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Ei9ht - A8 Millenium Wire Noz Duct Fan

by -Ei9ht- Jan 9, 2017
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It looks like there's a layer missing, because right at the "first" layer, there's an opening where it was supposed to be closed...

I've managed to solve this problem, I'm attaching the new file below. Hope this helps!

Are you sure about your slicer parameters?
Layer thickness, maybe the model is not centered in your slicer (under the bed), or bad setting in the multi process, or the file is corrupted... but if it's corrupted I can't fix it becose i've lost my original models... :(
For SUPPORTS choose "from the bed", not normal, or you will have supports INSIDE the fanduct... ^^

A lot of peoples have download and print it, and no one report this problem, I've downloaded the file, this is really thin, try to change you layer thiskness to 0.200 or 0.150 ^^

Yeah, I don't know what's wrong. Layet thickness is already 0,2mm. As you can see in the pictures (MF.jpg and MF2.jpg), there's a gap between outer perimeters (dark blue lines) where it should actualy be a solid layer. I download another version you uploaded of this model, and it seems it doesn't have the same problem, as you can see in the first picture (MF3.jpg).

you probably have an A8 stock, so i'm thinking 40 (2400) can be good
This is an important upgrade, you have to be patient, if the interior is obstructed it will not be efficient
Don't forget to adjust your nozzle to the new fan duct after the print ^^
This kind of fanduct is better than the original, but there is no magic, adjustement are needed ^^

Look at your first layer, to see if there is a gap or not, if there is one, stop the print, and make an other gcode in 0.150 ^^

Ok, I have take a look on my slicer, at 0.200 I don't see a gap, but it's weird..., no visual problem at 0.150, but I'm pretty sure it's printable at 0.200, it will be just a little less detailed than 0.150 ^^

Do i need to print with supports? Thank you

Hi, sorry I've missed the notification...
For supports, from the bed if you want, but not inside, and you have to print it slowly ^^

Which speed do you recommend?

The round dish part for the radar dish isn't printing for some reason.
The print finishes here.

this is really flat..., maybe you have forgot to use supports, or maybe you heat is too high or your actual fanduct don't work really well?

The base is the brim. It only got up to the top of the 'tower' and was done with it!
I set supports in Cura 2.4

if what I see is your brim... you have some problems with your printer
I'm not english so that's not ez for me to help you, but your brim have holes, a totaly random shape and a speed or heat setting problem, you have to find a 3D Printing group on facebook to help you

I don't have any problem with my printer. I've set it up quite nicely since this photo was taken.

The Functionality of the ring + the snazz of the falcon = epic

the craze for this file really surprised me ^^
thanks ^^

ok, thanks you very much, the model is the best

Yes I know that... ;p
thanks ^^

Awesome piece! Maybe my favourite upgrade to date!

Thanks a lot ^^

Hola podrás hacer uno con una salida recta hacia atrás que tengo otro tipo de impresora y me gusto mucho tu modelo

hola, no hablo espanol, I can speak english o je peux parler francais

I understood that you like my model, so thank you ^^, but google does not translate the beginning of your sentence correctly

I think you would like this model for another printer but I lost my models and I would no longer be able to modify it ... and so I no longer have the steps of drawing
The only solution would be that you buy an Anet A8 or A6 ...; p