Bowden X-Carriage Mount for E3D V6

by JackWaterfall Jan 8, 2017
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JACK WE NEED YOU. lol jk thanks for the great desing. still working 6 months later with pla

wish there was a direct drive version with the E3D Titan

Hello are you still planing on upgrading it?

can someone make a circular fan duct for this?

Will you update the fan duct to a MK3 stile half-circle? I find the MK2 version does not do an adequate job at cooling.

I am looking for a better cooling option too, don't really want to have to do a whole new hotend mount but not seeing many optiosn for this system.

this would be perfect with the halfcircle!

By mistake i have bought 16mm igus :(, would it be possible to add a version for 16mm bearings? Or could you include the 3D file, so it can be modified?

Just out of curiousity, you wrote that cable chain support as well as dual hotend support are on their way - is there any chance you are still working on this? Because this is exactly what i am looking for.

I have yet to find a x carriage on thingiverse with the following features:

  • Cable Chain support
  • Dual Hotend support (with the option to adjust the height for one of it, as the z-leveling must be extremly accurate)
  • nozzle cooler as well as heatbreak cooler
  • A design which is halfway easy to print (I'm no novice, but i don't own industry grade hardware either)
  • Option for a bedlevel sensor (this one i could live without)

If you really went through with your plan and added cable chain and (adjustable) dual-nozzle support, i think you'd have created something unique here....i'd print it right away!

I'd love to see an update to this as well. I've been using this fan duct https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2740613

Prusa i3 MK3 - Cooling with a view
by jltx

Anyone know the offset for SN-04?

Is there somewhere an adapter for cr-10? It would be fantastic

I got stupid question - will it fit v5 or should I order v6 clone?

Does anybody have the same problem as me, that the fan duct blows the air directlyon the hotend and not below ?!

if this is an issue then screw the heated block closer to the nozzle

have this problem with the radial fan duct. at 40% speed everything is fine but when I crank up the fan for printing pla, thermal runaway kicks in because of the 10-ish degree temp drop. Is there by any chance a new file which blows better.

Just realized, there i an updated version in the remixes section ;)

Hello. Could you please point out which one has solved the issue for you?

can anyone please just tell me all the skynet probe values and all that stuff for a anet a8 with a 12mm probe.i mean i cant get a straight answer please someone help me.

Hi =) Thanks a bunch for that model, it is just printing and I will upload the make afterwards ..
I am building a whole printer-case, controlled by raspberry & repetierserver... I have my own extensions on the raspberry to be able to control and dim leds via pwm-connector board and more.. but I could need a version of the cable clamp at the very top, where s.o. could attach a really small electronics board to .. also, I would love to add a cam with backlight and macro lens at the hotend ..
Can you imagine to provide a version with small connectors to attach self-designed holders for additional stuff?
Would be sooooo awesome..

I really wish there was some "official" BLTouch sensor offsets provided by the creator on this. I see the creator mentioned previously he would add them, and also I see a lot of people giving various offsets. The majority of the offsets given by people in the comments are the same offsets the author gave for the 18mm sensor, which the author also said would not work for the BLTouch sensor. I guess I'll have to fiddle with it more.

Hey all. I printed everything out and am trying to use it but I having problems getting my PLA to stick to the bed unless I use a raft. I had no problems with my original A8 carriage so it is definitely something with the upgrade. Now I did print it in PLA so would that be effecting anything when the end and the bed heat up? I'm really at a loss here. I can't get it to stick to glass, tape or even the Buildtak-type bed surface that I just bought. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I'm using woodglue on glass. Mixed with water in a bottle (about 2:5 glue to water). Put a little amount over whole glas surface and heat up to 45°C (that's also my bed temp while printing PLA) - i've no stick problems with this method. It's hard to remove finished parts..let the bed cool down to under 30 before trying ;)

Just installed this on my CTC i3 Pro B and it works great! Easy to print and install. My first print with it came out excellent. Still tweaking the bowden setup, though. The X-axis limit switch wont work for my printer (all of them actually), so I'm gonna have to rig something up. The only thing that worries me is that it doesn't slide as smoothly across the X-axis like my original setup. It might just the brand new Drylin bearings. Still better than what I had. Thanks for the great file!

Hi Jimbo7, I'm doing this mod to my CTC i3 at the moment... did you fix it to the existing x axis 'back plate'?

Mine has wider mounting points so I'm about to do a remix (to adjust the SN04 position too)

I'm also looking at bowden motor mount options... what did you use?

Yeah, I fixed my x limit switch by gluing a calibration cube to it (lol!). I'm currently getting a wavy pattern that's consistent all the way up zed. Trying to fix that with no avail. Don't remember that happening with the original direct-drive setup.

I'm about to do the same mod for my CTC pro b, are there issues with it about from not being able to hit the stop switch?

ok... so my x-axis 'back plate' has two screw points (through the centres of the belt loops if you look at the back).
They don't line up with any of the holes on the new back plate.

I've got an SN04 sensore too - and the plate to attach it to didn't allow it to be positioned low enough.

I'm printing with it at the moment with 2 new holes drilled in the original back plate. (with one in a new position through the new mount)
and I've re-mixed the SN04 mount with different holes and more sensor adjustment.

I've also remixed the upgraded blower so rather than !HOT! it has the CTC logo :-)

makes for a nice neat install

Yes. My nozzle was off the bed. Needed 15-20mm extension from the main body. Just glue/tape a custom cube print to it

Same here - Trying to use the original mount points, it was either too low or too high...

I have two new holes in the back plate. in the gap under the upper bearing.

Checked the comments but couldn't find the mount with 8mm sensor and 40mm fan, has anyone found it or maybe @jackwaterfall has one already? :)

Did someone modify the fan duct? Mine are blowing on the hotend and not on the print. A small edit of the file should be enough. @JackWaterfall

Good work! Ands works good!
installed on Anycubic i3 Mega without any Problems.
But i have a bit stringing now.
Anyone has recommended Cura settings?

Fan duct is too close to hotend and melts no matter what material used. Please adjust, my hotend parts almost catastrophically failed due to this.

printed with greentec... absolute no Problems till now

Comments deleted.

@JackWaterfall been using this for a while and one thought came to mind:

why is the nut in the carriage and not the mount? having the nut in the mount would allow for quick removal without the need to take apart the mount to get screws that go in to the carriage

Hello do I need any support whyli printing? :-) Thank you very much :-)

Once again Please can you give me the STEP version of the file for editing "Main_body_SN04-N_40mm_fan.step ,, I would like to make the adjustment for the optical endstop. Thank you many times.

