Ice #chess set Molds

by Raukk Mar 30, 2012
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Is the ice actually releasing from the mold? I couldn´t get mine out.

I sadly still don't have a 3d printer of my own, so I cannot say how to make it work best. I do know there are several other molds on Thingivers that might have some suggestions, I know acetone can be used to smooth out ABS prints if the ridges are being a problem, also perhaps there is some lubricant or releasing agent that could help. Sorry I can't give any other advice.

LOL.....melting chess men creates a new kind of speed chess. Awesome!

The only reason to use Latex is so they will bounce if you get mad when the game isn't going well...

This made me laugh! I'm a chess player and this is awesome. Looking forward to play with it :) But it needs some work .. but the idea is awesome :) congrats!

A couple thoughts for you:

*This won't fit on many printers (100-120mm square max) - it's too big.

*Might be nice to break your molds up so that you could freeze an entire set all at once, without creating duplicates.

*This STL would need to be edited in a mesh program to separate the two pieces before printing. It is preferable to upload the two sides separately.

*Some type of alignment method would be nice - research other molds on thingiverse for ideas.

*A "No Derivates" license? That's a bummer. Consider a more open license.

*Find a way to reduce excess plastic while allowing the mold to be filled and hardened upside down and level. Less plastic = less print time.


Most of these problems are from importing from TinkerCad. Each piece is separate in TinkerCad, and being separation can then be moved around as needed.

I actually created one that was a full set, I should upload those too brb

I should have thought about the orientation, laying flat is probably best (though it'd take up more space).

I'll make it a fully open licence as soon as the chess challenge is over/closed.

as far as ways to reduce the plastic, I've though about it, but not come up with anything good yet.