Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Anet A8 Electronics Case Mosfet Remix (Octopi, Mosfet + Mainboard)

by JZE Jan 15, 2017
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I can't seem to get it to fit in Cura 3.1
i tried changing the bed size in "manage Printer/Printer settings" but nothing changed. Please help

Dear JZE, I wanted to print your model and found that there are some errors in your design.
Imported the STL file into SketchUp, SolidInspector and SolidInspector 2 detected errors. I fixed these errors for you. You find the repaired file attached to this comment.
With kind regards,

The model can't fit into Cura ( 213x200 bed ) ... What I've to do?

set your build plate adhesion to none it will just fit

Question about mounting. You said you used the 2 holes in the case to mount it. Are those the 2 offset holes in the middle of the case? If so you're saying those lined up with holes on the acrylic frame. Printed out amazing but holding it up to existing holes I'm not seeing how it can be mounted with what's there.

can you upload cad files? Or make a version with pi zero please?

Did you make a fix for the m2 to m3 screwholes and a fix for the RP3? RP3 camera mount+holes for the flatcable and power ?
I would love to print this , but i want it to be good as it is a rather huge print and would take a lot of time to print in 0,1mm

I have the same Problems in Simplify 3D 3.1.1
I solved them with this website: https://www.trinckle.com/en/printorder.php
I hope it will helps

So the printing time is about 14hours

can you make one for two heat bed regulators, thanks!

Hai there, Are there enough holes for the cabels and able holders for cable management. ( also if the cabels are guided by the cable chains.) And is there a version with a door for this case?

Does it fit the Anet A6?

I'm not 100% sure but I don't think it will. I think the A6 has a different frame design and I doubt this would be compatible with it. You might be able to make it work though.

I made this for my A6. Only needed slight modifications. I just drilled 4 new holes just below the board mounts (just low enough to fit a M3 nut, bottom right is really tight), and used the original M3 screws and nuts to mount the enclosure to the machine. Only minor problems I ran into were that I had to remove the left support for the bottom of the RasPi (mine is a RPi 3 and the peg interfered with the protrusion under the board from the ethernet jack, and then further interfered with my cable to relocate my SD card slot). Used M2 screws to mount all components, anet board required washers since the holes in it are the same diameter as the head of a m2 screw. Also needed a place to mount my 12v to 5v regulator to power the RPi, but the mesh design of this enclosure made that easy to just ziptie to the side.

Edit: I added a make with this info and some pics for anyone else curious about adding this to an A6.

This file has major issues related to its not being manifold. Could you possibly run it through a repair site and upload the repaired file instead? It sounds like Cura is able to compensate adequately enough, but it also sounds like Cura is the only slicer that's okay with automatically repairing it (which doesn't necessarily mean it does a good job of it).

I just used https://service.netfabb.com/service.php and it seemed to repair it just fine. This should take care of the issues mentioned below with it not slicing properly! :)

FWIW I use Repetier-Host V.2.0.1 with Slic3r Prusa Edition to slice and print.

Which Pi does this one fit?

For sure the Pi 2 and 3 and probably others

pi zero W fits. it only uses 2 of the 4 mounting holes but it fits and functions.

Does this work for the Anet A8 2.0?

Im not sure, I don't think I've seen the 2.0. What's different about it?

they fixed some design isues. the x carriage plastic parts are injection molded instead of printed. a better psu and some other minor things.
the frame was not changed so it should fit.

Can you fix this for Simplify3D? Or maybe share the .stl?

check out https://service.netfabb.com/service.php - needed to send it through their free stl fixer service too...

Hello, which Mosfet you use ? I purchased an MKS but I make a mistake.....

What program did you use to edit the original?

I really like your design

Can you please upload the cover for your case too.

The original cover by c_wolsey works as this is just a remix of that design

it has open mesh and won't slice correctly in simplify 3d :(

cura is free and isn't that big so would be worth getting it

Same for me, the spare Holes were not sliced correctly. Sad, I would have loked to use your case really much.

same issue here.

Cura, no issues

Comments deleted.


i have some trouble to print this nice case.
I try it for two times and every time during the 5th or 6th layer or something like that, there are too much wrapping around and than the extruder hit the model an throw it away :(
Can you tell me something about your configurations?
Printing speed ?
Temperatures ?
Some king of Brim or Skirt?

Thanks for answering :)

Greets Jens

Hey Jens,

Sorry to hear the trouble you've been having.
Yeah I can list the settings I used.

I used AMZ3D PLA filament. Cura for the slicer.

  • Layer height 0.2mm
  • Line width 0.36mm (4mm nozzle size)
  • Wall thickness 0.8mm
  • 100% infill (doesn't make that big of a difference in time and I usually have a lot more success with parts like this at 100% rather than a lower percentage)
  • Temperature at 200 and 55 for the heat bed
  • Flow rate was 106%
  • Print speed 40mm/s
  • Outer wall speed 20mm/s
  • Inner wall speed 30
  • 4mm brim

I'm not saying these are necessarily the best settings to use, I'm still pretty new to 3D printing, but I had success with those settings. It was about a 23 hour print though. It could probably be printed quite a bit faster with success but I haven't spent enough time testing to increase speed. Also I think I could have dropped the flow rate a couple percent for better results.
Depending on the filament you're using you might need to change some settings from what I used too.


Thanks for your replay.

I am also new to 3D printing.
Now I try it with your settings and give you some feedback.


Now I get a very nice result.
Many thanks for your support.

I print it with your settings and increase the tempreature to 220° and than it works without any problem.
The print takes 17:27:53 ant it looks great.

Many Thanks.



am I right in assuming that c_wolsey´s cover fits your remix?
-what do you use to fix the mosfet? Could you make a mod with 4 long poles slip it onto?
-is there enough room under the MB to draw wires under it?
-co you fit it to the frame with the original standoffs and screws?


Yeah that's correct, the original cover by c_wolsey will work.

The mosfet is held in by screws. They'll probably need to be 5 or 6mm length because the standoffs are pretty short. Depending on the diameter of the screws that you use, you may need to increase the size of the screw holes because they are 2mm diameter holes.

There is not really enough room to run wires underneath the main board, but it's not necessary to do so as there is a hole beside it to run wires into the box. It's the same as the original design by c_wolsey there.

I didn't reuse the white spacers/standoffs or screws that were used to mount the board originally.
I used 2xM3 12mm screws and M3 nuts that I had extra from the printer kit, and used the two holes in the case that line up with original holes in the frame.

There's also 4 other holes in the case that can be used to mount it to the frame with screws.

It mounts tight against the acrylic frame.

Hey JZE,

Thanks for the quick reply - sorry ´bout my crappy writing, but the kb on my hackintosh seized together with the sound for some reason (that´s what you get for tinkering I guess ;-))

I´ll fit the mosfet with screws as well then.
The "room for wires" question was purely out of curiosity before printing as I wanted to get as much info as possible before commiting the printer to another night´s work...
Your remix is lovely, thanks for the info.
Do you have a sourcefile for remixing?
Happy tinkering!


Hey, no problem. Glad I could help and hope it works good for you.

I do have the skp file I could probably upload here if that would be helpful.