Moon Lamp

by Ethan3D Jan 12, 2017
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How much does the finished print weigh?

Really nice moon. What software did you use for creating it?

How do you light it up ? there's no hole to insert a light ?

Just from the bottom from a stand is enough ?

gostaria de imprimir isso, mais não tem nenhum detalhe de como fazer alguem poderia dizer ????

Hey Ethan, thanks so much for taking teh time to make this and share it. Currently in the process of printing it now.
Whilst my print is running it got me thinking (ouch!) Could you possibly do something similar, but in the form of the Death Star from Star Wars?
So that when lit internally, little specks of light shine through like this >....... https://youtu.be/-sv5WcYGyFA?t=2m22s

I would love to print something like that. Pleeeeeeease!!!!

Hi, great model btw. I'm printing it right now. Does anyone have a link to the light that goes inside? Thanks

As a few have asked, anyone found a good internal light for this, with a plug preferably.?

Where can i find an led to light it flrom the inside?

the bottom of the moon prints poorly as it needs supports ... i think splitting the model in 2 gives better outcome - or am I missing something ??

I've had people before you complain that two parts were bad hahah I made it in one to make it cleaner and without a seam

Thanks for the great model! I'm trying to print your newer version that is all one piece. Do you mind telling me what settings you used? In Cura, if I use 100% infill as you suggest below and 60mm/s print speed, it's telling me that the print time is over 46 hours! I expected it would take a while, but not that long. What shell thickness and top/bottom thickness do you recommend? What layer height? I'm using .1mm layers because I wanted a high quality print, but not sure if that level of detail is necessary.

do I use the support? with which setting? thank you

Does anybody know if it is possible to invert this sphere so that the outside os perfectly smooth and the inside has the texture? I think this will be way cooler as until the light is turned on it will just look like a white ball.

ive seen one on shapeways, and its a good idea in principle, but the outside diffuses a lot of the light and really blurs the details

Hi Ethan3D, what print settings did you use? And how did you light it up? Dont see any holes for the lamp.

100% infill for the lithophane effect, and you drill it yourself, I figure including a hole would be bad for people who want material there in case

I am wondering if all those "3d printed moon lamp" that recently popped up at all the Chinese online stores are based on your model...

Eh maybe, if they did I don't mind too much, all I did was Google a diffuse map of the moon and used it to displace a sphere, minimal work and not exactly original, so I don't mind that much hahaha

I am curious...is this printed in two pieces? Why could it not be printed as one piece? Isn't that the beauty of 3D printing? (Newbie question)

I made it in two so you can print it really big

Could you easily make one that combines the two halves? I tried to do this in my slicer but it wouldn't work.

do you print the bottom with the light bulb part up? it auto loads into my slicer with the light bulb hole down on the bottom

light bulb hole should print on the bed

The top prints with the cut side on the bed?

Yes, cut side on the bed.

Just to clarify, it prints without supports top and bottom?

Yeah, it can, that's how I did the one pictured. My buddy printed his with some minimal supports so for the top, but i don't think it wouldve mattered.

Very cool model. As far as I can see, your models are not watertight. If you send me the raw model I could split it up just like you did but making it watertight. This way the bottom could be printed the same way as the top, giving a much cleaner edge to compine the two parts.

Comments deleted.

The bottom is printed the same as the top and is not intended to be watertight. Why would you use this in water?

I don't want to use it in the water. 'Watertight' is another term for 'manifold'. This link explains it: http://airwolf3d.com/wiki/manifolded-edges-how-to-check-if-your-model-is-watertight-and-ready-to-3d-print/

Thing is: I would like to print the bottom part oriented as a dome, just like the top part. But S3D doesn't know what to do with the hole, so I'm not able to put support there... If the model was watertight (manifold) that problem would not occur.

Just print it the same as the top, it prints without supports!

that's really cool. Can you tell us more about it? How did you create it? I saw a similar "art" moon on kickstarter for hundreds of dollars but it wasn't really the moon. Did you use some lunar topo database? Just thinking to would be cool to do it in reverse so it looks like a smooth ball until lit up (lithophane style). My kid's rooms have ceiling fans with a single light on the bottom. With a dimmer it would make an awesome night light.

Hi there! I created this not using a topological map, but rather the moon's "color" (even though it's pretty much black and white. The darker areas, or Mare, are printed in thicker layers of plastic, so when lit from inside, it gives the appearance of a full moon at night! Using a topology map wouldn't have the same effect because you don't necessarily see the moon's high and low areas from Earth at night, you see the moon's diffuse appearance. I actually got half way through creating this when I realized I needed to use its diffuse color, not topography!

Thank you for this design.
I'm wondering. How do you change the inner thickness of the shell?
Is it a manual process or did you use some algorithm?