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by B-O-T Feb 6, 2017
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WAWWWWW what amazing..............................................LANDFILL TRASH /= ....Stop with the useless trinkets that end up being garbage sooner than later... for real guys wake up ...Be responsible. as makers we must realize that we are a fast growing population and printing this such garbage is not cool or sustainable...and that is the truth.. find something useful to make. why funking fidget spinners??? learn a useful talent instead of being a professional garbage maker!!

Can you give some parameter examples for the arc ones? I'm trying to get it to work and I just get wedges (openscad 2015.03-2)

Does anyone know the size ball bearing for the default settings below? Silly me, I printed a bunch of spinners before buying ball bearings and doing a test fit.

Outer Hole Type = Ball Bearing Retainer
Outer Hole Diameter = 12.9

If the 12.9 is 12.9mm then that would be 1/2 inch balls. Correct?

Would it be possible to post another version of your drawing that shows the parameters and measurements? I can't read most of it, and I'm trying to understand what some of the parameters in the program do. I'm trying to recreate some of your more complex designs to modify them to use metric steel balls (which I can easily obtain).

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This is wonderful. Took a little fiddling with the SCAD to get the hang of it, but once you do it's a lot of fun. Thanks!!

Customizer is not opening.

I printed the 40 node BB, but do not know what to put in the center of it. Which center piece is used for that? Thank you!

How did you manage to make a smaller version of the one with bbs, and I would like to either learn how, or get access to the model(s)

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

you mention 3mm screw for a bunch of them. Do you have a part number?

we picked up they slingshot ammo

fits great.


I usually buy fasteners from AlbanyCountyFasteners.com. I buy a range of lengths of the 3mm Button Head Socket Cap Screws. Most of the 608 bearing grips need a 10mm or 12mm long screw. Here is a link:
5400046 Button Socket Head Screws A2 SS - M3 x .5 x 12M (FT) Qty-100 $3.85

So if the 608 bearings are 7mm thick and the 623 bearings 4mm thick, the screws used for the 623-based spinners should be 8-10mm long? I printed a number of these, waiting for the bearings and balls to arrive. The BOT-623-38-6NA and 9NA use 9mm balls, correct? And the BOT-623-BB-60N-A uses 3mm balls?


Comments deleted.

I still don't get what the bearings are for. I think the sharp end of center post would be just fine, but there is no center post in any picture or design. What do those things rotate on?

Center posts are ONLY for convenience, in all the common spinners the center post is in the center section of a bearing (you just can't see it). That is how the fidget spins, by using the bearing. Without a bearing it will not spin very long, Bearings create a low friction mechanism to allow the device to spin for much longer.

Hey, I know you! These are so fun in our class room!!!

Brilliant! This looks fun and phenomenal. Nice work! :-)

Hey B-O-T, I love these and am looking at incorporating using balls as the weights in some of my own designs, how are you calculating the cutout for the balls, i'm trying to figure out how to cut a spherical hole in fusion 360 but its a no go, looks like in your design its just two cylindrical holes, smaller for outside and larger for middle to minimize gap around the ball and allow it to move freely.

I absolutely love all your spinner designs... Would if be possible to convert and also post dxf vector files from the stl files for
those folks with a laser cutter/engraver to download and import into a vector cutting program... EPS uncompressed files are great
but I think DXF is an output format for the 3-D programs.. (I'm not sure.. I don't do stl or 3D printing) Also I get the fact that ball bearings
sit in a "well" in the 3-D print file... so as an idea.. . when cutting these... have 2 layers ... an inside layer and 2 outside layers perhaps made of acrylic plastic and glued together.. 3 layers and before gluing... insert the bearings. or wood layers.. or perhaps just press fit bearings into a wood cutout spinner... holes can be micro-adjusted to tight-fit steel balls in the holes... Thanks


I'll look into creating DXF files when I get a chance. I don't have a laser cutter (yet) and didn't realize that was a preferred format.

Anyone with a laser cutter or engraver usually can import DXF, EPS, SVG, AI, CDR. Most high end laser owners use Corel Draw as
a vector program for running their laser.. but uncompressed DXF or EPS, I think, is somewhat easy to convert from STL files, I have been
told. I like all your designs, and while I likely can create my own (and have done so).. it's fun to see what others are doing.

Thanks again,

you can export dxf from openscad. so download openscad, load the scad code from the customiser, hit f6, export as dxf.

there you go.... great scad code

Hi there,
I was wondering if by any chance I could sell these on my Ebay account & at school.
Please try to get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Finn M.

