Netherforge Jotunkiller (28mm/Heroic scale)

by dutchmogul Jan 23, 2017
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Fantastic model i print and i painted :) awesome, thanks for free file. I Use for Arcadia Quest :)

This is an incredible model, I cant wait to put it on the game board.

Once again thanks for the great work!

Word of advice to anyone assembling this, make sure you attach the legs before the arms. I had to reprint most of it because I put the arm too low and there wasn't enough space for the leg to go.

Ah, good call. I'll put that in the print instructions.

I'm digging this theme. Nice stuff.

Hey, thank you. I want to put together a fully printable force. Getting there....

I really love this guy. Very cool design.

Thanks, Louse! I'm having a lot of fun with this series.

It's one reason I have always liked Dwarves as a species - they are engineers and whilst magic use is far from ruled out, I think it requires more thought(from a designer's point of view) to come up with something impressive that might just be possible in our world. Of course, we'd have software instead of god spirit:-)

Haha, totally. I really enjoy the concept of magi-tech. Like, an engineer could look at some dwarven contraption and be completely baffled by it, but it's innards are actually some practical mechanism that plays to some kind of arcane spellcraft. I like to think that a lot of what they come up with functions on it's own merits as well (though it's pretty tough to make a functional robot in a pre-computer age).

Dear dutchmogul,

How do you paint or color your models? If you could point me in the right direction to paints or how to color them it would be greatly appreciated.


Sure, no problem.

I use standard acrylic model paints that you'll find at your game store (any place that sells Warhammer stuff and the like). I print in black ABS (or sometimes PLA) and paint directly onto the surface (I don't generally spray-prime these models).

Thanks so very much!

I want to get a start in wargaming and want to use my printer to make some of your miniatures for battle. Your designs are amazing!

You got it! Post pics when you make them!

Do you do much post processing after your print (other than just cleaning up any supports/etc)?

Nah, I just take the supports off if I'm using them. I'd like to try a vapor bath or acetone brushing on some of these, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Your pictures normally look pretty good, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. I was just curious. I've printed a ton of yours and others models. I've thus far left them all unpainted, as my friend is supposed to give me a primer on painting. I was just curious if I should be doing anything else to clean them up. Most are way too small to do much sanding/etc.