Combination lock

by Trigubovich Jan 24, 2017
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Would be cool if the open/close leaver was replaced with once of those big wheels you always see in movies. I get some gears could be used to do this.

Does anybody have an idea how you would design parts with a different combination? There should probably be a simpel calculation with angle from certain point stuff but I can't quite think of it myself...

Hi, where can I find instructions how to assemble after printing?

This is an awesome idea for a toy by the way! Thanks!!

Watch the YouTube video where the guy shows it off in wood. He has a how-to video as well, I'm going to be following that to see how he assembled it.


for part 2 and 3, which version should i print? v2 i assume.


But I recommend:

Combination Lock some improvements

i havent printed this YET. but how do i set the combination?

You can not set your own combination
In this model, only one combination

How about a version which makes this a door on a larger box? tho' I suppose it's easy enough for us to build our own box.


I did not understand the question

Do you need a large model?

No, I was just thinking of taking the existing lock model and mounting it on the door to a box so the whole thing would be like a safe.

Combination Lock some improvements

Try, I think that you will be the first )
I can change some items if necessary

Which screws should i use?

For wheels I used 2 screws m3x5 and hairpin m3x10
For fixing the case the case I used 8 screws m3x15
For the lever I used hairpin m3x30

If you will print this version:

you can use for the wheels 4 screws m3x5
For the lever you can use any rod with a diameter of 3mm
For the case, you can also use screws length from 10 to 15 mm

any questions

Combination Lock some improvements

cool design! I just wanted to comment because i just love how you got the exact same color as the thingiverse .STL renderings. At first i couldn't tell which was which haha. thats all. Added to collection, look for my make in the future!

I'll wait until you do it )