Check card mobile mount for smartphone as business card 8.5-12.5mm

by 3D_Print_Karlsruhe Jan 18, 2017
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You might want to look into this. https://pocket-tripod.com
Not sure if they ripped you off or not.

I just got an advert on FB trying to sell me a commercially made versiojn of this. :-(

Awesome design! Thank you!

Okay i just printed and tested this..
Not bad...for first attempt at this design

It is very close to other design that we like..very impressed you manage to emulate it.

Feedback/Improvement suggestion:

The hinge could be improve..
the other design has a better stronger hinge..

I notice the hinge between the base and side for the left side would pop out when rotating..

  1. So maybe the hinge needs to be improve so it is more like a proper joint + socket/hole
  2. Maybe the pieces need to be more thicker as well like in the other design, their stand is much more thicker so the hinges would lock in better
  3. The center pivot hinge of the base is quite tight, so it is hard to spin it to become a credit card shape without worrying if it might break that pivot.
  4. The angle hinge for the phone also popped out when I rotated the angle. So this needs some improvement.


Can you also provide individual pieces STL file so we can print individual parts
That way if you make any improvements we can just print the individual updated part instead of doing the entire lot again.

Hallo madmax,

First of all, thank you for your comments.
Where are you from? You wrote your comments right in the night ;-)

Your right the time is realy great.I love my 3D printer ;-)

You know from my comments on the first design that I'm a slim fetishist ;-) So the design is only 2mm thick.
I'm printed it in PLA 1.75mm with 0.4mm nozzle in 0,2mm layer. Speed was 150mm/sec. and 210°C nozzle and 65°C Bed temperature. I'm used slic3r 1.2.9 as slicer and it works pretty good for me.
Maybe my printer is good adjusted. The only issue I have is the first layer. There could be some elephant foots on the print. But this time it was very good. There were no postprocessing at all after the print. I'm just collected the parts from the bed, as you wathced in the first part of the video, and assembled them.

Sorry for the bad quality of the video. My camera has bad macro function and I'm wanted to share my results with you as fast as possible.

The design is a challenge for a 3D printer of course because of the tiny parts. But it can works if your printer is well adjusted.

Refer to the first comment:

  1. I'm looking forward to post the parst serepate and also in different sizes for different phones. You can allways wear two sizes with you. The two included are for 8.5 and 9.5mm
    I will also post one without a cut, so everybody could make one as they like.
    I' also will design one asymmetric, with long part at the back of the phone and short at the front.

  2. Let's see if the letter fits.

  3. I'm thinking about it.

  4. That depends again on the adjustment and precision of your printer. The slicing parrameter are also importend.
    I'm searched for a balance between a big angle and good fitting. That is my result.
    With a thicker part it will be easier of course.
    If I have time I will design one 3mm thick just for you ;-)

The two designs have maybe a similar idea but there are differences in design: My is optimized for 3d printing:
There are radius for fittings.
The two side parts aren't parallel. So you have more friction with spinning.
It's a really tripod, because it stand on three points.
You have allways two sizes with you.
The card is only 2mm thick.
There are holes for a tripod.

Refer to your second comment:

  1. I was thinking about a design and how to assemble it. Your right it's still an issue of the design.
  2. As I wrote above. Mayby I will design a thicker one with less challenging printing task.
  3. The right hole size is one of the biggest problems with 3d-printing FDM. If you search for small hole issues, there is a lot material on the net about it.
    This is the main problem with such a design and a 3d-printer. It is very importend to have well calibrated printer.
    There is a gap of 0.2mm in diameter between the pin and the hole.
    If you have problems, you can use sandpaper to make it fits better.

I'm look forward to give some tips for the print in the printing section.
I just wanted to put it on the way jesterday, to let you know about the new design.

I'm let you know, if there is somthing new.

Best regards,


Yeah no worries..
It's good to be able to test and give you feedback for improvement..

My printer setting is similar to yours except I printed slower.
What printer do you own?

My settings
PLA 1.75mm with 0.4mm nozzle in 0,2mm layer.
75mm/s printer speed.

With lettering the parts I guess you don't need to put the let exactly near the joint..
Just put A on edge of one piece and B or A on second edge of the other piece that matches..

I only suggested this because I couldn't see the video properly..
With an updated HD video it should help more..

Anyway it is not an necessity but allows ppl to quickly identify which piece goes with which piece..
and they won't need to watch the video..

I was thinking about how i recently put together my desk and it had letters on it..
it made it much more quicker to put the desk together and didn't need to read any instructions.

Yeah I was not aware of 3D printers small holes issues..
So that could be problem if we want proper joint socket to lock the hinges in place..

Their design probably has a better socket/hole lock because it used injection molding or some other method..

