Failproof Fidget Cube

by muzehack Jan 11, 2017
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What infill and printer settings do you recommend? I have a 0.4mm nozzle. Tevo Tornado using Cura.

Tried it, it's OK, but it does have a lot of slop in the hinges. That definitely makes printing it easier though. If you can dial in your printer a bit more, I've also had very good results with this one:

Kobayashi Fidget Cube - Fat Hinge - Flat

I love this thing! I have tried so many different models and this is the only one that worked. Thanks sooo much muzehack!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Going to give it another try, but it looks like I'm the first person to have a failed print of the "failproof" print....ugh. I spent quite a bit of time tweaking settings in Simplify3D and still have a terrible print at the upper hinges where a big section gets printed into thin air. The lower hinges came out perfect, so it's definitely possible with my printer.

Any tips for the sections that print after gaps? I've got a fan blasting the PLA right as it exits the nozzle...so I don't think it's a cooling issue, and my printer has great results on bridging tests where the bridge is a straight line...I thinks it's the fact that bridging takes a curve on this model. Slowing down, speeding up, not sure where I should start with tweaking.

What layer height and nozzle size are you using?

I am not sure. I used just plain old Cura 15 to slice it. Does your slicer have a preview mode? Usually if things are going to fail, you can detect it in preview mode. It was designed to print flat like in the stl, so maybe if you rotated it or something it might not print well.

Can anyone tell me if this prints OK on a Delta? (still not sure if Deltas and Cartesians have different abilities..)
The overhangs look like they might be tough to pull off.

Looks like a solid design though.

what about support? need or not?

Not. Would make it very difficult to break the hinges lose.

I've tried a number of the other fidget cube patterns so far with very unimpressive results, some really fused hinges despite other tweaks, or they break, or get stuck. I've used this pattern a couple times so far and every single time it comes out beautifully and easily!

Prints great! Kids love them. I bet I have printed a dozen of them so far.

This worked beautifully! Peeled it off the build plate and immediately started folding it! Only the last 2 hinges printed on top are a bit stiff, but it could be my printer/settings.

this is good how in the world did you do it on tinker cad

Like this. https://www.tinkercad.com/things/b9mlICrDMkj-failproof-fidget-cube

I have a preference for using simple tools to do complicated things rather than complicated tools that make it easier. Lol.

I like it! I'd like to modify it and put a message for a charity on the faces. I'm using OnShape, but it does not seem to like the STL file.

Works beautifully and is really robust. Congratulations on a brilliant design.

I lost the first print to someone, who borrowed it to loosen the mechanism up and hasn't returned it since - but then they are a compulsive fiddler! Most of the joints snap open easily, the hinge on the top at either end is the hardest one to break free.

Printed in regular PLA at 0.2mm layer height

Too lazy to post pictures, sorry. But it printed very well at 125% scale and .3mm layer height. Very impressive because most would never work at that resolution. I recommend the size, 100% seemed small to me.

Do you think this would still work if I were to scale it down a bit?

I tried until 70% with 0.1 layer height and 80% with 0.2 layer height and it works

Definitely going to have to try this one. I have had the same problem with other fidget cube models not working.

first one came out VERY NICE, I was getting kinda tired of failed prints on these fidget cubes, yours is the best so far.

Also using PBSM. Will use brim. Will post second comment when finished.

Thanks so much for making this model! printed PERFECTLY on my Printrbot Simple Metal. I was having the same problem as you, none of the other fidget cubes were working. Thanks again!