Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

desk bridge lamp with LED stripes

by Cibonacci Jan 8, 2017
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how long will be? i need something for a desk long 1.70mt

Since I missed this in the images, ill put this here for others who might be looking for it written out.

10 x Regular Pieces
1 x Right Piece
1 x Left Piece
12 x LED Cover Pieces
2 x Feet

I'm trying this at 68% for a 1.5m strip. As far as I can tell, some of the details inside the arc are lost, but that should work otherwise. I'll report back in a couple of hours ;)

Edit: 2+ hours later, it works fine at 68%. I will need a raft on my CR10 mini though.

Hello thanks for awesome design.
I trying print this. :D

I printed 3set of End-Part-Left_Two_LED-Stripes.STL
but too tight to connect..how do I improve this problem?

If I want to install 2 LED stripes then use Two_LED-Stripes and 3 kinds of cover + foot
If I want to install 1 LED Stripes then use
V1.1_CL + foot
Am I understand right?

And I want to know that the difference between LED COVER
I compared these three files,, But the shapes are same..

and regarding the foot files. foot2 foot3.. are these files possible to choice for options?

The shapes of the covers are the same, but the lenght is different. Because of the hole at the end where the cables go into the bridge. The regular cover would cover that recess. But if you want you can just print the regular covers and cut it later.
I created a "Two-LED-Stripes" version. But i had just time to print the normal version. But maybe one LED stripe isn´t bright enough, but it depents how much light you need.
The first foot I already printed as you can see in the picture. The other ones not yet. I have another food on my computer where you can fill sand in, to make it more heavy and a recess to insert a capacitive switch, but it´s not finished yet :/

Really nice Design.
What Diameter you got by printing it at 100%? Around 1,8m ?

thx for comments

On one picture you can see the diameter. The inner diameter is 1400 mm :)

This is amazing! What kind of LED's did you use?

You cheap stripes from Ali express. I'm sure there are better and brighter ones available. I implemented also a switch, but haven't had time to share it.

Nice!!! I'm printing it right now! I will post some pics once the project is done! :) Thanks for this awesome design!

This is fantastic! I printed a small version at 40% of actual size as a test... it was very nice.

I plan to print a larger version after I receive my new colors of PLA filament.

Could you create a section that is straight rather than arced?

What diameter have you gotten with 40%? 1,4m @ 100% is too large for my need.

Looks awesome!
Any chance for some pictures of the real thing? (I mean a printed version instead of 3D renderings.)

Thank you for you comment, i uploaded some now :)

Congratulations for this awesome bridge lamp design! :-) And thanks for taking the time to upload some pictures. That should boost your likes and collects. ;-) You might be aware of Opossums' "LED bridge universal segment" that is quite popular here on Thingiverse. I'm currently in the process of printing that beast. Still a couple of (printing) days to go... If I had seen yours first, I'd printed that. Let's see if I need a second one. 8-) Best wishes, Axel

Thank you very much for your feedback. The lamp isn´t finish yet. Especially the connections need some fine tuning. But it already fits good. But when i have time, i will implement some switches or something to hide the cables :)

Ok, it's on my watch list. Don't want to miss release of version 1.0! :-)