Name plate Pen/Pencil holder

by devtty1 Dec 16, 2013
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hey, i've been trying to edit the text in sketchup but now they got this webpage free version or you can get pro but it costs money. on this webpage version i can't seem to be able to find this text edit function, am i missing something?

sorry, but I don't have an answer to your question. I have not used the webpage. I haven't designed a nameplate for a long time so if you find the solution, please post it on this thread for others to find

thank you

I made the name i wanted in sketch up but I don't know how to save or export the file as an .stl so my slicer can open it. Can you instruct me how to do this? Sorry, Im a noob to this kind of stuff.

google "sketchup export to stl" and you will find a module to add to your sketchup that allows you to export the drawing as an stl file

hi i fixed your stl because contained error and i created a base of name on stl and used tinkercad for put the name select all and adjust-group and the name and the base are together. its easy to print
how i can send the stl for you upload the news
i created a remix with the new stl check this

what do you do if there's a 'y' or 'g' in the name?

we could start a petition to have everyone drop all those nuisance letters from their name :)

you will have to be creative. I made one for Emily and anchored the "E" and "y" to the base so the
name has a slope to it and it doesn't look too bad.

I tried elevating "E" thru "l" with a base, but it didn't look good.

I did one with multiple nuisance letters and anchored those points to the base. It doesn't look
all that good, but it was for my mother in law so I don't care.

Do you think you can make one with the name Brenna? My little sister would love this.


I will give it a try, maybe over Christmas break


Glad you like it. The exact font name is "Script MT Bold" ... I don't really understand installing fonts, but that's the one that shows up in my sketchup program. I'm running Windows XP if that makes a difference.

Hey, the instructions say you used the "script font", but I can't find that anywhere on Google. Could you please let me know the exact name of the font you used? I love it

you are awesome thank you so much for the files.

thank you for the kind words. I've uploaded a trio of files with the name you requested. Also, I've uploaded a new "name" because it looks as tho the 1st one may not be correct. Good luck!

That is very nice I tried everything as you instructed and I am having trouble using sketchup, could you be so kind and make one like yours with the name Diane, If it is not a inconvenience to you. thank you so much.