Iambic Paddles (Base Mountable Version)

by ReallyBigTeeth Jan 22, 2017
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A very minor note on the construction--at least in the US, actually finding 3.5mm x 10mm springs in pens seems to be problematic (apparently the standard size now is 3mm x 25mm springs, as I discovered!)--fortunately there are sources for the shorter springs, including Amazon and local hobby shops. That, or you can print the 3d printed spring :D

Thank you providing the print.
I made two of them as a gift for my friends one of the first projects for 3D printing was very impressed with easy of printing it.
I did add metal washers top and bottom of the paddle bolts as well as reaming the bolt holes to make movement easier as well as adding a little no-ox grease. I also noticed the jacks I had did not fit in the mounting are so I hardwired the key.
I also used rare earth magnets rather then springs I used a fostner bit to make the mounting location so it was recessed partway in the paddle. These were much easier for me to use then the springs trying to use the springs I learned some new curse words.
Overall loved the project thank you very much for putting it together.
Tom Martin K0amd

You're very welcome. It's always good to hear when someone is having some fun these paddles.

This is a very nice project. I made one of these and it works great on my IC-7300. I would like to point out a modification that I made which I think makes life easier in this design. Rather than use a spring between the paddles, I used .375 inch Neodymium magnets that I purchased at Home Depot for 3 dollars (12 pack). I mounted 1 magnet on the inside of each paddle. I located each magnet where you put your fingers ( on the inside facing each other) I used super glue. The only thing to observe is to make sure you align them where the magnetism opposes each other. This will force the paddle outward like a spring would. The reason I didn't like the spring is, they are hard to insert, they don't stay in place. The only spring I tried was one from a pen. I didn't like it. The magnets work great! Enjoy

I considered using magnets myself, but wanted to stick to items that people are likely to have laying around the house. Most people will be able to find an empty retractable pen or two. I had a few. The spring can be cut to length, and if needed, the design can be modified to fit the diameter of the spring.

I'll add your suggestion to the description page. I bet there are a few people out there that have done the same thing.

If I had thought of it, I would have done something along the lines of this design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2576492 . Maybe I should add a 3D printable wishbone spring to the design. My list of projects to work on just keeps getting longer. :)

Iambic Key Paddle
by Hadgee