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Bat Bunker

by RobertToole Jan 24, 2017
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I have a FlashForge Creator Pro and each of these pieces is very close to the maximum size of my print area. Just wondering if there's any way this could be remixed by someone to make things a little smaller? The bottom and middle almost, just fit...but I've never printed a piece that's so close to the maximum volume of my printer before. I'm worried about printing a 21 hour print, only to have it fail in the last 10%...or 5%. If I were to scale everything down by 10 or 20%, would that make the inside too small? I also worry a little about the opening. I'm assuming if I do just a simple proportional/percentage scale in all three axes, the threads should still work, at least? Any thoughts on it being "too small" for bats to enter, exit and enjoy at, say, 90% of original size?

Was your team able to use these Bat Bunkers in the wild, and actually witness bats using them? I know I have bats in my area because I see them swooping around near my pond right around twilight. Just wondered what your experience with these was. Thanks for supplying this on Thingiverse!

How are you hanging this? I don't see any hooks or pictures of the bat house in the wild

there's a hanging hole on the back

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Does colour matter? Should it be white to avoid getting too hot in the sun, or dark to warm up faster in the sun?

Hi AbuMaia,

A warm but not too hot bat house is actually preferred by the bats - even in the summer. Here's a link to an article from the Bat Conservation Internation Group that discusses bat house color as it relates to different areas of the United States: https://www.batcon.org/pdfs/bathouses/ColorRecs.pdf.

As for 3D printed bat houses, we suggest you stay away from dark colors like black and dark brown. Gray is probably the best color but a light brown, orange, blue or even purple should be fine. Post-processing the bat house will depend on what type of material you use to make it. There are several good articles on the Internet about the requirements of post-processing 3D printed materials for outdoor use.

Thanks for the question!