by themauxfaux Mar 23, 2010
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Please tell me im not the only one who thinks this is fucking retarded xD

I'm enthralled!!! You give me grand ideas :)

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assassin criminel j'espere que vous finirez en prison

I hate it! Poor worms!

LOL - lovely - don't know what impresses me most, the design, or that you were able to find a female friend to model it for the pictures.

Which by the way, brings up its own issue, this must be the best pictures I have ever seen of anything on thingieverse, I thought lowlight iphonegraphy were a requirement.

Thanks Bo! It's amazing what adequate lighting can do! Angela didn't have too big a problem wearing the bangle. Filling it up with mealworms, however, was certainly a new experience for Jorge and myself.

Most outside-the-box thing I've seen on the eponymous 'verse in awhile. Kudos! Just blorged it at Make: Online.

Now here's some annoying unsolicited suggestions: Make it out of water-clear acrylic so it's easier to see the critters. Do something about the hard uncomfortable corners. Use screw posts to close it up so there aren't free threads and nuts, er, "hanging out in the breeze." Put some really beautiful insects in there like jewel beetles or something. Plusiotis gloriosa is native to the US. Golden Phoenix Exotic sells live ones online.


Thanks for the post Sean Michael!
Jorge and I chose colored acrylic so it would look more like jewelry and less like a petri dish. Screw posts are a good idea! I'll check out the insects you're recommending. We literally made this thing overnight (bugs included).

The whole putrefaction theme has to do with one's own death, not that of the insects.

Thanks guys! Ladybugs might be the next, cuter design.

I'm both fascinated and disgusted... AWESOME!

Definitely unique! Very cool concept.