Quick Backlash Calibration V.2

by Muele Mar 4, 2017
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Very basic user: no matter what I do I cant get the printer to print the design on my M3D. I'm not sure I fully understand the Gcode as when I put it in it says unknown caracters

help !

I found the orig file to be problematic for the M3D Pro. Change to x= 0.80 (80% of original model), y= 0.80 (80% of original model), z= 1.40 (40% bigger than original model). This worked for me.

Why scale x and y down? Do you then add 25% to result you find?
I don't recommend messing with the x and y scales at all.
Z is a different matter. Do what ever it takes to print one nice layer. Preferably in one squashed out line.

Without scaling down x & y, my pro would try to outline the rows, then fill them in. When I scaled it down to 80% it printed one single layer. With the z, @ 100% (or 1.00 for the Pro) it says the layer is too thin and won’t allow you to print. So by scaling it up to 140% (or 1.40) it will print a solid single layer. The original version worked awesome with my M3D Micro. Had to find a way to make it work on my Pro. This was how I was able to make that happen.

I'm glad you made it work. Just remember that the sample sizes are scaled down 20% as well.

But actually I took this sort of problem into consideration when I created the files. They are customizable:
https://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=2040624 (or just click Open in Customizer above)
Open the print-thickness-and-height section and voila you can tinker with the height and line thickness without scaling :) ( I had actually forgotten about this when I made the first reply)

The files are in G-Code and cannot be loaded into M3D software, can you post the STL. files?

It used to be possible to generate your own .stl with Thingiverse's customizer. But it seems that is broken. So I have uploaded an .stl with 0.00-1.99 measurements for the x-axis. Rotate it 90 degrees when calibrating the y-axis.

Beware that it can be very hard to find the appropriate print-settings. Each strip should print in a single one-layer continuous motion, sort of squashed out.

Edit: And you should complain to M3D about the ability to load cgode being broken. Log a support case on their website.

Is there any way my Pro printer will accept the gcode files? Currently it will not load.

Sorry, I don't have a Pro, so I can't do troubleshooting. You could try the Backlash Tower instead. I like that method better myself.

Backlash Tower
by Muele

Okay thank you for the information!

When I did this, it pushed my print head into the bed and would not stop until i turned off the power!

works great, great tools for fine tuning bed level aswell :) thanks Muele,

Why when I print this file does it look nothing like the picture above and more like a 1" tall mortar tube? I am lost.

This happened to me too. Absolutely nothing like the makes and picture of this file.

so how do I use these files with the M3d Print software?

Yeah, M3D software is pretty complicated in this regard. I made a tutorial on M3Ds own forum and now I reposted it in the M3D group here on thingiverse:


Muele, when I print this file I get a 1 inch tower that looks like the print calibration tool built into the m3d slicer tool. Nothing like the pictures you have here. What am I doing wrong?

Let's keep the conversation over in the M3D group. Just to keep it together in one place, and I already replied there.
Br Muele