British Early War Pack

by TigerAce1945 Jan 23, 2017
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Any advice on how best to print these. I have made several attempts to print the Mk6 Light Tank but they have all failed. What happens is the rear half of the tank prints beautifully but then it topples over because the contact area with the bed is so small. I have since tried brims and rafts but the print still topples over half way through, snapping off at the brim/raft and leaving the brim/raft perfectly intact and adhered to the bed.

I have just tried using supports and the print completes but the supports are so intrusive that they merge with the fine detail making them impossible to remove cleaning.

So any advice would be welcome - I can see from the half that does print that these models are fantastic and I would love to be able to print lots of them.

This may be a dumb question but are you supports? depending on the slicer you are using they might be turned off by default. turn them on and play around with the orientation angle you should be fine. hope that helps

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After printing three of them, I realized the Mk 3 and Mk 4 hulls are missing the drive sprocket on the forward right - there's just an empty circle with a peg in the centre instead of the detailed star.

Thank you. It's great to see support for older work.

What changed in the December 7 update?

Fixed a few turret pegs, Added holes in the barrel fronts, and one turret on the cruiser 2 was not converted properly to a higher poly stl


Printing asap! :)

Holy mackerel!!! These are absolutely great! And nice idea getting Direwolf to do the testing work :-)

a fundamentally you do not round details? And with the technology and with the visual side of the multifaceted details make miniatures and rude "not finished"

AWESOME!!! And perfect timing for FoW4 release whose first focus will be desert war!