Mini Z "Audi"

by ArcoHoff Jan 15, 2017
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I am trying to edit the supports just like yours, but even with minimal support, i couldnt reduce the print time to less than 5h. I am afraid of lose all this time coz i put the support in wrong places. I attached my supports, can you send yours? thanks

which software do you use?

I am using Cura, but the file that i send to you was from Simplify3D, But I couldnt print from that file, so I have to edit the suports on Cura anyway. My print took 9h to finish. I'm sending a pic of it.

Do you have the design without the side mount inside?
I like to add my one after the print is done.

hi, that's not a problem, but I've just become a father, so this must wait a few days. Which version do you want without the side mounts?

Thx and GZ :D

it's the -> Audi-Body-v7-thingi

i just uploaded the "Audi-Body-v8-without-side-mounts.stl"
Dont´t care about the v8, it should be the same model as the v7.

u are my saveier man :D super thanks and happy christmas :D

What print settings are you using? I am showing around 7hrs on my printer

if i need it fast, i print it with 0.3mm layer and with minimal support.
You can see my support areas in the seventh picture.
Do you have full support when it say´s 7hrs?

Roughly what is your support setting? Spacing and type?

I use the standard settings of simplify3d for support but i change the areas where support is printed to just a line in the middle of the body, the areas where the chassis is mounted and at the holes for the Spoiler.

Not sure if I can do that in Cura.

What is the width and wheelbase of the body? Trying to see if it will fit the MR02.

Front width 76mm
Back width 78mm
Wheelbase 98mm

Nice Build. Any idea if it fits on MR02?

I have no MR02 so i don´t know.

Can you chop it in 2- 3 parts for easier printing? It would be awesome!

Easier printing? I print it with minimal Support, you can see that in the seventh picture.
Just a line in the middle, and particular at fixing points and the Spoiler holes.
That is in my oppinion easier than glue it together.
The inner Surface is not perfect then, but this is not important for me.
Do you print it with full support?

It would be easier for me, for printing time reasons. I use a printer in a fablab, so I can't afford 10h printing, that's the thing

I have printed it in 3 hours with minimal support, and my printer is over 5 years old and not very fast.
If that is to much time, you can cut it yourself with netfab or similar software to made it fit your needs.

Ok, Thanks. I'm new at 3d printing

Hey ArcoHoff, really nice job!!!

Do you know the wheel base? and maybe if it fits the MA-20 chassy?

i have modified this for a MR03 chassis, because this is the only chassy i have here.
Which sizes are different at the MA20? That is the quadro chassy, or not?

Hi archof, I printed it and cannot fit the back wheel.

It is perfect from front fix to middle fix (with a correct positioning of the front wheel) but is a little short from the middle fix to the rear axle.
Do you think that could be adapted to the ma020 chassy?

Can you make a photo or measure the difference, how much the distance has to be from the middle fix to the rear axle?
I can try to modify it. Something like "the distance has to be 2mm more" would be perfect.

A solid simple model could works? I will just design the main body with the wheel and the fixing point

You can do that, but its not necessary.
You said that the other dimensions fit to your chassis, so i need only the difference of your rear wheel and my body.
Then i split my body in the middle without the middle fix and scale it so that it will fit to your mesurement.
Then i build it all together again and hope it will fit your needs

I just do not have time to 3d model it (: the wheel base of mine ma020 is about 90mm, I believe the front to back wheel base of yours MR03 is about 96-98mm, right?

i have just uploaded a modified version with 8mm shorter wheelbase without changing the fixes.
Can you test it?

Hey ArcoHoff, thanks a lot for the new model, I’m already printing it! Feedback as soon as the printing is complete

Hey Man sweet design! Is it possible for a version with the glass separate from the shell, so its possible to print the glass with clear filament.

i can try it, only the front or all windows?
But it will take some time, because i´ve currently other projects.
My focus for this was easy and fast building in one piece for training.

All windows, if its gonna take a lot of work dont worry about it man.