Anet A8 Filament Guide

by werddomain Jan 23, 2017
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Great guide - printed in solid ABS as I'd previously snapped a couple...

Nice, you deleted the whole discussion ! Funny but the crappier the design the less the "designer" can take critics !

Critic is constructive and it was not. And how can I delete it?
Please just stop

NO !
When a design is bad, the right critic is to demolish it to spare others from making it, buying it whatever.

Someone deleted the whole comments here.

Your comments was deleted by admin. If you remember my first respond, i was tank you for your comment and asked more precision, but your are harassing me now.
You dont own a Anet A8, what are you doing here?
You dont like it, fine. I have understand that but i dont give a f**k. I have kids more mature than you.
Im not an engineer, it's just a hobby.
I like to learn to design thing and the purpose of this website is to share knowledge and things.
I have started playing with 3d software on december, desing a thing i need and share it.
You have made thinks that i dont need, i will not go there and comment it saying it's useless and not saying why.
some one write me this about your comments :
«Please note that I flagged the message of MKSA to the adminstrators. Please do not feel embarrassed by such idiots. Actually I am an engineer and I do like your filament guide.

I think it is jealousy or something. Actually these are pretty cheap printers, but I am able to get great results with them. Hope this doe not scare you away from the website! Have fun!»

Im not here to get likes, i just share because many people ask me the model of this. So i shared it.
Now stop this kid game and get a life.

Comments deleted.