You are welcome to use any spinners created from this project for profit. I shared this under the "Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike" license. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

If you make a great spinner consider posting a picture with the "I Made One" button on this project. I love to see other people's designs!

I will probably sell some of these spinners, only because you told me it was ok. So thank you for that.

Thank you for your sharing.
May I know the size of ball bearing of " BOT_Spinner-6_Node-.5in.stl"? is 8mm & 608 bearing for the center one?

That spinner uses 1/2" ball bearings and a 608 center bearing. Also, if you use the cheap 608 bearings available everywhere you can pull off the dust shield and wash out the grease using a solvent to make the bearing spin much better!

Great design, thanks for sharing.

Comments deleted.

I keep getting an error when I try to create the BB spinner (40 node) with a 6x19x8 bearing. I have to set the length to 15 and width to 0.1 to get similar dimensions to the one you created. I also set it at 30 degrees to get the windmill effect. It completed my customization once, but all but two nodes printed. Could you please give me the correct parameters for the BB spinner so I can just change the measurements for the center bearing? Thanks.

Customizer times out now and then on complex designs. I recreated that design yesterday and it took two tries to get it to complete successfully. Here are the settings I used:

Height = 3
Outer_Hole_Type = Ball Bearing Retainer (2)
Outer_Hole_Diameter = 4.8
Edge_Profile = Round (0)
Node_Count = 40
Node_Radius = 34

625 Bearing:
Center_Bearing_Inner_Bore_Diameter = 5
Center_Bearing_Outer_Diameter = 16

Notch_Depth = 30
Node_To_Notch_Ratio = 1.4

Cutout_Shape = Trapezoid (6)
Cutout_Radius = 21
Cutout_Width = 0
Cutout_Height = 20
Cutout_Orientation_Degrees = 20
Cutout_Rotation_Degrees = 1
Cutout_Multiplier = 0

When Thingiverse updates customizer to use the latest OpenSCAD some timeouts (like the ARC cutout timeout) may go away.
Hope it helps!

What size balls are in the gray one on the bottom?

Those are 3/4" ball bearings. I have made several of those and they spin very well!

Currently the largest ball I have used is 1" and it looks really cool. I used 3 black Magnetic Hematite balls commonly sold as "Rattlesnake Eggs".

Dear designer thanks for your sharing. I have a question about the steel ball. How can you put steel ball in to the spinner? Did you put it in half of the printing process? Or after printing process use press fit methods? Thanks.

After the print is finished I use a wood clamp like this one (http://www.harborfreight.com/8-in-handscrew-clamp-60550.html) to press them into place. They will "snap" into place. You may need to put a large washer under the spinner so the bearing can have enough clearance to emerge from bottom side as you press it in. I have found that if my extrusion width is properly calibrated they fit very well. If they are too tight just up the outer hole diameter a little.

For the one with the bbs will a 608 bearing fit?

Sorry for the delay. It is designed for a 625 bearing.. 16mm Diameter, 5mm inner bore, 5mm high.
Using the customizer you can remake that design with any bearing. The 608 bearing is 7mm high, which is a bit much when BB's are being used.

Depending on the ID you are looking for the 688 bearing works also- 16mm OD, 8mm ID, 5mm height - so for those of us that have a grip cap that we like to use that's already configured for 8mm ID, the 688 looks like it should work great (my order of 688's is due to arrive in two days)

In Customizer, for Color Insert Surface Ring Height Height, you suggest .2 for a breakaway ring, but that scrollbar seems to snap to .5 increments. (In a lot of places, I found that I would prefer input fields instead of sliders, if that's possible)

Also, is there an option to print the finger grips without a screw hole?

Thanks! I missed that. I just changed Color_Insert_Surface_Ring_Height and Color_Insert_Extra_Height to textboxes. The sliders have the advantage of limiting the input range to workable values but that can be a disadvantage for advanced users. I am uploading the changes right now.

Cool thanks! I'll let you know how it goes!

I just fixed the grip screw hole as well. You can select "0" for the hole size and it will not be used.


I keep getting timeouts whenever I use the "Arc" cutout mode. I'm also unsure that the trapezoid tool works as the descriptions claim. My hex nut is 22mm flat to flat, but a trapezoid with cutout-width set to 10mm is way wider than the 22mm cutout. It's still a really awesome script though!