settler catan style interlocking tiles

by Dakanzla Jan 14, 2017
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Hello! Love work! I had an issue with printing the desert. I've got a dual extruder and using the second nozzle for the support. When i was printing it there seems to be a single layer of space between the desert and the support base.

Hy, thx for the hint. I did upload a fixed part. Hope it works now :-)

Hey, love the files, but i was thinking about needing supports. What if you instead of having flat interlocking surfaces, you made them angled??

Hy, good point but unfortunately I dont find the time to make new bases. Feel free to create some on your own. If they work let me know and I post the link in the description if you want :)

Hi, I printed 6 of them, but they do not fit very well, the outer tiles lift up from the table ( picture: http://imgur.com/a/WKErq )
The mountains were printed with 0,2 layer heigth, the wool tiles were printed with 0,1.
Is there any solution to fix the problem, maybe some sandpapering could help?

Hy, like mentioned in the description you have to take care of these things that the tiles dont lift up:

  • there have to be no warping. Do they lay flat on a surface?
  • support is essential. Did you use support?
  • Cleaning the support. Did you clean out the part where the support was placed well enough?

Their surface is completly flat, no warping.
I did use support and I removed it as I could with a cutter.
When I printed it I used another slicer than now and used the general settings, maybe it messed up the things.
How high the interlocking part should be? for me it's 1,75 mm

The hight is ok but I assume that the support-parts have not been cleaned ou well enogh if you get that much of a lifting at the sides. Try to clean it out, that should help

Now I printed them with simplify3D, used dense support layers. The support materials could be removed in one piece, works like a charm :)

what settings are you using for the dense layers? im printing a few tiles and have the lifting issue, im going to try clean out the existing ones better but id like to print it better in the first place

im using 1 dense layer but it appears to be sticking still

Sorry for the late answer, I used 2 dense layers, 70% infill, I had 0,3 mm horizontal offset from part

Comments deleted.

Cant remember. I used the standard settings in cura for my ultimaker 2+ and 20% infill

Perfect, good to hear you found a solution :)

Hello, I am not a Catan player at all, but my sister has been an avid player for years and I want to make a nice set for her (this is going to be a serious labor of love). Will the tiles in this set still need magnetic bases or can the player fit them all together and play on their own. I apologize for being dense, but I am trying to surprise her and I do not want to put in the effort and for her not to be able to use it. I will also take any of your recommedations. Thank you in advance.

Hy, that sounds like a very nice present :-) you don't need any magnets for this version. Just read the description carefully. I would recommend you to print 3 or 4 tiles just to check if your printer-settings work an that the tiles stick together correctly. Important: Print with support and clean out the support nicely. If not, the tiles will probably bend upwards a little bit. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask :-)

I am test printing right now. I printed the Interlocking Wood last night and it came out with no problems. I printed Interlocking Wheat 2 this afternoon and it came out looking like a sponge and was easily crushable with my bare hand ( I have tiny hands too!, Lol) I double checked the settings and there were no differences between the tiles: Both sliced with Cura 2.6.2, both had the same infill, layer height etc. I am reprinting the Interlocking Wood tile to see if gremlins crawled into my machine while I slept last night.

And yes, I hope it is a very nice present. My sister is one of the sweetest, hardest working woman I know and she deserves a (sorta) hand made gift.

If you check the layer preview in cura and if it looks ok its definively the gremlins :)

My second print of the Wood came out fine, immediately started PL_Brick _Interl and it is looking the same as the Wheat 2. I am not seeing any issues in layer view but I am very new at this. I might bump up the wall thickness and see if that makes a difference. But at least the two Woods fit together neatly! Looking at the bright side.:)

Great design! I'm printing these, and probably will be for quite a while, but it will be worth the time. I didn't want to mess with the magnets and add the extra cost, so I've opted for the interlocking tiles. The directions say that you have to start with the center tile, but I was curious how that works with seafarers, where several of the tiles in the middle of the board are left out until later in the game. Do the interlocking pieces still fit in there are the game progresses, or does the board have to be taken apart each time?