The Hotend clamp does not work for the BLTouch.

That's odd, other people have used it with the BLTouch. What exactly doesn't work about it?

Thanks for your great job! Please, you can give me a step file to adjust ,, Main_body_SN04-N_40mm_fan.step ,, i would like to do an optical endstop. Thank you very much.

Hi! First of all, thanks for this design, it's awesome!

I needed a taller duct to acommodate for the increased height of the E3D Volcano heatblock, so I remixed your duct design based on the .STEP file.

Here is the remix: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2996769

E3D Volcano Fan Duct

I want one version with 40mm fan and 12mm sensor :(
Pd.: it's great!

i just make one...do you want STEP file or STL

I'm having the same problems as the user Dalew below. The bltouch sensor probe is lower than the nozzle so it touches the printbed even when it's retracted. Did someone find a simple solution for this?

Longer throat? I mounted mine on the fan on the left, I Broke the bltouch Mount like 3 times. Finally gave up and printed a E3d bltouch fan Mount.

Ist not an original so might be a little longer. I realized I can use the screw in the middle to slightly twist it up and that seems to work.

Hi, very beautiful design! does it work with an Anycubic i3 Mega? Can it be printed in PETG or it should be ABS? thank you very much!

you forgot to mention in description what screws to use for the cable clamp and the probe part

also in description you only use 2 screws for the 30mm fan but the model has 3 screw holes

are M3x16 correct for the cable clamp?
and M3x10 for the probe clamp?

Nice design! Will it fit also the E3D Bowden V6 J-head Hotend?

only one small issue... E3D does not make Jheads :-)

Sorry if this is stupid question but I'm just getting started into this new hobby and i am wondering do I have to have a sensor or bltouch or can i use this without one and just do manual level? I'm planning on upgrading my Anycubic I3 Mega Ultrabase with e3d light6 hotend and just want to make sure i know what I'm doing before i buy it. Which stl files would be best for me to use with kit that comes with the e3d light6?

you can use without sensor

main_body.stl (since you dont have a sensor)

Hello, is this compatible with Anet A8? Thx

if the A8 uses same rod distance as prusa i3 then yes

google is your friend :-D


this plus your xcarriage my fit the bill for my Mendel90 frankenstein build.

i have taken the X axis from prusa but rotated it 180 degree arround the Y axis so i have electronics on the right side like a stock mendel90 has

What i mis more than the xcarraige is some way to route the wires. Are your plans to make some cable chain attachment still in the works? I dont think its worth printing them as they would have a rough surface compared to if i buy them where they would be injection molded and have a smooth surface

what would be the left, right , front, back probing positions for a 12mm sensor. also what would the travel limits for a 12mm.

that depends on the machine and not the mount

Comments deleted.

ever thought about creating a dual extruder version of this? I would try but my design skills are basic at best! There is nothing out there which has dual extruder and BLTouch support

ever thought about creating a dual extruder version of this? I would try but my design skills are basic at best! There is nothing out there which has dual extruder and BLTouch support

Hi, Great job, thanks for it. You can make the main body 8mm compatible with fan 40mm?

Hello. First off great job with the design. I am getting great quality on fairly large objects. On smaller objects I am getting insufficient cooling for the material as it is being deposited. Do you know of any other fan ducts that do a better job of cooling the part rather than the heater block?

Try this fan duct, I made it at the beginning of last September. However, I never got around to trying it.

So I just printed it and everything looks good except for the two holes that mount the clamp to the main body. These holes look like they need to be shifted just a bit to the left. I would have made the modifications myself but solidworks just wouldn't cooperate. Great job on the rest of it though.
Here are the files with the holes in the correct mounting positions for the 12mm sensor body. It should be universal but I haven't tested it with the other main bodies. All else seems to line up so i just moved the holes. Good job on the rest.

is the ClampRadial compatible with a 40 mm fan?

Great Job ! I am going to print one and give it a try ! I like to compact design.

If you make a dual E3DV6 extruder version, count me in ! would love to upgrade my Anet A8 to dual E3DV6 !

Comments deleted.

Hi, great job, but where is the part to maintain the e3d ? There is no cover in your stl files.

Thank you.

It should be called hotend_clamp.stl

Ok. I didn't think it was it !!! Sorry.

Another question : can I use it with an hypercube carriage ?
HWhat is the distance between the 4 3mm holes ? (24mm ?)

Thank you.

Does anyone know the probe offsets for a 12mm probe?

Do you plan on making one like the mk3?

The Bltouch keeps getting moved up and down in the design.
I wonder if some are using clone or classic Bltouch or clone e3dv6 and getting the problem of it being to high? When I look at the drawing from Bltouch it shows the bottom of the Smart Bltouch (not the pin) should be 8.3 mm higher than the nozzle.

Currently printing out 40mm fan with bl touch and I'm afraid it will be too low again.
I have sent email to Antclabs to get the proper dimension, from the mounting plate to the tip of the nozzle.

This mount is adjustable https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1287411
The slot in this design allows for quite a bit of initial adjustment due to the variances in extruders.
Do you think your design could be modified to be adjustable?

Love your Design but hate wasting filament and time having to redo every thing.

Mount for BLTouch sensor on a Wombot

I finished printing and assembled it the bl touch is to low it must be positioned 8.3 mm higher than the nozzle tip

Can you make a new version of the 40 mm fan with the mount moved up 3mm
According to the Bltouch drawing on the Antclabs web sight the Bltouch Smart must be 3. mm higher than the Bltouch Classic.

From the bottom of mounting platform it shows 36.3 mm + 5.5 mm for classic and an additional 3 mm for Bltouch Smart
so 44.8 mm would be the correct distance fro the mount to the tip of the nozzle.

So we would need two different mounts for one for BLtouch Classic and one for the Bltouch Smart.
If you can make them adjustable that would be nice too.

Please check the documents on the Antclabs web site will see the note on the drawing that shows the extra 3 mm for (SMART ONLY).

Do you think the newer MK3 fun duct will be compatible with this carriage?


Wich file do i print for the original PINDA sensor of the original prusa? Thanks!

