by DREIDK Jan 20, 2017
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Thanks for your design first of all. I touched the cap slightly in blender. And z axis dimension of the cap increased 0.5mm (1mm as total). So there is enough space between bearing and caps to spin without friction.

Made it !! Nice, thank you

Awesome design and perfect fit - works great. I'd like to engrave a name on it - would you be willing to share the fusion360 .f3d file so I can remix?

Uploaded. Have fun

I have printed this 3 times now, every time I print it one of the three sides keep getting messed. Always the same corner, it seems like it doesnt get enough plastic so it is a milimeter shorter than the rest.

i printed it 2 times the same problem plz update the file WKC

Printed this yesterday and had the same issue. I thought it was just an issue with my printer and had planned to try again.

I think the error is now fixed. No idea how this could happen. Only noticed the mistake by you three

I have the same error too. With 2 sides.
Plus the inner holes are 20.2mm where the bearings are 22mm.
I need to file or sand all 4 holes

Why does one of the caps not have the little lip that is aginst the flat part?

It's for the middle bearing, so you don't press against it and stop the spin

Dude, read my whole question. Why does one of the caps NOT have the little lip.

It is your decision which cap you use. Cap V2 is simply a new version. I'm still not sure which cap is better

Can you share the Fusion360 file with me as I too use Fusion. I would like to make some modifications as I use a bigger bearing in the center as well as some minor cap adjustments that will help improve its spinning capability.

Do you have the original file, or ipt file so I can edit it? Thanks!

I created it with Fusion360. Unfortunately, I can not export this file format there. Available file formats are .f3d .igs . sat .smt and .step

I'm new to spinners, how do you get the bearings to stay in? super glue or do people leave them and they fall out now and then?

If you bearings don't stay in, then you need to reprint it either scaled down a bit or with higher extrusion rate.

The bearings must be pressed in only. They hold by themselves.

I've made a few of these for my kids. How do you get the bearings into the holes (securely)? I've used a heat gun and warmed up the PLA and then inserted the bearings and let it cool. Seems like the best way but I wanted to see how others were doing it.

I could press it in relatively easy. Maybe with each pla different.

Trying to make this but little confused - What are the dimensions of the cap with the pin? How high above the surface of the cage does it go? Does it go inside the cage in all the holes? Sorry - newbie question. Just looking for some help.

Started printing one and noticed the "complete" version has a cap elevated from the bed... restarting now, will share the make in a couple hours.

Thanks for the note. Is corrected