MP Mini Z-Axis Bearing Clamp

by kapakahi Jan 20, 2017
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Will this fit MPMS V2?

I had to cut 2.4 mm of of the part that mounts to the block to work without binding - the original was way to close. I think the v2 has a different length of x axis. Nice creation - much appreciated

what bearing are you suppose to get for this?

Not so much a question on the item but I noticed the cork in the picture underneath the print bed in the picture. Might I ask what the purpose/benefit for it is?

It's probably to stop the bed from bending under pressure.

Insulation for the heat bed.

The files for with and without the guard appear to be exactly the same. Likewise, the printed bearing clamp for without the guard does not align with the holes or where the rail should run.

I believe the set of files for mounting without the guard are incorrect.

I just verified the files and they seem to be correct. The B bracket may seem identical but it's actually 0.6mm thicker to offset the missing guard/shroud.

As for the rails not lining up, I have no idea why it wouldn't. Sorry about that. Could it be that that gantry support by svideo has been updated? Or Monoprice may have slightly different versions of this printer.

I am confused as to where this mounts, then. The hole distance under the bearing location points towards being mounted on the right, where the guard originally mounted. In your pictures, however, it looks like it is mounted where the linear rods peak through.

Which holes? And did you use the same screws as the axis guard?

There should be two holes to the left the of x-axis rod holes. And yes, I used the same screws.

Very good design, just missing the information that a bottom bracket mounted to the machine is needed for this to work.

do you have a version for 8mm bearings?

Sorry, no 8mm version right now. Redesigning this to fit 8mm bearings would require the bottom gantry support to be redesigned as well.

Is there one or two lm6uu bearings in there?

I made one of these for my Mini, and it works nicely. Thanks!