Great Project! Printed it and loved it! Are you planning to do a 40mm fan version? My 30mm is giving up on life and it is really load (to be fair it was loud even when it was not dying). I would love to to put in this a noctua 40mm. What do you think?

There should be 40mm variants in the files section.

Do you have a 40mm version with no sensor mounts?

Jack, would it be possible to create a version of this mount but for the E3D Cyclops? I'm thinking that maybe I should get one but this awesome mount is the only thing keeping me from it. Just curious :)

Hey does that Radial fan cool both Parts and the cold end? or are there two fans I can not tell from the darkness of the photo's?

Radial fan only cools print not extruder. Extruder fan is positioned at the left side of the extruder

hi is currect this setting for bltouch:

define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 32.5 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle]

define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 5 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]

define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]

// The size of the print bed

define X_BED_SIZE 220

define Y_BED_SIZE 220

// Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.

define X_MIN_POS -13

define Y_MIN_POS -13

define Z_MIN_POS 0



define Z_MAX_POS 240

// Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach).





i used the settings and get always the error "Z_SAFE_HOMING_X_POINT can't be reached by the Z probe."
Do you have an idea what the problem might be?

When i use this settings, arduino show me this problem LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION can't be reached by the Z probe..
How can i do?

Change left probe position with increments of 5 untill the warning doesn't show anymore. Because 10 is not posible read the howto in marlin configuration. Or change 10 in to 35 ;-) and then marlin tells you that the front can' t bereached

For those who are using this and are looking for a solution to the bltouch mount being too high, using longer screws and placing 2 m3 nuts on both screws above the bltouch is the perfect solution. I do wish that it was already positioned correctly, though.

I have uploaded a new bl touch mount, let me know if it works well or needs tweaking.

Thank you! I appreciate how interactive you are with the comments section. Thank you for spending time to better help us! Keep up the great work! :)

I have just got back from work, I am going to spend some time fixing the mount height. :)

Looks good. The reason that I abandoned the nuts to hold the sensor in position is that the clamp is much easier to adjust the sensor height. Ill have a look at increasing the strength of the clamp on the 18mm version.

The main body with bltouch and 40mm fan is too high. Could you move it down 3mm? I'm desparate to assemble this extruder :)

i like this mod, but i ve problems with my 18mm Autobed Sensor, the small holder is broken, 2 times.
is it possible to update this, perhaps like:

only a idea.

or is it possible to get a step file?
Main_body_18mm_sensor_40mm_fan.step ?

where can I find the fan duct for the fan of the picture?


Fan_duct.stl in the file section.

oh sorry - my fault. thanks a lot!

Are the x and y offsets for the bltouch the same as the offsets for the 18mm sensor?

No, ill update the description with all of the offsets. Until then you can make a rough measurement.

@JackWaterfall what is the offset for the 8mm mount?

could you please add these offsets? :)

great work! this is by far the best e3d mount!

Comments deleted.

It is the best X-carriage mount for E3D V6 and definetely the most beautiful.
It would be awesome if you make a 40 mm fan main body. JackWaterfall, could you do it, please? This way I could use a silent Noctua fan. I tried to change it by myself but the result was horrendous.
Congratulations for your great designs, JackWaterfall.

I already have 40mm fan versions. Do you want one without an auto-leveling sensor?

I wanted a 40mm fan and SN04 auto-leveling sensor on the same main body. But I eventually managed how to make it. In fact, I published a remix. Thanks for the answer and the great work.
I would like to take the opportunity to warn the people to make everything in ABS, I printed in PETG but it couldn't handle the temperature after long prints.

Absolutely love this. Perfect! Thank you!

btw how about a directdrive version of this awesome build? :)

You can get the direct drive version directly off of the prusa i3 site.

Maybe in the future, however I unfortunately don't have the time at the moment.

Direct drive is really unnecessary anyway. Hardly anyone ever prints in filaments so soft it wont work through a ptfe tube...


is there a way to get this with 12mm sensor and 40mm fan

best regards

The material PLA is not good for the clamp. I print the clamp in PETG and works very well.
Thanks for the nice carriage!

Edit: PETG melt on this spot too. I think abs would be nice

Did you ever fix this?

I too am wondering about the BLTouch position. I'm my eyes it should be moved at least 2mm to give proper wiggle room for calibration. Right now I'm having a really hard time calibrating my bed as the nozzle sometimes hits the bed. My offset is set to -00.06mm which clearly is not enough. Would be great if we could get the chance to print out a new version asap. Thanks!

Okay, I'll look at it tomorrow tonight, is it 2mm up that you want it moving?

The new files are up, sorry about the wait. The mount was raised 2mm up.

Sorry, I see that I did not respond before. The mount needs to be adjusted 2mm down, not up. Right now I've had to print some flimsy spacers to get more adjustable height. The updated files will not function :)

That makes more sense, I thought that the mount was too high already. I originally had it at the recommended height according to the bl touch technical drawings. However quite a few people commented saying that it needed to be moved up 3mm so that's probably why it's too high. Would it be alright if I moved it back to its original position? So that's 3mm down from that original mount that you had problems with.

Yeah, when I used your first version of this mount everything was perfectly positioned. Now I'm not sure but I do know it needs to moved down so it gives a decent wiggle room for adjustment. I've uploaded the previous model which worked good so you can do measurements from that one. Also, is there any way to reinforce the BLTouch holder so it's more sturdy? :)

Thanks man, I'll print one out right away! :D

I have uploaded another revision, let me know if the height is correct now?

How did you get autolevel to work with this? I get the following error when homing Z:
fatal:Could not activate z-probe offset due to coordinate constraints - result is inaccurate! Printer stopped and heaters disabled due to this error. Fix error and restart with M999.

I am assuming this is because the printer wants to move the probe to 0,0 to probe before lowering Z. However, given the bulk of the assembly, this is impossible.

You have to set the z offset and auto-level probe positioning in your slicer or in the firmware. There are other setup and configuration considerations, too, but making sure the offset is set properly for X, Y, and Z will get you going. The probe locations have to take the offset into account. Say your X offset is 30 (that's mine using the SN4 sensor). You don't take that as a given. You have to set the left bed position to be larger than that. My probe locations are set as follows for bilinear probing:





What about travel limits

Hi, Have you been able to correct the BlTouch mount position? Thanks

he is possible have for anet am8 , ( Offset axis define X.y.z ) for marlin firmware? please

Have you considered making a version that's compatible with the Hypercube X-carriage? I'm building a Hypercube and would love to use this Bowden mount on that machine.

