HellRaiser Puzzle Box

by DTuininga Jan 18, 2017
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Do I have to mirror one of them? If not, are some of the sides the same then?

No mirroring needed, just print 2 of the same. Each face is identical to the one on the opposite side.

We shared our Brass PLA version of this on Instagram. It seems to have gotten a lot of traction! Hopefully it drove some people to your page. Thanks for the great model. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoID9gUgDfD/?taken-by=gcreate3d

that looks fantastic! thanks for the mention!

Love this and was able to print it 1/5 times due to first layer issues and severe warping, you print this with a raft? What did you slice this with?
I used Cura and the amount of retractions in the first layer made it very difficult to stick to the bed + the bits and pieces on the first layer are having a hard time with adhesion and are prone to warp.

I used MatterSlice, part of the free Mattercontrol program. I haven't needed a raft, but I do use a lot of hairspray and have the bed of my robo r1+ cranked to about 60 deg C

I made one and added animatronics to it so it opens and moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbBVUs1hjnQ

Where is the how-to? Awesome job!

That looks awesome!

@mickeyknoxnl that looks insane !! how did u do it :O

Has anyone made a stand for this or found one that fits and looks nice?

Nothing specifically for the Hellraiser box that I've seen, but there are some Rubik's stands that are pretty basic that could be used: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:327955

Tiny Rubik's Cube Stand
by slai98

So you just print two of the same file and they go together?

Yup! Mine went together pretty easy after a little bit of sanding.

Can I print this without support, or does it need support?

Depends on your printer, I suppose, but the markings on the top/bottom should be close enough to not need any additional supports

Thanks! I'll try it without support.

Awesome detail. How did you finish (paint) yours?

Sinful colors nail polish. Specifically, #921 "all about you"

Genius!!! (almost fell off my chair laughing when i read that) Seriously, awesome model, thanks for making it available.


Please make a version 2 with more space inside. Otherwise very cool keep up the good work