by JtStrait72 Jan 15, 2017
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I thought downloading the images would help, but they're still blurry for me. How can I read the images?

I'm really struggling to understand how all the parts go together. Maybe the text in the images will help, but if anyone could show me some pictures of how each piece is used I'd be grateful!

Edit: Okay, I think I figured it out except for one piece. What is the paint_system_plate2_30mm_v2 piece used for? Is it just an alternative stand if you need a larger size base?

I Apologize for not replying sooner. From comments it looks like you figured it out ok?. Tonight I am updating the instructions to an easier to read version. Hopefully.

yea ~plate2_30mm_v2 is an original part from lasivian"s design. I include it as it can work well with tape glue or bluetac.

Hope you are enjoying the system. :D

Awesome; I'll take a look at your updates! The system looks great.

I've been using your system for like a year now and I love it!

Now I think I'd like an alternative with smaller plates and detail stand.
The only issue I see is that sometimes, I can't reach some of the details under the mini because of the large plate.
I realized that I don't really use the finger hole of the detail stand. I just hold it like I would hold a cork.

Do you know if there is already a design with smaller plate and detail stand?

Again, it is a really great design. I LOVE the way you can use the primer stick, how it can rest on my painting table and how I can quickly switch a plate from the stick to the detail stand.

OMG i am so redfaced atm, I missed a ton of comments on here for a whole year. I swear I check these at least once or twice a month for comments and questions, I am afraid to look at my plasma cannon now. seriously my analytics only show like 20 some likes total for this, ughh, Ok if your looking for a smaller plate you could try the original design by lasivian, His plates are smooth for using tape and glue as well as blutac. I can look into making up a smaller version if you have not already.

Have you tried drilling the figs foot or base and using paperclips to extend it away from the stand? Its an option touched on in the detail stand usage directions. ive used it a couple of times and works ok.

Very very cool. I've been using corks attached to 40mm wood bases, but this is definitely some next level shit right here! Thanks for the files, I'll be printing them soon.

This is brilliant. I've only used the parts for painting a mini as I'm only starting to learn, but awesome. Thank you.

Great tool ! No problem with the round edged finger rest :)
I'm redesigning the plate to use with my Zombicide miniatures. It's a little bit smaller, simple and allow the rim to be painted without removing the miniature. I'm using Blu-Tack to stick it on the plate :)

Wonderful work. I had to print the finger holder with a brim on my Ultimaker to prevent the squared off end (the tab) from pulling off the bed.

Anybody else is having problem with the base plate bumping on the finger rest?

sorry about that, i purposely designed the handle to keep the base plate from free spinning. if the handle is getting in your way one of the remixes (pw_jamison's) has a longer handle to fix the issue. :)

I fixed the finger rest slightly angled so it doesn't bump on the plate anymore. No big deal really, great design

This is amazing work. Printing it now as I have a ton of Reaper Bones minis I picked up on Kickstarter that need my attention. But, I'm confused about the difference between "paint_system_plate2_30mm_v2" and "paint_system_plate3B_hm" Can you explain what each is for?

And: As I view the images of the stand in action with a single mini, I see three pieces -- can you verify I have the right ones?
1) paint_system_finger_rest_detail_stand_mk22_hm, presumably glued to...
2) paint_system_base_detail_stand, which is magnetically connected to...
3) paint_system_plate3B_hm, on which the mini is attached with a rubber band.

Thank you!

Thanks for the complement, and im glad u like the design. it looks like you got it pretty well down as to how the system works. If your going to be batch spraying your figs try the handle with ten plate 3B's on it. the orange piece in the last image is where the magnets go for it.

for a description of the plate differences check out my reply to Lasivian below here.

Comments deleted.

Can you explain what all the small holes on your custom base are for? Thanks!

lasivian sorry for not responding sooner i didnt notice your question untill late last nite. the slots that run under the surface thru the cut outs are there so u can run a paper clip or piece of wire thru each of them, then bend them upwards in the small notches and attach pre-drilled bits (arms, heads, packs, etc) to them. The square cut outs are there so u can cut the wires with a small cutter. Allowing you to keep the piece mounted upon a wire for detailing. The eight holes that run vertically in a line thru the middle on either side of the magnent are there to allow u to attach a figs legs or body to a paper clip, instead of using a rubber band or tape,and then feed the wire thru one hole then back thru another to lock it in place. i was working on a project to add pics to it showing this, but i have had problems with the gw spray i used orange peeling(damn u gw) and have not had time to strip them to redo it and take pics. In the mean time ill throw up a pic or 2 of the plates with clips run thru them to show what i mean, again, sorry i missed your question for so long.

Very nice work. :-) I especially love how you added the finger hole to the handle. The picture explaining the assembly options is awesome as well.