Old School Space Rocket: The Exhaust Cloud Stand

by syvwlch Nov 27, 2008
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Made my space ship from 1/8 fiberboard from home depot. total cost about $.25 for materials. A great way to test a design, although the material makes a tighter fit than acrylic would

It looks nice, too. Thanks for sharing the picture. :-)

Can you please expand about automatic tab generation in Sketchup. I cannot find any reference the feature except for your mention of it...


It's not a feature of sketchup per se.

Here's what I do:

  1. draw the faces
  2. position them relative to each other
  3. extrude each of them by the thickness of the material
  4. use the intersect command to create lines at the intersections between the various faces created above
  5. delete everything except a single face (now with the proper tabs cut out!) for each piece

It's more of a process, really, but it makes tabs and slots much easier, I find.

this sounds awesome... ive been looking for easy ways to make slots and tabs... is there any chance you could make a quick video of how you do it? :-D

Gosh, it's been what? Three years? :-)

I don't even use Sketchup anymore, mostly do 3D stuff in OpenSCAD these days... I don't think the video is very likely, sorry. :-(

Will this work with the Old School Space Rocket 2.0?

Yes, in fact that's what I designed it for. Conversely, it should work fine with version 1.0 :-)