Here is the printer I'm talking about:

HyperCube Evolution

the only reason i dont have a hypercube is this mount which i upgraded with the ultra silent noctua 40mm:D
imagine if this mount would have optical endstops build in, that would be freaking uber

Are you sure that it isn't already compatible? I can have a look at the hypercube evolution. But I believe that my design is compatible with tech2c's original hypercube as I use the same mounting space as him. I'll have a look at the hypercube evolution over the next few days.

The HyperCube Evolution has optical endstop stuff built into the carriage and I'm not sure if it uses the same mounting holes as this. I'm guessing it might, but you could probably easily judge that based on the files.

Tech2c changed the mount a few months back. To change heads more easily he put the lock nuts to the front and puts the screws in from the back. This would be helpful for your system as well.
So you can remove the whole printhead if you want to change something on the carriage.

Please have a look how tech2c changed his. Thanks and Thanks for the great work. ;)

I absolutely love this mount. Works like a charm, prints easy and looks great. One thing though, the BLTouch arm should probably be a little higher up. On my recent print I have about 0.2mm calibration spacing before it touches the bed. Thanks! :)

I will definitely look at adjusting the height of the mount in the next release.

Thanks, I'm looking forward to this. Right now I'm struggling to get a good bottom layer as I have about 0.09mm of wiggle room to adjust it. Please let me know when an updated version is available :)

Do you have main body stl for 40mm fan but without any sensor/bltouch etc mount? Just simple body for 40mm fan :)

Cheers :)

Sorry for the late reply, I have been quite busy. I'll try to upload it in the next few days.

This is one of the most refined and well thought out carriages i have seen here on Thingiverse. The parts are printing absolutely beautifully with tight tolerances and no slop. My only wish is for a better cable management. Are you planning to add a cable chain in the future?

Thank you for putting so much effort in this part.

I will be working on a new version of the mount soon with better cable management.

What design do you use to mount the extruder motor?

Look nice
Dosit fitt The tronxy p802ma with bltouch

It should, assuming that the tronxy has the same spacing of the x rods.

I think the Bltouch option is mounted way to high, it should be 8.3mm above the height of the nozzle, it seems to be over 10mm, which means when I autohome z the nozzle crashes into the bed, I'm going to try fix It with washers

finally got around to taking pics of how I had to mod the mount - I had to lower the sensor and remove the plastic on the bottom of the sensor - could it be lowered?

Of course, I'll lower it in the next update.

I have found out that this one design is by far the best one in this site! But it's not hitting the x-endstop of the Prusa MK2. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have a new design coming soon that will have an improved fan duct, 40/30mm fan support, direct drive /Bowden. It will be based on the prusa mk2 /mk3 fanduct. This design will work with the prusa mk2 x ends. But until then I can adapt some parts to make this one work with the prusa mk2 x ends.
What x-carriage are you using with my current mount?

Are you planing on releasing a new design/change the current one to accomodate the improved MK3 fan duct from Prusa Research? Would really love that.

Did you do the direct drive part? im using this bowden but i would like to try direct feed :)

ps: ty for this great design and im using https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:926794 for this

Prusa i3 X-Carriage for GT2 belt

What x-carriage are you using with my current mount?

Your very own of course! I saw the new carriage design already, thanks a bunch!

Hi, do you have the offsets for the sn04-n sensor in marlin?
And also, would it be possible for you to post a version that instead of having the nuts in the x carriage, had the nuts on the bowden mount ? for the sn04-n sensor body?

i like your setup. any chance to get it to work on this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2439194

Anet A8/AM8 2020 X-Axis 2020 for E3D V6/Titan Aero
by thaug29
Comments deleted.

Any chance to make an adapter to convert the 30mm fan to 40mm? I see that some of the main body has it but I have the sn04-n sensor

Btw your design is the bomb.com

Thank you! And I don't see any point in making an adapter for this design, it is easy enough to make a main body in the 40mm duct. I will make on tonight.

hi, has he 40mm been implemented yet for cooling the e3d v6 body and not the tip.

Is this uploaded yet?

Any chance for a BLTouch (30- and 40mm fan) with 4mm mounting holes version? Sorry for all the requests :)

No problem, sorry for the late reply. I will make them for you tonight.

I'm still loving this.
Im not sure if it's an issue with the material i'm printing with or what, but the hotend clamp, including the fanduct, is really low to the point it just nearly misses the prints. This, coupled with the heat, makes them sag, snagging on the filiment that gets laid.

Could this be due to my hotend, filament used, fan duct being too low? I'm using an e3d clone.

I'm having the same issue. Had to remove the duct. I came here to see if I was the only one.

Comments deleted.

Just printed and started installing on my printer.
To me looks like height of bltouch is way off, reading the comments looks like others are putting in a Z offset.
Why is it made requiring z offset? Seems it would be better is z did not require the offset.

I didn't have chance to test it myself. I used the dimensions from the bl touch technical drawings and set the sensor to the height above the nozzle that they recommend. If so many people are having this issue I can adjust the height of the sensor.

The end of nozzle it supposed to be 8.5 mm from the flat of the body
think you missed half the dimension it is 5.5mm + 3mm
so looks like about 3 mm off or so, very little nozzle clearance.
Please fix if you have time. I will reprint and test it.

my Z offset is -3.85mm, i will test it too if you make the modifications :D

I have moved the mount 3mm up. Let me know how it works.

works like a charm
Z setting -0.45 for me :) see my made section if you what to see pics

UPDATE: after a few print i've had to switch to my other e3d clone that has after swtiching for another e3d clone and thin e3d was too close to arm i had to put some washers to space 1mm but it work quite well =) TY!

printed the wrong one, going to print it again :)

printing right now, i'll tell you tomorrow :)

Finally put on the new SN04 - here is my feedback:

I have the SN04 6-36 V NO ... I am using a 3mil glass plate with aluminum under it. I took off the layer of plastic from the bottom of the sensor and mounted it onto the new carriage. I had to make the slots longer on both the carriage and the sn04 to get it close enough to the bed to sense.

suggestion: extend the slots longer so that it can drop the sn04 sensor closer to the bed and give a greater amount of adjustment. some sensors are just not sensitive enough.

Thank you for your feedback, i'll increase the size of the holes on the next version.

Thanks, Jack... I could send you a pic, if you like

That would be great, it would allow me to see how far I need to lower it.

