Fitbit Flex Band UPDATED

by laird Dec 16, 2013
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Would you be able to make this for the fitbit blaze? I cant find anything on the internet that has the holder and the band

This is awesome! Thank you. One question, how much material (grams) should i expect to use for the band? I'm not printing the box right now, as the band is just for me.

It didn't use much material at all. I couldn't tell you in grams, but your slicer should tell you.

Dude! Us this real? And if so would you be willing to make another and sell it??? Email me at steven.r.b97@gmail.com if your interested.

Hmm, Slic3r won't slice this properly and Netfabb can't fix it.

I sliced using Skeinforge and the Makerbot Slicer it worked in both. I just tried in Slic3r and it failed horribly, saying it wasn't manifold. I'm not sure why. I opened it into meshlab and it didn't complain.

I ran it through Netfabb (desktop app) and it claimed to have fixed something, and I'll attach that file here. Perhaps that'll print for you?

Since it's generated by OpenSCAD, it should be guaranteed to be manifold. Very odd.

I"ll point out, though - you really should generate a band that's fitted to your wrist, and print that.

I did generate my own and when sliced one link in the middle was missing. That's why I decided to try yours.

Makes sense. Did the cleaned up STL work for you?

Can you try another slicer? Looking around, it seems like Slic3r is a bit pickier than other slicers. The part that really mystifies me is that OpenSCAD shouldn't be able to generate geometry that's not manifold. My guess is that Slic3r is seeing two points that are very close (there are a lot of those in this design) and deciding that they're the same point and then getting confused.

I just got a fitbit but I don't really like the band, especially the clasp. I'm looking fwd to customizing. thanks for sharing