seem to help quite a bit.

From a design standpoint this looks way cooler than most of the others IMO and the way it's shaped seems really efficient. Give it a shot.

Thanks for the information, printing one right now!

Np. Oh, make sure you use a small drill bit or something to kinda ream out the bolt holes a little. If you're lazy and try to thread the bolt in to widen the hole you can possibly spit the flange. Don't ask me how I know :/

Good luck.

Per the instructions (albeit in French) you are supposed to heat up the screws and use them while hot to create a thread in the holes.

Oh okay :P

Google Translated
"Improved fan outlet - Adjustable lateral shift and offset for Whanao I3 plus
Place the heated screws on the gas or lighter to make the fingerprints in the PLA before mounting.
Model in photo: ep. Of layer 0.2 / supports in contact with the tray only (2.05h in 50mm / s as an indication)"

I"m pretty new to this so I'm not sure what the lateral shift and offset mean, or "Model in photo: ep. Of layer 0.2 / supports in contact with the tray only (2.05h in 50mm / s as an indication)"

I'll give it a shot. Love the design.