Anet A8 Hotbed Glass Corner Holder

by thfo Jan 18, 2017
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Works quite well with my Anet A8.
The spring tension seems to be a bit high because of the thickness of the base.

Hello. Could it be that there is a problem with the heavy duty corner? I just tried to print it, but I keep ending up with a clog of plastic on my extruder.

It's not the printer, cause I just printed the normal corners without any problem.

Cura 2.6.2 have some problem slicing the part. For example the .slt with all the 4 corner, each one has a mode to build the wall in a different way.

How do you adjust the height of the bed with this?

You can't. Just use the usual way of adjusting the springs / screws holding the bed.

But don't you have to pull up the glass to be able to do that since it goes over the screws?

Oh now I get it! Thats true for the default config. You could use something like this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:261309
It adds a nut to the bottom and allows for leveling that way.

Bed Leveling Thumb Screw

I plan on getting m3 nylocks, but in my mind I would think that would only allow you to lower the bed, not raise it. Do you drill out the H frame so it is 100% dependent on the nut? I believe there is a thread in the H frame so if you unscrew it wouldn't go up as far as I know but I am very new and just had mine for a few days.

yes drill them out cever so slightly, just to remove the threads, and not much of the frame.
it makes leveling much MUCH easier.

you can print a thumb screw, buy a m3 knurled thumbscrew, or use one of the included m3 wing nuts.

My H frame needed to be drilled out for those thumb screws to work, right. Don't know about the distances sorry.

Just printed it and I'm having some trouble getting them on. Are the screws supposed to slide through the holders or are they supposed to thread through and screw into them?

They are supposed to slide through. Use a drill to widen the wholes and make them the perfect size.
If you can't fit the glass bed in at the end, try heating the bed to 70 degrees. This should loosen the PLA enough so that you can push it in.

Would it be possible to get the original file for this design? I want to remix it just a little bit. Thank you.

Sure, I used TinkerCAD: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/l21IEhTSPIo-anet-a8-hotbed-glas-corner
This is however the newer heavy duty variant, I don't have the slim one anymore.

Perfect, I just got my glass.
I believe my aluminum bed is warped, hoping these will still help without having to use clips.