QIDI Tech I dual extruder leveling Jig

by Pascal32 Jan 15, 2017
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Haven't used it yet, but looks like it will do the trick!
Pulled my hair out with this 3d Printer until I noticed the big difference in tip height.
I have it shimmed on the heat spreader which has worked for the time being but his will fix it the right way! Thank you!

let us know how it works. mine was also way off - this did the trick :)

So simple, yet so brilliant. My hat's off to you. Worked like a charm

Glad it worked for you. Can’t take credit for the idea, saw it somewhere looking around at lining up the heads

I have a question. Does this jig put them at the proper height for the layer cooling fan system? Right now my nozzles are aligned but to low and the layer cooling hits the heater block

Are you referring to the fan that blows from the side through the duct? I thought it did, I'll check this weekend, printer is packed up for some house remodeling

Yes the one on the left with the duct on the bottom to cool the layers as it prints. And thank you

Sorry, this completely escaped my mind. The stock fan on this printer blows down and across - if you look at the fan duct end it has a little "wall" at the end. Based on that i would say the height is probably about where it should be.

Now that I took a closer look at the duct, I'm realizing printing one which blows across might not be a bad idea.

update: I finally got it. had opened it before but didn't know i could move the extruders that easily. thanks! hi, the last three steps are a bit confusing. my left extruder is a bit higher than the right one, so should i loosen or tighten it? could you give a bit more information on those screws before i disassemble the extruders again?

After loosening the set screw on the extruded let it sit on the jig to get them on the same plane. Mine was high on one side also. Now they are even