144:1 Cycloidal Reducer for FRC PM15R-25F-1001 Motor

by ctsuu Jan 9, 2017
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I'm struggling to work out which files to print (think i did them all) and how to put them together. can you include an exploded view and instructions for which parts to print if not all of them are required? thanks!

Hello, I would really appreciate you marking your design as a remix of mine: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278875/ Many of your parts are obvious 11/8 scale-ups to fit a 608 bearing - especially the inner rotor, which matches mine polygon-for-polygon.

144:1 Differential Cyclodial

Hello, here you go. I credited your work. Thank you.

However, your design is very good, so I adapted the 12t and 13t profiles.
Are those profiles your original work or someone's work? I like to learn how to make other teeth numbers.

Also, without a output shaft and bearing house, a design is not a completed design.
We can help each other to make things better. I wish you take the message this way.

Sorry if I gave the impression I was upset -- I love it when people use and improve on my designs! Many of my own are modifications and improvements of other people's, too. Idea sharing works best when you attribute, otherwise the original source may be lost, and with it, the ability to anything more than slight edits.

It was designed to fit a NEMA17-style direct drive 3D printer extruder, hence the lack of output plate. A lot of space and weight is saved by just letting the extruder function as the "plate".

The teeth profiles are my own OpenSCAD programming. I followed a mathematical formula I found online. The OpenSCAD file, the PDF I discovered the formula in, and many more things are all in my uploads on bld3r which I link when I post anything involved.

[edit] Oh, !#$@, bld3r expired!? No wonder you didn't link. Time for me to update a bunch of links.

Ok, I am happy to clear this thing out. I do have a remix for nema17 motor. your model is a little bit too small. I have to scale up to fit.

Here is the lost source code for hypo35: http://burningsmell.org/3d/hypo35/

You only need hypo35.scad and can make most of the changes you want by editing the definitions of r1 and off (teeth size), motor_w, and setting bearing=b608;. Delete everything in the "output" code section and put base(); alone by itself to generate the base, etc.

The "lemon shaped" base fits ONLY the pancake motor. The "turtle shaped" base should fit a pancake motor with the two side screws, and a NEMA17 with the other four. But you can't scale that up without ruining the NEMA17 mount.

Also, I must correct myself on the cycloid thing. The formula I built in OpenSCAD creates gerotors - like used in my pumps - which are related to cycloids but not quite the same. I used (and improved) code from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8348 to create actual cycloids. That part is linked in my original, and also in my own source code.

Give me a day or three and I'll have everything bld3r lost hosted on my own private site. Thank you for inadvertently bringing this loss to my attention. I hosted all my best stuff there and them going down really makes me mad :p

Cycloidal Speed Reducer in OpenSCAD

I know that one, it is a Japanese patent design.
But I like your gear profile better. I am not sure we can solve the back lash problem by printed parts, I am looking into to CNC the parts. Hope you can help me on the dxf profiles.