Dune 2 - Heavy Siege Tank

by Harh Jan 14, 2017
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Thanks =) Alas, don't get time to make a harvester

Amazing. Plans for more dune units?

Have a harvester in 95% ready condition :) But I think I should print it before uploading

Great design and good work! I was always a fan of Dune 2.

OMG, you are my hero. I've had a livelong obsession with the art of Dune 2. This is the ultimate tribute. The best thing I've ever seen.

I'm always saying they should make a new Dune game based on the artwork in the mentat screen.
Because it was absolutely gorgeous. I don't know who did that, but it was monumental.

Thanks for your kind words... Can't promise much, but you might find theese pictures interesting :) Considering good mentat screens and so on, I agree with you for sure :)

My mind is blown. These look so good. Your attention to detail is amazing.

Years ago, I went on a brief venture to create some sort of Dune mod for Supreme-Commander.
But my low-poly models relied heavily on textures and where nowhere as beautiful as these.
I had to abandon it because of laziness, but the general idea was the same.


Yeah, we obviousely have a similar view on how the proper models of the Dune game should look. Only thing, I try to push out the situation the way that those models wouldn't be really "low-poly" ones. For example, Windtrap has about 14K triangles instead of typical models for strategy games having about 2K or even lower (I think). The man who actually want to make some kind of recreation of the Dune 2 game swear me a lot telling he won't get that actually working :) So, we are struggling each other on how the final models will look like.

But, as I said, don't really count on that it will really go any futher, since we can quarrel any time or even I'll make a harvester, and it will take eternity to complete. It's really early to tell anything serious.

That's understandable. Those models are beautiful. But with that poly-count you'd need some kind of renderfarm to play it :)

That's exactly what that man tells me. And I'm telling him he is way wrong :) In fact, if there will be no optimization, it will be just as you and he say. But it will be so in almost any game today - optimization is essential.

Wow! This is great: :)
Thanks for this model.

Да в Дюне всей стока полигонов не было как в этом танке. Выглядит очень круто

Ага... Зато дизайны там хорошие были. Без них много полигонов хорошо сложно нарисовать :)

Танк восхитительный! Я тут вдохновился моделями BLOCKMAR по redalert, напечатал всё и начал делать диораму, как увидел этот шедевр. Хочется бросить и начать делать песчаные дюны с червяками и сардукарами!

Спасибо ))

По слухам из недр моего компьютера, где-то за кадром слышали проезжающий харвестер, но пока живьем его никто не видел :)

Посмотрел модельки по Ред Алерту... Да, узнаются... Разве что в Ред Алерт я играл уж совсем давно - Дюну и то не так давно проходил снова, а РА, которая первая, даже озвучить боюсь, когда играл.

Great model. I shrank it to 80% and am putting it all on one build plate split into 9 parts to avoid minimize raft/support scaring. We'll see how many hours it takes at 100 microns on a Replicator 2X.

I didn't actually understand, why did you actually split the model more than it is split already and even scaled to 80% it might be hard to fit it on a standard 230x155 buildplate (IFAIR Replicator has a buildplate of that size). But, anyway, it will be interesting to look the result. Post the photo when you finish :)

Tracks printed very nicely at 80%. Now the body. I will say that the final drive sprockets came out okay, I have a couple where the support wasn't very good but I can fix that. Will post pics of the completed model. Thanks for all the great work on this. Really nice.

Dune my first rpg that I love, thanks for this model!!!

No... I've designed it the way it is possible to make a movable model, but I didn't bother it that way - would take a bit too long to complete. One man asked me this model just because he told me he would make a movable version (he've already done a tank model). That's why I actually posted the model.

It looks like hard to make a movable version, but the current one is not bad for a model. If there's another movable one, I will make it.

Great model for a great game!! Thanks for sharing!

AWESOME!!!! And this is gonna sound ungrateful but... Keep it coming!!!!

That's a thing hard to promise :) I've been asked to make a harvester by few people already, but this one took a good ammount of time. Maybe, but I won't promise :)