Spiro Machine

by Ferjerez Jan 15, 2017
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Loving it. Only Thing, I am having troubles printing screws that are resilient / durable enough. They keep breaking, no matter what infill shell options I chose. Guess I will use some metal screws instead.

Don't print this it doesn't work. Gears just spread apart when cranked. also none of the bores and pins post fit. had to file and re-drill all of them. and yes my printer is level and scaled. the flat guides are too flexible.

Some printing tips:

Adjust 'Horizontal expansion' to -0.1 on gears and plates to get a smoother engage.

Reduce flow and/or use horizontal expansion reduction for pins, gears, and maybe scrrews and nuts if you have trouble inserting or screwing parts.

In Cura you can 'shrink' or 'grow' a figure using 'Horizontal expansion' parameter. Most of slicers have this parameter but may be named diferrently.

If gears don't engage well they spread appart when cranked.
If flat guides are too flexible try using more infill or more top/bottom layers.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been having trouble with the gap tolerance and knew what I needed to change to fix it, but I couldn't figure out how Cura labeled that particular field. I searched "Horizontal" and horizontal expansion came up. I adjusted it to -0.1 like you said and did a test print and it worked perfectly the first time.

great! happy printing!!

This looks awesome.... I have only one idea to make it better. I think you need to make a circular paper cutter to really make your designs look sharp. 10/10 will be printing this Spiro machine very very soon!

hehe maybe i'll try something with a cutter blade.. mmm....that's a great idea

Haha your welcome! That sounds like a great idea... I'd also love to print that. Would make a great addition. I'm gonna start printing tommorow, quite excited for it to be finished already hehe :)