K8200/3Drag printer COMPLETE model

by Xmosh Dec 14, 2013
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hello have you got the step file ?
thank you

I do have them but there is already couple posts in thingiverse containing them, so i will not upload them in mine.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2281573 and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1279449.

Assuming you already got them as you commented on one of them. just replying in case somebody else looks for them and find this one instead.

K8200 Velleman or 3Drag
K8200 / 3drag STEP model

Was looking for complete kit in US and found it here:
Thank you for great work.

Thank you, awesome work

Congratulation very good job!

It's me or the extruder orizontal support plate is missing?

I will check. When i gain access of my computer. I will inform you then

Here the same. Could you upload it please?
Actually not so big an issue as I extracted it from the .skp file.
Congrats for the work!

Great work!

I am working on some upgrade GT2 belt mounts and was looking for the step/stl model of the aluminum X carriage - Do you have a model for that part?

Thanks for reporting missing parts. I just added X_carriage.stl file for you.

Thanx man, a real life saver !

Is it possible to get a hold on the parts in SolitWorks or Pro/E as a .dwg or .prt?

Unfortunately i have only .skp and .stl files. However Solidworks can open stl files

is it possible to get your *skp files? Especially I'am interested in the Extruder-Parts.

I have only one .skp file, that contains whole printer. It´s uploaded here with name "k8200 published".

Comments deleted.

EXTRUDER_PLATE_Arepaired it's not manifold and can't be printed. Can you upload or fix it. Please can you also upload part where the screw goes trough the spring?

What slicing software you use ? . with slic3r it sliced correctly, i just checked it.

I used Cura but with slic3r i did make it. Can you please upload this part?

I'm looking for the belt clamps, are these available?

I have added belt_clamp_A and belt_clamp_B.
Are those what you are looking for ?

Perfect! Thank you!

Many many thanks! if I extract a aluminium part from the complete printer in sketchup, will it be in the right size/dimentions?

They should be in right size. I have uploaded aluminium extrusions in stl form also. I have not tested them yet so i cannot be sure.

The Small Gear for the extruder would be much appreciated.

Have you drawn this parts by your own or got them from Velleman? I'd really like to have the heated bed aluminum plate from bag 32 in the assembly instructions to be able to create glass plate holder to snap connect in the aluminum plate.

Plastic parts i have founded from reprap forums and aluminium parts i have drawn my self mostly. I will upload rest of the aluminium parts soon.

Sounds great. I look forward to these uploads