I've been using this design with great success but thinking of upgrading to 2020 extrusion with the open builds mini gantry http://ooznest.co.uk/V-Slot/Gantry-Plates/Mini-V-Gantry-Plate-Kit. Has anyone seen any adapters that will allow me to still use this extruder? Iv searched for hours now.

i would like to see a setup for this as well.

what are the offsets for BLTouch?

-3.85 for my 3d touch clone its very close :(

@JackWaterfall can you raise the support 3mm ? because if the pin falls down it doesnt recover because is too close

Comments deleted.

Before I say anything I just want to say that I love this design! So I'm having some trouble with the 18mm sensor version. The clamp holding the sensor is so low that the threads for the nuts on the bottom of the sensor don't protrude enough, so I can't secure the sensor enough. Is there anyway you can make a version where the clamp is slightly higher (at least 5mm)? If not, do you have editable cad files that I can edit? Thanks so much for your work!

Thank you! Why do you need to use nuts? does clamping with m3 screws not work well enough? And the Step files should be up to edit, however I can do It for you as it'll be quicker if I do it in fusion 360 instead.

I don't think I have the right hardware in those holes because it's not gripping. What is the right size hardware that you use?

This might be a long shot, but... Could this be made to support a 40mm fan rather than a 30mm while retaining it's slick, minamilist design?

Maybe... Although it would have to be a bit wider to clear the radial fan. Another option would be to push the front fan 10mm further forward.

I find that the 40mm fan fits, but only by 1 screw in the upper-left (drill a small spot so the screw can bite). This also hangs off the bottom as well.
Didn't impede the radial blower at all, but it's not ideal for a secure mount.

What sensor mount are you using? I may try to make a quick version for you.

I'm using the 18mm inductive mount.

I've uploaded a version with the 18mm sensor and 40mm fan, let me know how it works.

I owe you a drink, sir!
I'll print it out when I next can :)

No problem! Just let me know how it works, to keep it compact I had to include a short duct, I don't know how this will impact airflow.

Gave you a donation via paypal.

Looking at the design, looks like airflow shouldn't be a problem. I'll let you know.

Thanks a lot for the support! Just let me know if I can improve the design at all and i'll try to get a new design out as quickly as I can.

I was just going on here to ask for a 40mm version and was glad to hear that you'd already created one. I'm having a bit of airflow problem with 30mm fan and would also love to use a 40mm one. Would it be possible to create a version for 40mm and BLTouch? Thanks a bunch, this is the best Bowden carriage on Thingiverse!

Thank you! I'll get to work on it now,i'll let you know when it's up.

Thanks man, you're the best!

No problem! Let me know how it works and if I need to make any changes.

Hey! Thanks for the 40mm version. I'm using it with the BLTouch but I've ran into some issues with airflow. Ever since I switched over to the 40mm version I've started experiencing frequent clogs. I initially started out with a cheap but loud fan, but later bought a rather expensive SilenX fan which has really good airflow and is very quiet. Although this did not seem to alleviate my problems. Whenever it's not mounted on the assembly the airflow is really good but as soon as i mount it flush to the air duct it seems like 1/3 of the air goes through while 2/3 escapes through the front, which it shouldn't. Is there perhaps a better way to design the duct so that the airflow is not hindered?


Update for the 40mm rev of the 18mm, so far so good! Sized perfectly (doesn't hit the z axis stepper rods). Looks good as well!
I haven't printed the cooling fan duct or the Bowden mount yet.

I Like the look of this but has cable chain support been added yet?

am is missing something? how can the xy offsets be zero? This should be an exact value derived from your cad program. If that one is not correct, forget about levelling. Does anybody have the right offsets for the 18mm version?


For those with an i3/Clone and a BL or 3DTouch.
Below should get you started, you can fine tune the settings later.

These are the offsets to the probe relative to the extruder tip (Hotend - Probe)
// X and Y offsets must be integers

// set the rectangle in which to probe

In some versions, the BACK and FRONT are flipped**

is currect this setting for bltouch:

define X_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 32.5 // X offset: -left +right [of the nozzle]
define Y_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 5 // Y offset: -front +behind [the nozzle]
define Z_PROBE_OFFSET_FROM_EXTRUDER 0 // Z offset: -below +above [the nozzle]
// The size of the print bed

define X_BED_SIZE 220
define Y_BED_SIZE 220
// Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.

define X_MIN_POS -13
define Y_MIN_POS -13
define Z_MIN_POS 0
define Z_MAX_POS 240
// Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach).


nice, can you make a verson for A8?

just make it x carrage compatible.

Hello, this design is already compatible with the anet A8. You just need to print off a compatible x carriage such as https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:926794

Prusa i3 X-Carriage for GT2 belt

Hello, i really like your design :) but is there a possibility to use this with a 40mm fan for the e3d?

Hello JackWaterfall,
are there any plans when you could include the cable chain mount?

awesome design, works great

Great design!! I would really like to see a proximity mount for the SN04-N square sensor. They are very sensitive - and although I might mcgyver a solution, I'd sure like to see one to fit this.. it is great

For reference, this is the probe sensor...


Sorry for the wait, I am releasing the new version of the carriage towards the end of this week. It will be supporting this sensor. Just out of interest how high does the sensor usually sit above the nozzle?

It depends on the voltage - but SuperGer2 is right - about 3-4 mm- but if it were adjustable it would work...

Here is a review


I have completed the version of the mount for the SN04-N sensor, it'll be released over this weekend along with the new update.

That sounds great! Thanks!

I have released the new version of the x-carriage mount, let me know what you think.

Will the adjustment on the sensor be enough or should I add elongated holes to the mount aswell?

I'm using a similar one: http://www.gearbest.com/3d-printer-parts/pp_591321.html
It sits about 5mm above the Nozzle, but some people have it closer because they have a Glas Plate in between.
I think adjustment between 0mm and 8mm or 10mm would be appropriate.

Is there any chance that you have some dimensions for this sensor? Mounting hole spacing and distance from mounting holes to the tip of the sensor. I cant find any of this information or the model number on gear best.

Just sent a tip your way, I love this design and hope to see more from you.

Thank you very much for the support! I am glad that you like the design. Unfortunately I have been very busy lately with exams and my job ,however I will try to improve my designs over the next few weeks as I now have quite a bit of time off.

Thanks ,Jack Waterfall.

