Kossel mini effector

by unic8 Jan 15, 2017
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How did you modify it? I waant to do something similar for the Anycubic linear plus but I cant process the mess

I typically use simple tools like Meshmixer or even TinkerCAD to simply cutout the area and reinsert the new 3d parts.

Does this work with the Kossel Plus?

It depends on the hotend and the geometry of the delta printer. I do not know which hotend is typically used with a Kossel Plus and it might even differ in the "arm space" of the delta geometry (http://reprap.org/wiki/Delta_geometry).

yeah is this for the e3d v6?

This version is for the bigger Anycubic hotend but the original version here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:502986 should be compatible with the E3D V6.

Infill 3D Delta Bot Effector

Doesn't include the clamp STL file?

This is a remixed 3D model. Please have a look at the original 3D model which is referenced https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:502986

Infill 3D Delta Bot Effector

Awesome Design!!

Which hotend is this for? V5 JHead?

Could you tell me if this effector fits the Micromake D1 printer? They seem to be quite same.

You are right, the printer itself will be pretty the same. Some colleagues of mine have bought the effector of the Micromake D1 for their Anycubic Kossel mini and it fits perfectly. You should check if the hotend itself would fit the dimensions if you are planning to use the one of the Micromake D1.

OK, thanks. Could you also tell me how to check printer settings after installation of this effector? If I print a 20x20x20 mm cube and check it's size - will it confirm that everything is OK?

I definitely think so. The primary focus is the parameter DELTA_EFFECTOR_OFFSET. You have to change this value to match to the actual dimensions of the new effector. http://reprap.org/wiki/Delta_geometry#Effector_stability

Could You tell me, which parameters must be changed for use this Effector?
My printer is Anycubic too.

It is the parameter DELTA_EFFECTOR_OFFSET in the Configuration.h file of the Marlin firmware.

It is the distance between the nozzle center of the hotend to one of the axes where the rod pairs are mounted to the effector.
Have a look at the graphics here http://reprap.org/wiki/Delta_geometry#Effector_stability