Tree stump house

by kijai Jan 14, 2017
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Hmm I do not seem to be able to print the top... It seems that it is not level to the bed - what did you guys do? Advice apreciated, the bottom is awsome, and I would like to print the rest ;)

Oh I keep forgetting this model exist, made it so long ago... should really remake it better, even if I have made a lot of similar models after this too. Anyway I fixed the file, it's properly flat and level now :)

Ok you are pretty awsome thx!

a more interesting ground would be nice.

This is the first model I'm printing on my brand new printer. I think it's going to be great as terrain for the Burrows & Badgers game! Thanks for making it!

I am honored! Glad you like it :)

Is it just me or is the top not really the right shape for the bottom? I printed it and had a hard time connecting them. The shape of the inside of the top doesn't sit flat on top of the base.

Did you guys still find a way to glue it together? Is it barely glued?

It's not just you, the 2 parts don't mesh real well, but hot glue can permanently affix the two parts, or a bit of that fun tack stuff (for putting posters on a wall) works if you want it removable.

hi, what type of color did you use?

Hey, I painted it with standard acrylic paints, some generic brand.. nothing special.

This is a great file, I have printed a few of these now. My only complaint is that the dome that you added onto the bottom is so huge that I actually had to slice it using the Windows10 3D builder so that it would reduce my printing time and cost. I could take it way down but I wish that the house was on a flat plane so as to save on filament. Other than that, it is a great file!

Great item.. Thanks for sharing..

Yeah this is a great little design. Nice work, great print and paint job as well.
What tools did you use for the modeling?


The stump is sculpted fully in 3D-Coat while the roof and doorway I first modeled in Blender, then finished in 3D-Coat.

Nice model. well done.

Thank you!