Wanhao i3 Duplicator Upgrade Spool V3 Threaded End

by BiohazardBoxmods Jan 21, 2017
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I printed this out and have been using it for months, really good bit of kit to upgrade the spool holder and make use of the original at the same time. I am having the issue is friction between the holder and spool, i am thinking about adding some bearing slots into the design so the spool does not snag. Once done and tested ill put it up as a remix of this one.

Perfect! Not sure why the manufacturers couldn't get it right to begin with but this thing certainly does the job of handling larger spools such as the SUNLU PLA+ ones which were a real pain with the stock holder. Many thanks!

The main spool holder part printed really well with just a small brim of 5 lines, i used only a skirt for the nut to give a cleaner finish.

Printed at 20% infill
Seems sturdy enough, much easier to take off the screw on section of the holder from the Wanhao i3 then build it all up off the printer and just attach the entire thing in one go.

Excellent bit of kit allows me to make use of my 1kg spools without some awkward setup, ill upload a make when i get time.

I also agree with wdcossey those nuts are sharp be careful. Mine was all printed at 100% scale and fits perfectly.

Having a strange issue with this spool holder. I think that it's due to the large contact patch causing friction between the spool and the holder, making the spool stick until it lurches forward. It was causing blemishes in the outer shell of my prints. I went back to the original stock spool holder and the issue was resolved. I think a welcome addition would be a smaller contact patch at the top (maybe a small ridge or a sharp angle at the top?) to reduce friction between the spool holder and the inside of the spool itself.

muy buen diseño las piezas encajaron a la primera sin necesidad de retoques todo quedo con el ajuste perfecto. gracias

The texture on the nut is a little extreme, it's very sharp :D.

Other than that, printed the spool attachment and the nut at 100%, needed a few minutes of work to get it to wear/smooth and is a really great fit.

Outstanding design! Once installed, just loosen the original nut and rotate the assembly to mate with the width of the filament spool. The 103% up size worked nicely for the nut. I did use a Dremel with a wire brush to de-burr the threads.

Works pretty well, although I could not get the nut on at all. Sits tightly without it anyway, so fine I guess :)

Yes have had reports about the nut but if you wanted to print one, print it at 103% scale. Should be okay with that :)

Thanks for this! This fixed my issue with hatchbox filaments being just large enough to get caught. Love that the design utilizes the stock mount and is very strong. I scaled up the nut to 103% and it worked wonderfully.

Welcome and yes good point about the nut. I didn't have any issues with it but I did have my printer pretty much nailed in. Any amount of sag during the print will make the nut tight, temps etc more so having an effect on the fitment. The 103% increase sounds like a good fix. Thanks, I'll add that info to the post :)

What is the size and pitch of the threaded ends ? I need to clean mine up a bit as they don't fit well.

Thank you,

Hi Will,

I have lost the main file for this now so can't recall but as above, if you increase the size of the nut to 103%, it should solve your problem. Just don't print it too hot or else the threads will sag slightly.

Printed at 103% and the nut went on nice and firm ... perfect. I will try the 103% on other items I have that have extremely tight screw fittings :- )

Thank you,

Awesome stuff wll, it was CountDeM0net that figured this out but glad it worked for you :)