Hi, do you have the offsets for the BLTouch with Marlin? Thanks.

Has anyone printed this for th geeetech ctc i3 pro b?

I have printed this for geetech i3 pro B (version with BL Touch) with this carriage : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:926794
So i am in bowden configuration.

Prusa i3 X-Carriage for GT2 belt

I really love this assembly, but I was wondering if you have given any thought into creating a version that would be compatible with E3D Chimera and or the Cyclops? :)

I have given it a bit of thought into it, unfortunately I am quite busy at the moment so I will have to add it to the long list of things to do regarding this mount. I break up from college next week so I'll start to work on this design again.

Hi, can anyone adapt this fan : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2121279 for this x-carriage? i like it so much. Thanks

"Mistral 2.1" Extruder Cooling Duct for the Anet A8 Printer
by Leo_N

Has anyone had a problem with the nozzle to the cooling fan being to high any being mostly onto the heater block. Whenever I turn the fan on it drops the temp from around 220 to 190. Any help is welcome,

How is the chain version with 18mm sensor coming along ?

Is there need any change in firmware on this after install the extruder and stuff?

Can you share the Bowden extruder you used with this mount?
I have a Prusa I3 Rework 1.5 from reprap france

Any of the Bowden extruders on Thingiverse should work. Originally I was using the compact Bowden extruder remixed by tech2c (Compact Bowden Extruder, 1.75mm Filament for MK7 Drive Gear found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:767951), however now I use an aluminium mk10 style extruder from China with a Bowden coupling attached.

Compact Bowden Extruder, 1.75mm Filament for MK7 Drive Gear
by Tech2C

I'am using this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:784247
You can adjust the size openscad

MK9 bowden extruder
by kharar

Hi, do you have the offsets for the BLTouch with Marlin? Thanks.

Below should get you started, you can fine tune the settings later.
This is for an i3 clone.

These are the offsets to the probe relative to the extruder tip (Hotend - Probe)
// X and Y offsets must be integers

// set the rectangle in which to probe

great job and design.
but i'm thinking about something...
would you have a version with support for cable chain ?

Thanks a lot

I am in the process of making a cable chain version for the anet a8 /prusa i3.

when do you think the cable chain versionn will be done?

I love the minimalist design this uses, and it prints fantastically. However, the fan vent is mediocre at best. Are there any other designs for the fan vent? Since it's so low to the extruder I'm guessing there aren't many options, but if this piece were designed with the fan a little higher, it would make more designs possible. Anybody else had issues with the fan?

Thank you, the idea behind this design was to make a minimalistic design that had all of the features I needed in a small package. Unfortunately that comes at a price. The print fan is not great, since it is so low there isn't many options with regards to new fan ducts. The prusa mk2 has the same fan layout and that machine prints great so maybe with a bit of tweaking this fan duct can work just aswell.

Comments deleted.

I've noticed that Prusa's design is similar. I've also always wondered how that can possibly print well... I think the biggest issue with this version for me is that the vent is a few millimeters too high. It ends up blowing half onto the heat block, and half onto the nozzle. I don't believe much if any of the air is reaching the actual print itself. Maybe it would be possible to angle the flow downward a bit? And maybe lower the vent just a hair?

I have now got two original e3d hotends so I'll be able to model it correctly and lower the duct slightly. I'm thinking of having a major redesign soon, I'll change the fan duct and add modular support along with cable chains. I'm quite busy over the next week, but I'll try to get to work on it soon.

I have to mention again though that this is definitely the most well-designed print I've printed so far. Everything fit together so precisely! Very well done :)

great design
do you happen to have this for dual e3d?

I do have the design for dual e3d, however, it doesn't work properly. The mount is laid out the same as this one and makes use of one 30mm fan to cool the hot ends, the problem is that that small fan is inadequate at cooling both hot ends so they jam up. It is also awkward to level each hot end. In the end, i just gave up and brought a Chinese clone chimera hot end. I will be happy to send you the files over though if you want to edit them.

I know, I've been having same issue with other dual designs in here. However I would love modify what you did and hopefully I can get it work and share it with you.
My email is info@printlounge.ca


can anyone give me the x y defines using 18mm Sensor for Skynet?

Thank you !!!

You say that you'll have support for cable chain. Is it? I really like your design and i need one for my future extruder, but i want to use cable chain... Thank you! You rock!

is there some different x-charriage that doesnt require zipties? cause the igus bearings look kinde squishy
something like this? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1824307 but something that fits :D

Anet A8 E3D V6 mount
by Jeka_tm

I printed this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:926794

Gonna try it once I get everything else printed the prusa rework one with zipties is causing my igus bushings to bind up at the ends so printing in the middle of the bed is a must for me right now.

Prusa i3 X-Carriage for GT2 belt

The one That I printed didnt work well. Made binding even worse and useable. When I tried to widen it. It just ended up snapping. Oh well.

That's unlucky, i have some Igus bushings coming so maybe I'll try to work on a design in the future.

It was due to the fact that Anet made their newer X Idlers the distance wider then the older 3d printed ones. I found people have fixed this problem and I have had success with this one with my injection molded stock idlers.


BUT you have to use the widest one. The mount is for the older one and the holes on the new carrage are off a bit so I have used the M4 screw holes mount and have used M3 screws and nuts to get it to mount up right. If you could adjust the hole size for the wider holes that could help out with people who have newer Anet A8s. Once I get everything dialed in Im gonna make a writeup with a BL touch using this mount on how to install it and what to buy.

Remix of Anet A8 Jan 2017 model Prusa X carriage remix

Hey Prometheus3D / Thingiverse peeps.
How would I go about mounting this to the Y axis?
Any recommendations on where to locate the needed part/s?


Hello, the x-carriage that I use with my mount is the prusa rework 1.5 carriage, and it can be downloaded from:

Hope this helps.

Thanks I'll look into it.


Do you plan to make a different duct fan?
Because I encounter problems of cooling, the fan duct seems very high.

Thank you

As an addition: Maybe you could do extend an air channel from the fan duct which points directly at the nozzle :)

Used your mount for a authentic E3D V6 hotend. Was alittle tight of a fit but it ended up working once I scraped away some plastic. The hight for the BLtouch is right but you have to set the Z offset to make sure you get the right level to print. Overall its awesome and better then alot of others. I cant wait to see you put in the cable chain addition to it.

Comments deleted.

