*UPDATED V3* Ultimate TPU GoPro Session FPV Case and Mount

by amolteni Jan 18, 2017
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Your model is inspiring me. I just created a model with the same type of facade, but closed back and entry from the sides. I also did a specific foot for the SuperG.
my question is what is the thickness of the thin part of the facade? I supposed 1mm, 1.2mm but not sure

What orientation do i print the session mount?

Anyone considered some kind of TBS Crossfire Immortal antenna mount integrated in the base?

Really great mount! Base is sturdy enough to avoid yello and the detachable camera protection is really convenient. No more fiddling with moving around the cameras, just take of the strap and put in another quad.

Could you release a version with support for ND filters? I personally need something like this @ https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2546987. The case and the mount have to be a tad longer, maybe 3 millimeters. Or could you share source files so I can do it myself and publish it?

Gopro Session case for TBS Jello Guard ND-Filter
by oyvinla

Why don’t you use that design? It’s the same of mine (a good clone at least)

Two reasons: It doesn't have the hole at the bottom to fit the mount and the mount has to be modified as well.

I see now. The problem is that is don’t have a nd filter to test how it fits in che case. I usually test released thing by myself first. I’m sorry, but for now I can’t do it!

I could send you one, or send you exact measurements or you could share the source files with me. I really don't want to redraw everything :/

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whats the best orientation to print this? Face down? As Shown? Assume no supports needed?

I will let you know how this works for me. I have been looking for this exact setup. Thanks in advance man, it looks to be perfect !!!

Hi, this mount is really nice! Thanks for the effort. However, I find there is one major flaw.
When mounted with a velcro strap, the record button is hidden (and the power button also due to the lip).
So how can I start recording!? Hope for your input.

I just add a little piece of foam tape to my session button so I can push it thru the strap.

Printed this in Esun TPU and it came out beautifully, however i feel that the base is a bit too soft (30% infill) introducing a lot of jello.
Do you advise on using regular PLA for the base only for instance?
I've been using a carbon fiber mount with 0 jello.


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I'm using it with Session Hero 5. This case is used by many people with Session 4 or 5 and no one has this kind of issue...Please check your printer settings.

Thanks for the reply, I had to delete my comment as I mistakenly printed this with PLA.
I'm sure that with TPU everything would fit perfectly.

No problem :P

Hi :D this print are really good, I have a problem with my "Superview" mode, I see the print on my video :s

In your session case, do you see your print in superview mode ?

Of course no, it was specifically designed to be used in superview mode.

what is the infill and layer height print settings on this design? Thanks in advance

I always use 0.2mm layer height and 30% infill

This is fucking awesome. Thank you for providing this. It has gone on two of my quads. May I request a 50, and even a 55 degree version? I would use these for racing quads that demand more pitch angle. Thanks for considering!

Man,this will be INSANE :P :P If you fly with SuperView 5 degrees more are not so much and you can safely use the 45° version. For the 55°... Yes, again, this will be insane!!! Anyway I'll try to make an extreme base at 55° but I'm not sure how the result will be. Thanks :P

I was flying the mount for some time now and it's still the best mount in here. However I suspect that in some random and rare light situations the 4 front bumpers may reflect some sunshine into the GoPro lens throwing a red(ish) hue on the footage (especially if your filament is black and shiny). If the GoPro front red LED is enabled the effect may even be stronger.

  • Someone experiencing something similar?
  • @amolteni: Could you post a version of the case without the 4 protective front bumpers so I can test my assumption? ;)

Thanks @aerosurfer, I didn't considered the front led, because it's on the side and any case on Thingiverse cover that part of the camera. If you want to try yourself you can cut away the front bumpers with a blade. If your filamament is black, I really doubt that the led can introduce some reflection in the lens, it's nearly impossibile, because it's covered by the TPU. Probably the camera is not pushed tight to the front bumpers? Can you post some examples of the problem on YT?

I uploaded a comparison between normal image and the red noise @ http://imgur.com/7ujvTyI. I'll test with and and without the mount as soon as it stops raining. With the LED turned off I get less red(isch) noise.

The redish image was taken with the cover and with the led ON? You should manually set the color temperature probably, the images look different also in exposure. Try to take some footages with the protune on, with fixed color temperature at 3000k or 5500k during the same conditions and test if the led introduce the redish colors. If you don't do this the footages may looks different at every shot, because the gopro automatically set the color temperature. Again, I really doubt it's something introduced by the red led. Can you post also an image of the cover mounted on the GoPro? Thanks.

The redish image from above was taken with the cover and LED ON. I already went through some crazy debugging path of the problem (including exchanging the GoPro ;)). I always use Protune and color grade my videos. I used many different white balance settings but prefer "native" to have the maximum control over the footage. I limit ISO to avoid noise in the footage but tried auto settings as well. Turning off the front LED resulted in much better footage but as stated in my first post in rare situations there is some light hue on dark surfaces. Aaaand here's the cover on my GoPro @ http://imgur.com/a/LHYy5.

Seems well printed, but the material is opaque, so you can't see the led in any way, just turn it off :PP

Could you please, please, pleeeease... as soon as you have some spare time, release a case version...

  • without the front bumpers
  • and with as little material at the front as possible (like the original GoPro case)

...that would be awesome ;)

I tested with my old mount and it really seems that in some cases my flex material messes up the footage.

Good stuff - thanks. How many bottom/top/wall layers on the main support print? I printed initially with 5, and the result is pretty stiff; I'm concerned it will translate vibration through to the camera. What's your recommendation?

