CCG deck box with geared pivoting lid

by belrius, published

CCG deck box with geared pivoting lid by belrius Mar 31, 2012


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There are some excellent deck boxes on thingiverse, but I thought, you know... they aren't complex and pointless enough.

So in the spirit of the game of thrones intro map thingy I thought I'd add some gears and a rack and pinion lift system and a couple of other nifty things.

Here it is in action.



There's quite a few moving parts to this one. You'll need to print one of each of the 8 STL files.

The scad file uses the printable rack ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11642 ) by devijvers and of course the ubiquitous involute gear library ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3575 ) by Greg Frost.

At the moment I haven't glued anything, it's just pressed together. The SCAD file includes a parameter for printing tolerance currently set to 0.2mm. It's likely your printer is better tuned than mine, so you may not need it.

The scad file is (theoretically) fully parametric and has instructions on how to change (for example) the x, y and z dimensions of the cards and a heap of other values.

A couple of the attached images show how the box is put together. The main things are:
1) The two sets of top (rotating sections) are connected by a plastic "key" (little oblongs of plastic) to hold them together.
2) put the "lift platform" into the two rack sections and put the racks in place before mounting the top sections. You need to make sure the teeth of the gears and the rack are nice and clean and mesh well.
3) There are 6 hinges that allow the side pieces to move outwards when the tops are rotated. I used dressmakers pins as the axles for those hinges. Cut the heads off them and push them through and bend each end over so they stay in place. There's probably a better solution, but because my printers not so well tuned, the pins were a firm fit and worked well.

Oh also, two of the stls wouldn't slice properly with slicr (3 and 6) but they did slice ok with skeinforge.

Update: Added a base, updated SCAD file to reflect this, updated "full exploded" image to include the new base. (deck_box_8.stl)

Update 2: I changed the name from 'unnecessarily complex mtg deck box' because it wasn't clear to a number of people that 'unnecessarily complex' was supposed to denote the over-the-top design idea rather than the construction. And of course it can be used for any ccg not just mtg.

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Hi belrus, that's a really cool design you made. I really want to print it, by my printer doesn't have enough area for both sides to fit together.
Do you, or could you, have another version, with each unique part as an individual file?
Thanks a bunch! I'll make sure to tip you well if you do that.

how many sleeved cards dose it hold?

nice deck box, I just found out that just strings of 1,75mm filament fits right for the holes to hold the moving parts, so no need for pins.

could some one remix this for a 52 deck of playing cards

how do I remove the include parametric_involute_gear_v4.0.scad from viewing on openscad. when I render it the gear shows up on my stl file. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. any help would be great

This is nice! I made one for my son. I modified it a little so you could open and close it with a little tab on the side.

If anyone has trouble printing the rack file Rack_Print_Two_of_these.stl, I have uploaded a fixed version to raphroberts.com/temp/rackfix.stl
We couldn't print this file on a Zortrax printer with Z-suite.
Thanks to the creator of this, my son is excited to have a geared MTG box.

I'm new to 3D printing's legal side, so I'm not sure if this is OK, but do you mind if people print and sell this?

I already have some friends asking me to make it for them at cost for material.

No probs making these for other people and recovering your cost of materials.

If you're making a few of them I'd check out one of the variants that has fewer pieces. My prusa isn't tuned enough to make it like that unfortunately, so I designed it with more flat pieces.

To fix printLayout6 you need to add some overlapping to lid_half and top_side_half. To do that, just add 1 to length and translate it by -1.

As in code here:
module lid_half()
translate([-1,hingeRad2,0]) //HERE TRANSLATED BY -1
cube([1+oy - wall - printingTolerance
2,ox-notchHeight-wall-2hingeRad,wall]); //ADDED 1 AT 1st ARGUMENT
translate ([-1,hingeRad
hinge(hingeRad,hingeHole,1+cardy/6-printingTolerance); //ADDED 1 AT 3rd ARGUMENT

translate ([cardy/6,ox-notchHeight-wall,0]) 


module top_side_half()
translate([-1,hingeRad2,0]) //HERE TRANSLATED BY -1
2-4hingeRad+cardclearance+wall,wall]); //ADDED 1 AT 1st ARGUMENT
translate ([-1,hingeRad
hinge(hingeRad,hingeHole,1+cardy/6-printingTolerance); //ADDED 1 AT 3rd ARGUMENT

translate ([cardy/6,rad*2-2*hingeRad+cardclearance+wall,0]) 


This is a wonderful contraption, and I've made two of them. The second, was made after scaling it down 50%. Mechanical devices are by far the best things of thingiverse. :D

This is awesome... But you have REALLY old cards.