Thank you, and sorry for all of the errors with the model, i have been quiye busy lately, this weekend I'll sit down and look at all of the dimensions to make it a perfect fit.

Its quite fine. It works very well and looks great! When I get the time to do so Im gonna make a quick tutorial on how to setup a A8 with all of the settings needed to get the hotend in the center of the print bed and set the offsets for the z after its all been auto leveled.

Can't wait for your tutorial. Thanks in advance!

Hello! I really like your design... but I don't see how to attach the whole thing to my printer. Can you help me? is there another thing I should print first?
Photo of what I have right now:
It's a Tronxy P802e 3d printer
thank you!

That small offset is meant to be there and is corrected by the fan duct.

I've got everything assembled but the offset is still too big. There is no way I can get that second screw in there, it's like 1.5mm off. Even it I were to manage that means compressing and deforming my fan.

Hmm that's odd, it seems to fit both of my fans. When did you print the clamp? as I have recently fixed a few issues with it.

I printed it just a few days ago, but downloaded the files maybe a week or so ago. When did yo update it?

I have updated the files quite often in the past week. It might be worth downloading the clamp again and testing it.

I printed and tried using with my e3dlite but the round body of the heatsink was larger than the spacing provided by the print. Ended up breaking the print. Not a big deal but as an fyi

Sorry to hear that, the dimensions are a little bit of as I initially used a clone. I have a lite6 now so I'll adjust the dimensions to fit the original. Are you talking about the main body of the heatsink or the groove mount?

Comments deleted.

First Thx allot for your work as you wrote I will add my wishes in the comments

  1. Cable Chain Support
  2. Dual Extrusion if possible that both extruders can reach the whole bed and auto level support
  3. Maybe an X Carriage that either has holes for the bearings or has integrated printed bearings so we can get rid of the cable ties
  4. a hypercube version
  5. 40mm Fan Adapter

Thank you for your suggestions, I'll definitely get to work on some of them! Cable chain support will hopefully be coming soon, and does this design not fit the hypercube already?

Don't know didn't build it yet :-) Just thought to list it if it doesn't

again thanks allot for this

No problem :) I think it does fit the hypercube as it uses the same hole mounting pattern as mine, it also fits on my own printer that I have designed which is quite similar to the hypercube.

Hey, can you please post the offsets and travel limits ?!

Very nice design. Have you done a design - or could you do one - for the pl-08n sensor? They seem to be gaining in popularity

Thank you! I have not done one yet, but I could look into doing one, it may take a little while unfortunately as I am quite busy.

I look forward to it - I can't wait to put this on my remix wilson II. I have to be patient and wait for the parts from China.... I was going to get another bltouch, but saw the pl-08n on youtube and I want to go that route. Thanks for replying to my request

No problem, I recently bought a BL touch clone from China and ill be testing that. Do you know what the advantages are of using the pl-08n over other sensors?


PL-08N sensor has a longer sensing distance and you are supposed to be able to use this with glass - and don't forget cost. Also, I looked at the 3d touch sensor - is that what you are looking at?

Has anyone printed this whole thing in PLA? I have all the parts printed and put together but im afraid the heater block is too close to my PLA carriage. I added a washer between the heater block and the heatsink on the e3d V6 to space it a little bit more. Anyone know if that was necessary?

Very nice design.
When you take a look at it tomorrow, could you maybe make a version where it is possible to use M4 screws to mount it to the x-carriage? Most x-carriages i have seen uses M4.
If you correct the issue with the alignment and makes a version of the BLTouch with M4 to mount to x-carriage, and make a hole to adjust the BLTouch between the two BLTouch mount screws, then i will be very happy and surely post a make (:

Thank you, I will be sure to make an m4 alternative. The reason that I went with m4 initially is that I saw no need for m4, and most of the screws in my printer are m3, as most of the carriages are m4 I'll make m4 variants

I have looked at the model and it turns out there are more problems than I originally expected, I don't know at what point the model broke. Due to me being busy last night I was not able to fix the model, i will take another look later tonight.

Sorry to hear that - I hope you can fix it since it is a very nice bowden mount (:

Thank you for your patience! The Bl Touch mount with the m4 holes and the hole for the adjustment screw should be up now, let me know if it works.

It looks very nice!! (:
There is just one little thing now. The distance between the M4 mounting holes is a little bit off. They are a little bit too close to each other..

I left the distance the same, so I may have the initial distance wrong, what is the distance(mm) between the holes on your x-carriage.

As far a i know the distance between the center of the holes are 23mm in both directions.

Sorry about that, it should be fixed now (:

Thanks man!
I can't see the fixed version yet. Maybe it has not been updated, idk. Btw, the size of the holes should just be 4mm. They do look a bit larger..

it should be up, I did add a small tolerance to the bolts go through the piece without threading in.

Could you do this last adjustment? Making 23mm between the M4 holes instead of 22.5mm and making the holes 4mm and not 4.2mm? It is so close to perfection now!
Thank you in advance (:

I just downloaded it and measured the distance between the holes - It is 22.5mm and the holes has a diameter of 4.2mm. I got a printer that is very accurate and thus i dont need the tolerance. If the holes come out too big, it can be a problem. Even if the holes come out a little bit too small, the best solution (imo) is just to use a drill to get it to the 4mm.

So sorry I've only just seen your comment and I have been really busy lately, I'll get it done tonight.

No problem. Sounds great! Looking forward to mounting my E3D Lite6 with your mount (:

The new version should be up.

Looks good! I'll try it out and post a make (:

main18 and clamp do not seem to line up properly at the rings that do the clamping is that normal? my E3D V6 has not arrived yet or i would test fit before asking.

I have fixed the alignment issue now.

Hmm I think that may be an error, I'll take a look at the model tomorrow. Thanks for posting the picture, I now realise what everyone was going on about.

Hello, I have a small problem, there is an offset between the base (bltouch) and the clamp on the side of the clamping rings e3dv6.

Can you help me ?

Thank you

I have fixed the alignment issue now.

Are you talk about the parts not lining up? as I am aware of this issue and will fix it tomorrow.


anyone using it with the cable belt for the x axis before I get my self on cad ?

I am adding support for cable chains very soon.

What is the offset of the proximity sensor in the 12 mm variant?