Overall my main problem encountered was
-hinge would come out of the socket as shown in the pic
-hinge was too tight and can't spin ie. center based pivot hinge

-also forgot to mention the angle hinge pop out some times when I rotated the phone

Anyways looking forward to further improvements to this design.

Hallo Tyler Durden,

me again. Now I'm added a picture with arrows and an assembly video for the 2.4 version.
I'm bought near lenses for my cam. It's not perfect, but I hope it's little better now.

Of course we have to adapt the design to our production process. It has some issues but also great benefits. Be don't need a very expensive tool for every change on the design. And we can easely 3d-print a lot of designs just in minuts or hours on our printer at home. No other manufacturing process is that fast. Even if you need something from an online-shop, you need at least 1 day.
My near lenses came in one day, but the adapter for my cam doesn't. So I'm designed an adapter and 3d printed it. It wasn't perfect, but it was o.k. for a few days.

-The hinge outcomming should be solved with the new version.
-If you have problems with tight or too lose hinge you can test an adaption of the extruder multiplier or filament diameter.
This option should be on every slicing software, because you need it to adapt to your filament.

I'm added all parts separate now. so you can choose an other printing settings on every part.
Maybe you wont to print the disk slightly bigger or smaller to have a better fit with your printer.

Have fun with the new design and if you have new ideas, just let me know.


I'm added the two middle parts without logo. This are the file with "_ol" in the name.
Additional I'm added a little more explanation.

Have fun!


I'm just let you know that I'm uploaded a improved version 2.4
It's still 2mm
The next will be 3mm for you. I will design it next days.

Have fun!


Can you also look at improving the hinges problems I mentioned?


Hallo Tyler Durden,

I'm just saw your comment as I had finished my.
Test to 3d print the disk slightly bigger or smaller (both) to test if it works better.

I will design one version with 3mm thickness. But it's not so trivial, because I have to change mostly everything. It depends one to another. So I need at least a few days for it, because I do it in my free time.

Best regards,


Yeah I also saw your comment above after I posted mine as well.
That's the downside of non real time commenting..

I think the disk has a problem with popping side ways or upwards
when we angle the phone backwards too much,,
It reaches a point where the circle disk seems to loose traction with the slot and will pop out.

You can test this by rotating all the way backwards..
With the weight of the phone and it being rotated all the way backwards, it will cause the disk to lift and pop out.

Maybe there also needs to be a bump on the disk so it can't rotate back too much..

Good idea about printing the disk a bit bigger..
It will be a bit more tighter..
Probably try to test it at 103-105%


Also an idea for you..
If you like logo/branding on your work..

Consider doing a small simple logo like
-a simple logo picture / shape
-your Initials designed as logo etc..


Using an entire email as a logo/branding
-is too long
-does not look as nice on the prints
-also some printers don't print lettering very good so it makes the print look less nice.
-small simple logos that are unobtrusive..and looks artistic looks much better than an email address

Hallo Tyler Durden,

I'm added a 3mm version for you. But you need support to print it, because it has a real socket.
It was difficult to print, but it works.

The files -5 belongs to this 2.5 version.

You're right with the logo, I was thinking about a simple logo too.
I've some ideas and will design one when I've time.

Thank you for your ideas. Have fun with the design.

Thanks for updating me on this project..
Yeah the problem with previous design is it felt very unstable because it is two separate pieces and base piece is not as good/solid..
So it was a bit of a challenge to make one piece stable while putting phone on second piece..

There are some makers who don't really listen feedback or think they are always right (I have encountered some)..
It's good that you've taken note of the flaws of the previous design to make this newer better version..

Looking at this design video demo, it looked very close to the other video project which we liked..
So far it looks pretty impressive..
Can't believe you came up with a design pretty quick..

What a great time we are in where you can turn an idea into a real physical object..thanks to 3D printing..

Going to test this now..

Is this card as thick as the old in the video design we like?
I think it needs to be thick enough to feel solid...

Idea / Suggestion :

  1. Can you create a printable separate piece that has many hinges with different widths for phones that are thicker or has a case?
    Then we just measure our phone + case and choose the right size hinge and just do a simple swap out?

  2. I think you can add letters on the pieces and at the location where it attaches so it would be easier to attach?
    So A goes with A, B goes here with B.. etc

  3. Can you create a version with no writing, branding at all?
    I like a plain simplify look with no writing on it..

  4. The angle hinge can also be improved.
    I notice it pop out when I was rotating my phone..

Note: Hope you don't run into any infringement issues with the original creators :=)
because this design is so cool and in the same spirit as the other design that we liked.

Note: I also like that it can be mounted to a tripod..

Note: It was a bit hard to follow your video because it is very blurry..
If you can, please make a better clearer video maybe HD quality