Love the design, but i get the manifold error when I try to export layout 6. I tried increasing cardy to 40. Even at the default value it will not export.

I think one of the variants has a download to fix this. I think it's related to the "printable rack" library. I printed by using skeinforge instead of slic3r, which seemed more forgiving.

Layout 6 shouldn't have anything to do with the rack library at all as far as I can tell. At least none of the coding refers to it. The problem, from what I can tell is that the cylinder's hole cutout go from exactly the end of one side of the cylinder to exactly the other end of the cylinder so that it creates this 2-manifold error. Meaning when you put a hole in an object you want it to extend past both ends of the object. If that makes sense.

nice work!! can it hold a 60 card deck + 15 sideboard?

nice work!! can it hold a 60 card deck + 15 sideboard?

Your mileage may vary, eg it depends on whether you sleeve and how thick your sleeves are. Best to measure your cards - the space is 30mm and it's best if the cards aren't in too tight. Having said that, the SCAD file is there and it's pretty straightforward to modify this value to make it more than 30mm.

While it looks amazing, I cannot recommend making it. It takes hours to print and especially the sides of the box is impossible to assemble. And then you realize, when it's almost done, that you can't use it because it doesn't fit 60 cards in deck protectors! If you want to use this for any kind of play involving protectors you'll need to modify the SCAD files. However do be aware that according to the comments that some of the dimensions are fudged so do so at your own risk.

Also look in the remixes section for the updated files that will work for slic3r.

Just about to start printing this and thought I'd ping you in case you had worked out your next generation design.

Hi bre, this is still the latest version. I've played around with combining pieces but it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped and I haven't been back to it.

I have a problem with printLayout6.

OpenSCAD shows the 3d model, it looks fine.
But he won't export to STL... :'-(

"Object isn't a valid 2-manifold! Modify your design.."

I changed cardy from 30 to 35, but that does not seem to be the problem. It also happens with the original value.

Any ideas?

Sorry, I'm not sure. I had the same problem elexorien mentioned below caused by the gear_rack.scad file. This made me slice with skeinforge rather than slic3r, but never had any problems exporting it to stl.

any idea what the raw material cost is on this?

125g including the pieces of straightened paperclip that I used as pins for the hinges. In my case though since I'm still working out the kinks of my machine I probably misprinted about an equal amount.

Sorry, no. If I had an accurate scale I'd weigh my deck box for you, but I don't unfortunately.

I finally got deck_box_3.stl to slice with slic3r.... nothing wrong with your code, there is a non-manifold issue with OpenSCAD and devijvers gear_rack.scad.

For some reason 2 of the cubes that make up the gear teeth are touching and union'd (should be perfectly manifold from my understanding) but the .stl generated by OpenSCAD (as interpreted by slic3r) is not "valid".

I'm guessing Skeinforge sees the 2 cubes touching and says "good enough", while sl
ic3r throws a fit. Either that or OpenSCAD is not detecting the intersection properly and exporting "bad" geometry, which Skeinforge plows through while slic3r goes all grammer nazi.

Manually editing gear_rack.scad to add a "fudge factor" in the Y dimension of the first cube in the "tooth" module
will fix the problem.

tldr; open gear_rack.scad, go to line 39 and add "+ 0.05" to the "adjacent_of_triangle". 8-)

Thanks elexorien!

How did you guys manage to slice this? I only have a cupcake and thus my effective build volume is only about 4" x 3.5"....

That was a tough build - I had to slice the files up for my Printrbot, since I can't use my full 6"x6" due to not having gotten my bed properly leveled yet, so I could only print a lot of the bits one quarter at a time.

The construction, though - whoa boy, there were a lot of fiddly bits where it just wanted to fall apart on me. Very cool to see it actually working - still need to work on some alignments, and particularly problematic was a problem that had been cleared up but has returned, where my circles aren't
quite circular. When you want one circle to spin around another, it helps if they aren't actually football shaped.

Kind of amazing that it actually worked in spite of that. Great thing, belrius - and thanks to SirGronk and chriscrewdson for the MTG logo version.

Fantastic. So great that people are actually making and deriving it. I thought it'd get put in the too hard basket.

I'm now trying to work out how to take it to another level without making the build too much harder, since there's enough mucking about putting this together as it is.

This is fantastic. Love it.

Yet more proof that anything worth doing is worth overdoing!

Also awesome as a business card stand! 8-)

Thanks! That's an interesting thought. The scad is parametric so hopefully wouldn't be hard to make one that's business card sized. I think the cards would have to stand on their ends, like the magic cards do but I might give it a go. :)