I have fixed the design issues, if you want I can pass the files in step format

Are you talking about the issue with the original e3d dimensions? And I'll need to make the changes myself in fusion anyway. However I probably will not be able to fix the issues for a few days as I am quite busy. It would be great if you could pass me the step files as I could temporarily replace the downloads until I fix mine. Thanks for your help.

I printed it today - very nice design.
Unfortunately it doesn't fit to the original E3D V6 :( The heating block is a bit larger on the original one, so the block is pushing against the fan duct. Did you use a clone?

Just forget what I wrote :D Just change the direction of the heater block and the cables to the left side and it fits.

Sorry it took me a little while to respond, and I did use a clone myself. However I have now brought an original lite6. I will get to work on making my design compatible with the new block and silicone sock.

Comments deleted.

Hello, the x-carriage that I use with my mount is the prusa rework 1.5 carriage, and it can be downloaded from:

Hope this helps.

Hey Sir,
Is There a way to get a m8 (6.8mm, 7mm would be great) Sensor hole?


I have posted the 8mm sensor variant, let me know if it works!

Comments deleted.

Is it possible that you send me the clamp file ? Or adjust the fan blower. Because the fan sits just a bit too high and hits onto the heater block. So it doesn't heat up... Actually just the "HOT!" Part is good too

I'll put up the files, what file format do you need?

Thanks for the upload buddy :) !

.prt would be nice :) I'm using NX. I'd just like to modify the height of the fan duct since it'd be a shame if I printed this one for nothing haha :D You can also send it to me via email if you don't want to publish the files.

I really like this design. Is it possible to print this in PLA or do I need to print this in ABS or other material?

Although the duct sits relatively close to the hotend, I printed it in pla and mine seems fine.

Just printed and noticed the two clamps are uneven...

Sorry about that, I'll change that on the next update, it's because the clamp was too loose, so I took a bit off the bottom so it gripped the hot end better.

Hi! Awesome design!
Just wondering on the update. I agree the two clamps are not even.

Thank you

is it possible to get a better rendered image - the 3 dark ones are hard to make out - where does the last piece go (with the "HOT") cut-out

Sure , I'll put one up

And the piece with the "hot" cutout screws into the front of the clamp ,take a look at some of the makes.

Is there a way you can make a 40mm fan fit :) ? The 30mm is quite noisy...

I will have a look into designing one, however it may be a bit bulkier.

i'ld like to have a design with an 3dTouch or BLTouch Sensor. Would this be possible?

I'm not familiar with the bl touch, but I'll try to find some dimensions and look into designing one.

thanks that would be awesome. I think the Indiegogo campaign website delivers most of the dimensions.

I have posted the design for the BLTouch, let me know if it works as i haven't tested it,

Thanks, thats awesome. i printed it on saturday right away and the measurements are working.
Although it would be helpful to have another opening at the top for the adjustment screw.
Have a look at http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=18263

Some additional improvement i would suggest.

  1. The four holes for the mounting screws to the carriage could be a bit larger in diameter for the screwhead to remove tension.
  2. The outer sides of the mounts for the clamp could be a bit wider to enhance the stability.

Thanks for you work.

Thank you for printing my design, make sure to upload a make! I had no idea that there was an adjustment screw there. I'll upload a new version soon with the access hole. And thank you for your suggestions.

It would help people if you could display the sensor offsets please

Sorry for the long reply, the offsets should be x30mm y6mm for the 12mm sensor.

I love this design! So simple, clean and no unnecessary weight. Will print this and the carrige ASAP and try with my A8!

Thank you, the goal with this design was to be light and compact, i have also recently brought an anet a8 and I hope to install this carriage on to it. Make sure to post a make and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it.

do i have adjust or configure anything if im using skynet firmware?

Sorry that I am late replying, and I'm not very familiar with skynet firmware. You shouldn't need to change anything as long as you are using the same bed leveling sensor and extruder gear.

I really like this design! It is compact and contains all the stuff you need such as both fans and the level sensor.
The only thing I am a bit worried about is if the nozzle gets too much air from the fan supposed to cool the model. Have you seen any such problems?
But I like the duct too, many of the remakes for fan ducts are so complicated that hardly no air is coming out of those tiny holes.
The fan duct can be redesigned while keeping the rest intact, thats another good design.

Maybe I will do a remake with some LED spots on the nozzle...

Top notch!

Have you completed a remake with LED spots ? I am right now looking for a solution to fit/mount an LED-Halo Ring on this carriage ..

Thank you for your comment, that was the goal with this design, the first x-carriage mount I ever printed was complicated and bulky with large fan ducts on either side. I borrowed the compact layout from the Prusa i3 mk2 as it was really efficient. With regards to the fan duct I have not experienced any issues, my hot end seems to maintain a stable temperature, let me know if you experince any issues with the fan duct and ill be happy to help :). Im always improving the fanduct to get optimal airflow. And feel free to make a remix. I'll get around to releasing the cad files soon.

I am also quite new to CAD and have taught myself the basics to fusion 360, I am slowly teaching myself, however, there is still a lot that I don't know. So what sort of file types do you want me to share?

The third file with the text "HOT", that model is supposed to direct the flow from the fan to the model being printed?
And for hotend cooling there is a 30mm fan mounted from the side on part 1 and 2?

Yes that is correct , I'm sorry I've just been busy the last few days, I'll try to get some instructions up tonight as well as the 18mm sensor version.

Could you make a version with 18mm sensor? Or publish the CAD-file for others to modify?

The 18mm one should be up now, I didn't know the dimensions of the nut, so I looked them up online, let me know if it fits correctly. And I'll release the CAD files soon as I need to tidy them up a little bit.

matsekberg is right, You should remove this mesh from fan tunels

I'll print one tonight.
Another idea would be to skip the grid "obstructing" the flow of the 30mm fan. At least on the fan side.

Thanks for the suggestion, I don't know what I was thinking when I put that grid there. I have since removed the grid obstructing the fan.


This works with Anet A8 printer?

And its good idea to put more info about this, like what size sensor it is, what offset for it etc.

It should work with the Anet A8 as long as you print this carriage (https://dl.dropbox.com/s/hhq0nspszbusbcm/X_Carriage.stl?dl=0) ,you'll also need to purchase 4 x LM8UU ball bearings as I'm pretty sure that the Anet A8 comes with SC8UU bearings.

And I'm sorry, I've just been busy the past couple of days, I am planning to add a lot more info about this tonight. :)

Anet A8 using LM8UU bearings so its the same :)