M416 Trailer in 1:10 Scale

by ossum Jan 23, 2017
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I think that there is small error in suspension bracket. When I try fit spring I hitt inner ribs and Holes in bracket and spring for M3 screw does not align. I woud say, that ribs should be 1,2-2mm shorter.

Sorry about that, I fixed it with a file and forgot about it. Someone uploaded corrected parts, I think it may have been here (cant check now, I'm on my phone) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2797180

I will try and remember to fix the parts myself this a weekend.

Axle for M416 trailer using 1150 bearings

Not a big deal. Bit of filling solve it. Now I am thinkin how to modify axle to use MR74z 4x7x2mm ball bearings and separate axles. And I think I got solution. Just to put it in a CAD. :)

If someone needs a trailer hitch for a stock Tamiya Highlift Tundra, here we go: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2802663

Trailer Hitch for Tamiya 1/10 Toyota Tundra

Thank you ossum for superb trailer design and download. Everything looks and fits perfect. Best wishes

awesome model! everything fits perfect. thakns for share it. a greeting

Thank you! I am glad that you liked it. I see on your youtube channel that you have done a lot of mods to a HSP kulak. Have you seen my Jeep build, you might be interested.

RC MB Jeep in 1:10
by ossum

Hi ossum :) , yes man, i have see loot of times your Jeep , i really like it , looks soo nice and versatile. Thinking this winter in make something in this line . Send you a greeting

@ Ossum, what is the trailer center tubs full size? I have the Tevo Tarantula 200x200x200 I'm hoping that it will fit.

I think the tub will be a touch too long, it's over 200mm if I remember correctly. Some folk had successfully split it in the middle though. You could probably find them.in the Ossum Facebook group it's pretty active.

I've new meaning to make a split version, just haven't gotten to it yet, sorry.

Hey Thanks for sharing this awesome file. Great work ! Im starting to print this.

My pleasure! If you are a Facebook user you should check out the new group where people have been sharing their prints of my designs.

i cant fit the center tub on my printer can you split it in half

Take a look here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2278343

EDIT: Sorry, I thought this was a comment on my Jeep. There is no version of the trailer for smaller printers yet. Splitting it wouldn't be a big job for anyone who was interested. The chassis would need to be split too.

I unfortunately don't have time myself right now, maybe one day in the future. If you make one please share with the community.

Ossum Jeep Tub for small Printers
by Intashu


I think there is a smal part for the axel missing.
So i cant screw it on the leaf.
I have no idear how to place it with the nuts?
And the holder for the leaf are too instable around the holes, it breaks very easy.
Can you fix the problem?

trailer looks great! Guess its time to buy a larger printer so i can give this print a try.

Are there supposed to be 2 different suspension brackets? The leaf spring seems to have one hole that works for the shackle and one that is set up for screws, but the only bracket available is designed for use with the shackles.

I just added another bracket, "suspension_bracket_rear" which should solve the problem, it takes an M3 screw.

Thanks! Replacing them now.

Hi, every time I go to print the axle, it prints the 4 mounting blocks as completely separate parts. Can you take a look at that? I think it's the result of having a piece cut out of the cylinder at those points.

Hi Guys, thanks for the feedback, I am not sure why you were having those issues, mine printed fine, but I have replaced the axle file with one which should be a little easier to print. Please let me know if it helps.


  • Flat surface
  • Widened the nut flanges
  • Combined the separate parts into one piece

Awesome, thanks. Haven't had a chance to print it yet, but Simplify3D appears to be slicing it properly.

I'm having the same issue. Not sure why.

Whats the luck you could make a set of round fenders to match the 40's & 50's style M100 trailers.


I could certainly do that.

To fit 1.55 or 1.9?

The current fenders were scaled up a bit to make 1.9 Tyres fit (in depth and length).

The only issue is that the mounting holes will be different for each set, so they either each need a trailer tub with matching holes, or I do one tub without holes and people can drill them by hand.

i would also be interested in this for 1.55 tires, thanks.

I would be interested in them for the 1.55 tire size. Separate tub files would be great if you can do that.

Found a great place to get hardware for this trailer and at a good price.

Thanks for this it's ace started building already faint wait to Finnish it :)

Hi, you should remove these files and sell them because it interests a lot of people to sell the printed parts, to sell your files there are other sites

Thanks, I appreciate the concern. I am aware though and have no problems with people selling prints of it. I am experimenting at the moment. I make these for my own enjoyment and like sharing with the RC community. I like to believe that people who value it will contribute.

I could be completely wrong be the only one who doesn't make any money off it, that's ok, then future designs can be locked down, I have no shortage of ideas :-)

I will be starting this late tonight. Thank you for sharing.

Good luck! Let me know if you encounter any problems

I'm wondering about the front leaf spring mount. seems like a lot of play in the mount and bolt

Yes, you are right if you are talking about the left-to-right play, that could do with some adjustment, or some washers. That was, at the time, the best I could do without supports.

In fact, the design on the jeep is better and should be adapted back to the trailer when I have time (it actually also needs to be made with less tolerance, but is easier to correct).

sorry to sound so noobish......but im new to 3d printing and dont know how to cad yet,but i wanna make this trailer in 1/16th scale to go behind my wpl b truck.im assuming i can simply upload this trailer into cura and scale it down.that would change all the hardware specs,but the trailer size is what im after.
does this sound like it would work to you?
the wpl width outside fender to outside fender is 130mm,bed is 107mm to give an idea of im working with
and thanx for all the cool designs,i plan on eventually printing your jeep for the wpl series.
and no rush on reply,i got time.

just played around and reduced the tubs size to 60 %,in mm it looks close what im looking for.....so i guess i answered my own question.
so what scale down i pick,every part will have to be on same percentage.