Alternate Labyrith Gift Box

by Corona688 Dec 17, 2013
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Gah, it lags incredibly in my OpenSCAD

You probably need to do a full render, F6, to view it.

What version of openscad did you make this in? When I open it up all I see is the maze, not the actual container

It still works in OpenSCAD 2014.05.30.

It requires an external file in the same directory, "blank.stl". Check to make sure the file is there in the same folder, and is the correct name.

I made it in last years' openscad, but wouldn't have expected it to start failing. I'll start checking things.

No need to check, I didn't have the blank.stl file in place. It's working now, thanks!

I am completely new to this so excuse my lack of knowledge. I opened the openscad file and rendered the 3D model and I got the 3D model and it looks awesome! Now how would I make my own maze and put it on to here? Again I have no knowledge in this whatsoever so some help would be nice. Thanks!

Are you still having trouble? I made an improved version which is simpler to use: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:595481

OpenSCAD Maze

Look at the fifth picture, it shows the key portion of the file, the two arrays which describe the maze.

"arcs" describes where to put horizontal lines, "lines" describes where to put vertical channels. 0 is a blank/high spot, 2 and up digs a channel, the higher the number the wider/taller. It's kind of like building a maze out of "battleships" ships.

Try setting them all to zeroes, then put in a single 2 somewhere and see what it does. Move that 2 around, see where it appears in the maze. Change it to a 5 and see where it goes. etc.

If you need i custom and crazy maze go there:


Is there by any chance you would create a version where the overall length and width of the maze can also be edited?
For example, the editor would be able to add extra rows, resulting in extra overall length, so there can be a 11th row.

Nope, this is designed to fit the "standard" box, I haven't edited up anything to fit a longer one.

ok, for the SCAD, are there dxf files that are needed to make it compile correctly?

I take it you're having problems? It wants one external file: "blank.stl".

it gives me 5 warnings like this:

WARNING: Can't open DXF file in 'C:/Users/Username/3dm/puzzmaze\9'.
WARNING: Can't open DXF file in 'C:/Users/Username/3dm/puzzmaze\61.5'.
WARNING: Can't open DXF file in 'C:/Users/Username/3dm/puzzmaze\16.5'.
WARNING: Can't open DXF file in 'C:/Users/Username/3dm/puzzmaze\24'.
WARNING: Can't open DXF file in 'C:/Users/Username/3dm/puzzmaze\46.5'.

then it crashes. im not very exprienced with openSCAD, does this warning mean anything to you, that i can't figure out?

It tells me that you're not compiling the file you think you are... Or perhaps your version of openscad has some very weird bugs.

1) Put lmaze2.scad and blank.stl together in a new, empty folder.
2) Open lmaze2.scad in openscad.
3) Hit F5. Wait several minutes for it to finish.

4) If that comes out looking okay, hit F6. Wait several minutes for it to finish.
5) Design -> export as STL.

This works here, with OpenSCAD 2013.06.

yep updating OpenSCAD did it. thanks.

oh that's an idea, ill try downloading the updated openscad. i should have thought of that myself. thanks for responding.

Awesome. Nice work!