Hy one of the disadvantages of those interlocking tiles is, that in the case you describe, the tiles have to be slightly moved to enter a new tile between them. This is just the case if you try to integrate a new tile, which is surrounded by other tiles (more than 3). In this case you have to separate the board a tiny bit to enter the tile. I'm thinking about making a new version for the interlocking tiles that looks more like this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:649819. There you wouldn't have this issue, but actually I cant say when it's going to be finished.

Catan Lumber Tiles - Warcraft Inspired

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to any new Catan designs you make in the future. They're great! I've printed enough pieces to play around, and you're right, the separation needed really is just a tiny bit. I think it will work just fine. Thanks again, and thanks for such an awesome design.

Hey, great job on your design!

For whatever reason, your files (e.g. the wood one) have more than 6000 errors in slicer and thus are not printable (many missing faces etc). In Cura everything works fine. Do you have an idea what might be the cause for that?

Actually cant tell cause I'm just working with cura. Did you try it with the original tiles from jawong: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26979. You could glue them on the base you find in the files.

3D Catan Terrain Pieces
by JAWong

They work perfectly fine without any errors at all. I wonder whether this is due to strange stl properties caused by your CAD export. It is to bad because slic3r works a lot better for me but the models have many missing faces and edges after the "repair".

I combined the parts in tinkercad and exported them in stl. Normaly that works fine. As I mentioned there would be a way to print the files from jawong and the base in slic3r and glue them together or combine both in tinkercad.

I will definitely try it. But not all top parts are existent, are they? The link you provided only contains the essential (wood, ore, ...) ones. Where did you get the others?

That's right. Found an other solution for you there. Go in thingiverse under the interlocking tiles to apps and then launch make-printable-app. Choose the files you want to repair and go through the steps. I just tried it out with the wood-tiles in slic3r and the result looked better.

Ran into some problems doing this. For some reason the repair and go app stretches the model a little bit along the z axis so if you had already printed some tiles before doing this the new tiles will not fit together. This really sucks because in slicer at least 50% of the tiles are broken and will not generate gcode properly.

That works! But it still does not look as good as it does in Cura unfortunately. But thank you anyways.

Really like this design. Lots of really impressive work done on the designs! I'm working on printing the water tiles now. Any chance you might be able to design up a border? I'm not good at CAD, or I'd try myself.

Hy I linked some borders in the description :)

Hy if I would make a border for those tiles, the interlocking would be kind of useless :)

Hi, i printed 4 tiles to test how they would stick together, it works extualy pretty well. But when they are stuck together the outercorners will rise up. Not sure what happens when i add more tiles but somehow this doesnot look alright. I will add some pictures to show you.

Thanks for the great designs.

Did it worked with cleaning out the spaces where the tiles interlock? Is the lifting now better? Just let me know if I can make some changes to the design if not...:-)

Hy thx for the hint. I recommend to print the tiles with support and the sections where the tiles do interlock have to be cleaned and smoth. If not they will lift each other. Try to clean out those parts , that should help. :)

Hy, I already heard of that issue from others. Using the recomended printer-Settings and the right magnets, I didn't have any problems with sticking the mags together. but I know that some of the cheaper magnets are not that accurate with the size what can cause the issue. Hope that the interlocking version works better :-)

I'm confident the issue I experienced with the magnetic base board was not with the design and more with how I was printing them. I did take the magnets to a caliper and did find them to be slightly larger than 3mm, about 3.1-3.2mm. Though I think smushing the first layer to get better bed adhesion likely warped the lower level and caused most of my issues.

I can't wait to print some of these to see how well they interlock!

I tested it with 7 pieces and it works quiet well. It wont suvive an earthquacke but some movements of the board it should...:)

Great design. The magnetic version I made had some issues staying together (many of the magnets ended up too tight).

This seems like a better implementation. Keep up the great work.