Shoe Phone Holder

by workshopbob Jan 10, 2017
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Hello, I have another question, I am printing the MK3 version, once it’s done am I supposed to take the supports off or are they part of the design?

Thank you.

Yes the supports can be carefully cut off once the print is finished. Like I've said in one of the previous posts, I had problems (maybe just my printer) when printing the bottom layers. The heel and sole are printed and eventually join up but my problem was the heel deformed and the join up didn't align properly.

Hello, I am having a little bit of trouble with my supports, when I take them off they leave this very rough texture on the shoe which I don´t like at all. I am using and Ender 3 and Cura as my slicer. I have tried adding a support roof, changing the type and density of the supports, but nothing works. What can I do to fix this, or can I delete the supports?

Thank you.

There are 2 files shown, one with supports and one without. I had a problem using the one without supports as during the print there was some sort of movement on the heel part and when the front and rear of the print finally joined up they didn't line up properly so I added the supports to keep the parts aligned during printing.

For phones 5+ inches it falls back very easily.

For larger phones a larger print will be needed

The heel didn't align well with the shoe. I used the first stl file. Supports used. Anything I can do to fix this? I'll try the mk3 file and hope that works better. I'm using Simplify3d.

I had a similar problem although not as bad as yours when I first printed it. The heel distorts slightly until it's linked up with the rest of the shoe. The second version (Mk3) with the added supports stopped this happening for me. If it continues add more heel supports to link the heel to he shoe earlier in the print process.

Mk3 file added with support between the heel and the instep

Printed these last night, even a small phone like an iPhone5s will not sit on these with out prefect balance :( I was trying to make these for a co-worked so was sad it didnt work out.

Could use a lip of some sort at the base, as the issue was the angle allowed the phone to slip right off the front.

Any chance we can get you to add a lip of some sort? I really want these to work.

I edited the shoe to have a cute bow to hold the phone better and added the information with the I MADE ONE information. I also made the heel thicker so that it is more stable, does not break as easily and aligns to main shoe part.

I like the bow :o)

The phone I'm using has around a 4" screen and I'm not having any problems. I've reshaped the shoe and left a lip and I'm test printing it now The file is the same size but I've enlarged it in Cura to 80mm high for my test. I'll add it as a Mk2 version on here if it's successful.

Thank you for giving it a go! Did it work out?

Yes it seemed to work well, but having said that I didn't have a problem with the original one. I've put the altered file on as a Mk2 version, it has a slight lip at the top of the shoe. I don't have a bigger phone to test it with but my suggestion it to enlarge it in Cura from its original size of 75mm high and take it to 80 or possible 90mm high for larger phones.