I use 2 walls, 3 top/bottom layers with Hobbyking flexible filament. Keep in mind that a stiffer base is less prone to introduce jello in the camera. If the base wobbles too much you can see the jello in the video, that's why I've reinforced all the bases.

would you make a 30 degrees version?

Uploaded the new v3 bases and the 30° base! :P

Amazing! Thanks! I've been flying v2 @ 25° with very good jello results for my taste...

this vid was recorded using your design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0NeZD4oqy8

Good Skills and crazy rates! I'm sorry for your Unify :P
Hope u like the new base. Please let me know the results... one more thing, now for the bases you probably need to use some supports as inside there are few overhangs... nothing dramatic, but just try the default slicer options for overhangs at 45°

haha Thanks! Just learning...

Yesterday I printed the 30° base in its natural position and no supports were required, however, it's a little bit weird since the printer must connect both sides of the piece to close it

What do you consider "it's natural position"? With the base on the hotbed, as mounted on the drone? It's crazy man :P I usually print it with the flat side on the table. I've found that the new v3 bases STLs are all bad oriented here on thingiverse, I forgot to align them after the Fusion export (unfortunately I've started those models with the wrong orientation and I need to realign the exported STLs manually)... anyway, the print orientation should be as the 45° stl... with the curved side on the hotbed...

yep, in the same way it's mounted in the mini.
The v2 I've printed with the side in the table too, but after you told me about the support I've decided to make a try and it worked :).
Not the best finishing but it's ok to use. I'll send a photo ;)

i really like your "modular" approach on this. kudos
just one thing would be really nice: a cutout on the front/bottom of the mounting chair for the fpv cam, like many other mounts.

i'd say this would make this mount probably the best solution for the session :)

Hi Shy, thanks for your kind words on my design. I didn't catch exactly what you mean with a cutout in the front. Can you explain it better? A cutout for what? Thanks.

i meant sthg like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1819505
on certain frames you otherwise have the cam mount in the view of the fpv cam

GoPro Session Mount 35º

Yeah, now I got it. Thanks for the clarification, I'll take care of it in the next release probably...

What's the best way to securely mount this to the quad? Are you using zip ties? I'm having trouble getting zip ties to make it secure during very hard maneuvers. Great design, though. Thanks!

Yes, zip ties, but the good quality ones, made in nylon. The cheap Chinese zip ties will break at every crash. You can buy them in your local hardware store, for sure.

Hi, could you make the V2 versions of the bases without the center pin? Thanks!

Yes, as soon as I can I'll upload them. Also I want to increase the thickness of that piece, where the GoPro sits...

Thanks man I'm looking forward to it. Best and most versatile design so far. If you have a version of the case without the strap slots, you have a general purpose GoPro case too. Love your work buddy!

I've added the flat bases without the center pin, and added also a bit of thickness on the 35° and 45° model... Enjoy.

The best gopro session mount on Thingiverse. The only think I would try to reduce is weight but I saw you already reinforced the base to avoid jello. Great work and thanks for sharing!

Thanks mate. Yeah, I agree, but to be modular and protective I can't do better, (at least at this time). I think it's 5 or 6 grams heavier than the creative dex or similar designs, it's not so much. I was thinking to reinforce the base a bit more, I've found that the flat base were you strap the GoPro, that is 2.5mm tick, wobble a bit if you push the GoPro from the top. I'll test it more and I'll decide if it's needed or not ;)

Which side should be facing the bed? You can't print it the way it's shown without supports.

For the base is simple, just put the profile on the bed, no supports needed. For the GoPro case, I prefer put the closed side on the bed, you can't avoid the supports, the tpu filament is so soft and bridging it is very hard.

My bests results were putting the frontal face upward

Where did you render your images? they look stunning!

It's a standard rendering made in Autodesk Fusion 360 ;)

Looks great.
Any chance of a 25 degree mount? Thanks.

I agree, please release more angles ;)

I'm designing something else in this period but I'll release other angles as soon as possible. Thanks a lot ;)

One question, for absorbing a crash, what is better, print PLA or Filaflex?

i'm using TPU filamnet at the moment... filaflex is a bit too soft for this mount... it's like ninjaflex (standard, not the ninjatech semiflex)

So do I understand correctly that NinjaFlex with Shore 85 A is too soft? I just googled TPU and it seems to be impossible to get it in black here in Switzerland ;)

Bummers, I just got it printed in NinjaFlex :(

Buy it on Hobbyking ;) "Hobbyking flexible filament"

My idea was to make the base with PLA (which is tough as TPU), but not sure what to do with the gopro protection, because some people say that Filaflex is better for crashing, but in my opinion i see it too soft, so the gopro will receive major part of the impact.
Any experience on that? How it absorbes the impact the TPU?

Just think about the fact that is the same material used for the phones bumpers... so it's great, it's tough but enough flexibile to not break like a rigid pla piece. It's scratch resistant... in other words, it's the best material I ever used.

Congratulations! Impressive!

Can you design a base that i can mount to 30.5 x 30.5 fc mount with a 45 degree angle? please

Hi mate, thanks for made it! Did you find any problems? I've tested this last version with succes in superview and I just want your opinion. Thanks.

Do you want a flexible mount with 30.5x30.5 holes to fit something like tower drones?
It's not flexible but you can use this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1861941

Gopro Session Wrap Base for 30.5mm mounting holes

Fantastic thank you, i didnt see that file thats what i was looking for :)
I dont know if there are any problems yet i just printed it today and wont be able to test it till next week when i go racing i will update.