Multi-Color Fidget Star

by MosaicManufacturing Jan 23, 2017
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The model is much smaller than showin in the pics. When i select both models and scale up proportionally, the origins change and it wont align.

How would you go about putting it together?

Hey tuanvuhcm, you would combine the files in your slicer. We have some tutorial videos depending on if you use Cure or Simplify3D. Take a look here: https://mosaicmanufacturing.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001350448-Slicing

Looking at the preview it seems the orientation the files are saved to will require support. Please explain how you printed this.

Hi TobyCWood, believe it or not, these files are printed in the orientation shown with no supports! Check out this video starting at 0:30:

If you're having issues printing the hinges, @mathgrrl has answered many questions about them in the comments of the original Fidget Star (which she designed to be printed without supports) here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:929504/#comment-749044

"First make sure you are printing at .2mm layer height with NO supports. Then, before snapping, cut off any droopy bits that are hiding under the hinges; specifically, at each horizontal hinge there may be a small droop of filament underneath the ledge of the hinge, where it printed outward without support..."

Otherwise, make sure that you're placing the parts flat on the bed and merging them correctly, and you should be good to go!

  • In Simplify3D you can group all the parts and choose "Edit > Place Surface on Bed"
  • In Cura, use the "Dual Extrusion Merge" command and you'll be able to rotate them as you please.
Fidget Star

this was used with the palette!

Oops forgot to read the comments and made one of original size

Gonna make it 200% and try again :D

Spoke too soon. I dont know how to scale these and still have it working well. If anyone can make a 200% model and share I'd be happy!

Bought simply 3d to scale it but the hinges didn't come out strong. I think because the bottom of the hinges don't have support so they get printed on open space and become weak and stringy :(

Hey mcmaxx, you should be able to scale your models in any slicer -- but if you've bought Simplify3D, then I expect you'll be happy with it! It's generally regarded as the best slicer for those who are willing to pay for a slicer.

Yeah, there's a bit of a learning curve to print things with hinges. You might have better luck with supports, or doing something special for bed adhesion. If this is your first time printing hinges, I'd suggest starting with a single-color/single-filament model first to get your feet wet!

Consider these:

Fidget Star
Print-In-Place Fidget Cube

Hey thanks for the quick reply

The free software I was using before wouldn't let me scale the two pieces at the same time, I had to scale one and scale the other (replicator G did that) and then it was all messy.

Simplify3D def. made things easier, it built a wall around the model so it helped prime the plastic before the extruder hit the model.

I tried the other cubes before yours (the single color fidget stars) but I ran into the same problem. Because the hinges of the cube are essentially off the printing platform they would come out like spaghetti (but the rest of the build was perfect).

I'm a bit sad that I have to use supports because I paid a bit extra for a good printer ... so what kind of printer would be able to print these hinges without supports? I guess my printer isn't up to the task (flashforge creator pro).

I will try again with supports because I'm fairly certain it will turn out great. I've other problems with tree-supports because theyre so delicate so its not just you... I'm trying to take it to the limit! I'll post my results with supports in the near future because your design is good

Ahh, gotcha. FYI, I think the most popular free/open-source slicer is Cura; I don't see replicator G being used too often nowadays.

While this won't help with the multi-color models, the single-color ones were made in OpenSCAD, which means they can be customized.

Try editing this model and consider: (1) increasing the hinge radius (~1.5mm?) and (2) decreasing the hinge clearance (0.3mm?)

Experimenting with different hinge radii and hinge clearances could help you learn some of their nuances!

Wow I never knew that widget even existed on the site :D

I'll try it out and posted results

YESSS this is so nice, and your prints came out wonderfully! I had worked on this type of 2-color modification for the fidget star but never quite got it to work. This one looks great so now I don't have to do it! Did you do the modification in OpenSCAD or did you use some other software?

So glad you like it! We love your design and all your other work! If you want we can mail you one just message your address.

Is there a way to print these opened and flat on the bed? I'm having trouble printing them as they are, tried both with and without supports.

Thank you

I printed mine in cube form without supports. Check out the original file's customizer, in there you can change the hinge tolerances.

Will try changing the hinges parameter. Thank you.

So do I print the inner and outer files separately in different colors then glue them together? How does it work?

This was actually designed to be printed all as one part in 2 colors.

So how does that work with the 2 different files? Just put the inside file inside the outside file in the slicer?

Would it be possible to get your setting for layer height and other things so I could possibly try to print this

.3 mm layer height and 12% infill.

Printed this and it looked really cool. Problem was that I printed it at the size of the file and the thing crumbled at the hinges. Same issue the other ones have suffered from.

Looking at the imgur video, the sizes are much much much larger then the file uploaded.
Those who want to print this will need to increase the size, maybe by 200% scale, and it may match the video. Cool concept though.

Thumbs up Mosaic!

Yes the one feature in the gif and photos is at 200% the file is the same scale as the original and is quite small.

Whoa, this is gorgeous! How would you go about putting it together?

It's printed all together.