Squigglepeeps: Viking Explorers Playset

by dutchmogul Dec 15, 2013
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I love it! Can you make a squigglepeeps diver collection?

Ooh, that's a great idea. I haven't played around with these designs for a while, but yeah, that sounds like fun.

Hey nice Design, does IT swim?

Comments deleted.

What did you use for slicing? The way Cura slices the ridges on the side leads to them just collapsing on each other... or did you add some support?

No support on these. I've prepped them through Replicator G and Makerware, but I've never used Cura. Its strange how different programs will react to the same model sometimes.

Somehow, after it finished the defects in the first layer of each ridge aren't as noticeable. After scraping the bits and pieces out, it doesn't look so bad. Looking more closely at your picture, it looks like yours didn't print totally perfectly either.

At any rate, everyone in the family went oooh and ahh when they saw it. Great model. I little bit of a slope to the bottom side of the ridges on the boat and it would be perfect.

BTW, I love that you post your models without cleaning up every little defect in the print.

Hey, thank you. And nice make, by the way!

Yeah, those little defects could be fixe

I don't have kids myself but am the 'cool aunt' to plenty. My experience of toddlers is that everything goes into their mouths. Even though PLA is in theory 'safe', I wouldn't want to bet on the dyes used to colour it. Personally, I would still want to use a food safe epoxy to be extra sure.

The models are adorable (for pillaging Nordic warriors anyway:-))

Thanks! Haha, yeah, I'm the "cool uncle," so I get it. I printed mine in ABS (which is supposed to be food-safe except for the fact that the holes can let bacteria in). Shouldn't need any epoxy, as it prints in one piece, but that's always a concern. I'm working on some other designs, but I happened to be on a viking kick at the time, and I had such fond memories of my viking Playmobil sets. Of course, even those guys had spears and battleaxes, so I'm pretty sure these ones have lost their Viking Card privileges.

I just saw your Viking house while searching around. I think these guys need something like that. :)

Haha, totally on top of that ;-)

I love Viking stuff and this looks pretty neat man, great work :)

Thanks, Andreas!

I have kids, and they are older, but they love anything Dutchtabulous;)

Man, that's really awesome to hear. Thank you.

Is having kids worth it so I can make this model? Not sure. Lots of folks are going to enjoy this design, thanks for sharing!

Haha, well, personally I don't have kids, but I'll be making one for myself.

Nice work. I have a 15 month old that would love these. Now I guess I need to order some brown filament. :)

Oh, that's awesome! I don't think the brown filament is necessary. Kids like colorful things, after all.

Yeah but Dad's OCD has seen the brown boat and now must have a brown boat. :)

Haha, I fully understand and support this behavior. Besides, brown filament is a good thing to have.

how big did you print that? 20cm? 10cm 5cm?

Hey, thanks! Actually, each of the vikings are about 4cm tall and the longboat is about 19cm long.

Great little toyset you made here! Must be promoted!!!!

Hey, thank you!