Mavic Legs Mk2

by jvouillon Jan 11, 2017
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Can you post the cad files I would like to make the front legs with tpu but they fit too loose. Thanks

Printed perfectly on Makebot Mini with 100% Infill, .20 layer height and 2 shells. Rescaled both front legs to 101% and used supports. Only need to print one of them twice. Rear assembly printed at scale with no supports. My first flight will be wearing these. Thank you!

Hi do you mind sharing your original format files. I want to make a few mods, but STL`s is not good for this?

There is Puzzle Anniversy Game @Banggood at them Moment where you can win a Mavic:


Printed on my Hictop Prusa 3DP17 with Cura using PLA.
Perfect print with absolutely no issues using raft for adhesion but no support.
Fits perfectly too.
Excellent design (Third time lucky!).
Thank you.

Hi baregills, it is good to see you did not have any trouble printing it. Thanks for your comment! :-)

I printed them on a Ultimaker 2 in PLA. If you look at the leg you see a first 30° ramp up, then the thin part, then it goes back 90° up. If you make that last angle a bit steeper it would print perfect. As flat as it now is, the first lines of PLA fall down.

This is a great file love it for my mavic pro.
Printed in pla snug fit

Made them in ABS, perfect fit, thank you

You 're welcome! :-)

Printed good, PLA monoprice mini, and fit the Mavic very good! I bought this little printer to make things like this, and so far have made nothing but trinkets (fun, but not what I bought it for) This was the first useful part I have actually successfully printed. Thanks!

I'm happy you like my design. Now, the next step for you, is to make your own designs! ;-)

I just bought this Monoprice mini as my first printer and find this hobby to be quite addicting. I have been looking into Simplify 3D software along with a better printer like the Prusa. So yes, I would like to know more about how to create my own art and useful tools and devices. Thank you for the reply and motivation.

Made, them with supports in PLA, came out great! One of them doesn't stay on the Mavic's leg, it easily falls off but nothing a little tape can't solve as they are only for temporary use when condition require.

Thanks for your input. Never had this problem...

got the same problem over here, in PLA too, one easy fall, but the other is perfect.
i will use some tape or hot glue to "add" friction

Interesting! Thanks iPeel for the heads up.

Make sure to use supports with less than 40% infill, otherwise you won't be able to remove them. My Simplify3D software has supports set to 40% infill by default and I broke both front legs trying to remove the supports

Printed fine on my I3 sliced with cura.

Comments deleted.

Has anyone had issues with the rear foot/leg/thing obscuring the rear downward facing vision sensor?
Looks like the camera is facing directly down into the structure of the leg thing.
Haven't flown it yet though

Hi, I did not have any issues. I have even performed auto takeoff and landing without problem...

Awesome - I'll give it a whirl :-)

legs snap with PLA,, going to try to print with grain running lengthwise...

did you have any luck? i might turn down the resolution but am thinking of printing it laying down

ugghh need a new printer... my m3d printer fails on the front legs about 60-70 % the way through... peels it off the bed...

6th try ,, so far so good,, ended up using my glue going to fortify the base of the print.. :)
cheesy ,,, but it's working ,,
yepped tried,,, raft,, support,, in-model support...

hey, what's the settings that worked for you in the end? Just tried the front leg for the first time and same thing happened, the head hit it down to the side... will try again tomorrow changing some settings. any help is appreciated!

Sorry to hear that. That's what happened to me before I flipped the legs. Did you print with a raft?

i have been looking for a back leg extension that I could attach a trackimo for added security.

That just looks awesome and menacing.

Thanks! :-)
Happy you like it!

Hi, I can't find an orientation for the left and right leg that let's me print without support. I must be missing something.

Thanks. I ended up printing in the posted orientation, and it worked fine. At first, it didn't seem that would work.

Happy that it worked for you too! :-)

Having trouble myself on that front.

Hi, the front legs are print-ready! I know that their orientation looks awkward and off-balance, but because the angles and bridges are small enough, you shouldn't have any problems printing that way ( my settings on the Makerbot: PLA, draft, no support, 40% infill ). Note: comparing to my first design, I had to reverse the orientation of the front legs because of their height: the contact point was too small to resist gravity! :-)

BTW, it is the rear leg which doesn't have the right orientation: refer to my previous design (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2008507)

Had issues with front leg, three tries but still fail at about 60% .. any tips that i missed?

Sorry about that! Did you try with support? Or with another orientation?

printed with brim to add stability but that does not work, will go for another shot with support and see how it turns out..

Can confirm the front legs are printing extremely well with the posted orientation. Using carbon fiber filament. Thank you Jvouillon for sharing this model.

Great! Thanks for your feedback.

What are the benefits from previous ? I've printed them and I'm quite happy.

I'm glad you are happy with the first model! :-)
I made this one, because I wanted something a bit more stylish... :-)
Beside of that, the front extensions have a better grip on the legs.