Nintendo Switch Dpad Mod 1.6

by EmperorFaiz Jan 24, 2017
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Do you have to take apart the joycon or does it just stick on?

Got it printed and it's great! I think the little bump in the middle should be a tiny bit bigger so it rocks more because its just barely big enough to stop the opposite corners being pressed at the same time.

can you provide a dual color arrow key model? i wanted to print the arrows in white and the rest in black

I found a perfect way to make all of these fit, a little bit of poster tack in the holes makes it stick perfect and in can come off if you wan it too.

Ordered through Treatstock, using the Resin material option. Absolutely perfect.

Can Someone show me how much wear this thing gives off after a couple of weeks/months/etc? I need to know how much damage this might do.

I managed to get a couple of these printed but the underside of the dpads are too small to cover the buttons. This results in the dpad slipping off even with adhesives. Anyone else having this issue? Is it possible that the plastic I used was not a high enough quality? I don't own a printer so I had to get them printed and not sure what was used.

I printed 3 of them, and I have the same problem, not sure if my printer is not properly calibrated or the model itself doesn't have much tolerance

Do I need any adhesive to make this stay on the Switch?

Anything from a double side tape to sticky putty.

Tried ordering it, and upon checkout, it said there was an error in the file that they can't automatically fix. Please help.

Nevermind. Tried a different app, and the order went through. Thanks.

Thanks for the Dpad project, really dose the job.

Pics :https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bz_YLJDx1HYEX0ZMQWNNQmRKNXM?usp=sharing

However I just feel the Dpad is looks big on the joy con. if it can just slim down a bit. it may look like a real Dpad came with the NS.

Hi zndncf, can you share the settings and material to print this? I tried a lot of prints still can't make it to work

Just added the smaller version. Take a look.

I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback

A more salient test (per the Shovel Knight vid posted in this thread) would be a fighting game with lots of quarter circle, etc. movements (for example, KOF98 or even Shock Troopers, which uses 8-directions). If it can stay attached under that sort of stress, rather than mostly just pushing UDLR, then it's a keeper.

I had the pad printed out and used it on KOF 98 with GREAT results!

Excuse the vids as I'm playing with one hand and recording with the other, but you can clearly see me busting out fireball, hurricane kick and dragon punch motions without the pad coming off!

Furthermore I used regular tape that I made small loops with to stick it to the controller (as the double sided tape I had wasn't very good and didnt stick well) and yet I was still able to use it with great results!

Trying to see if I can find a cheap left joycon as I may actually glue it to one since you could easily swap it with one that didn't have the dpad of you just needed the buttons.

Either way, here are the two vids!



Thanks again, Faiz, for this awesome dpad solution!

The final frontier.

Does anyone have any rough measurements for the printed Dpad attachments? I had a local shop print and mail me some, and they seem too small to fit around the buttons properly, and they look significantly smaller than the one in RickyMau5's posted video. How can I ensure that the printer prints at the correct size?

Printed the 1.4, stick the buttons on with a TINY bit of sticky tac. Works GREAT!

I've realized that I'm not able to print this at 100 micron, because the wall of the button holes are too thin. At my usual 100 resolution, the splicer (S3D) simply skips over those thin walls, which is really putting a hamper on this thing's ability to stay on the buttons.

Okay, I can't even get the button hole walls to splice correctly at 10 micron, nevermind 100.

Turns out the problem was S3D. This model splices so much better using splic3r. Still too much room for the buttons, though, so the dpad slides around.

I'm looking into some things... I'll be printing v1.4 later today.

Something tells me it wouldn't be hard to make some kind of grabbing/clipping mechanism to latch onto the D-Pad buttons.

I'll let you know how 1.4 turns out.

I got the pad working pretty well. Printed at 50um. Not sure if that made a difference. Ill post a video tonight and reference the print back here.

Only issue was the elite style pad

What's the issue with the elite pad?

Seems like pressing between the up/left/right or down/left/right has too much leverage on the outer edge, so it detaches after a few presses. Hope that makes sense. I used poster puddy/mounting puddy; it worked really well. Also, measuring with my caliper, joycon buttons measure at 7.15mm-7.17mm

Never thought of that when making the dpad plate.

Maybe I should try with flat version instead ala Xbox360's dpad.

yea or maybe even a bump similar to the middle of the dpad

I've just tested dpad_2 on my Joycon. It doesn't really sit on the buttons, thanks to the ball, so the mod sorta floats around. It seems the ball needs to be much smaller. Using my caliper, it appears the ball is a full mm in size, but perhaps it needs to be reduced at least by half, maybe more.

Also, could you tell me the exact diameter of one of the c-buttons?

Diameter is 7.1 to 7.2. Height looks to be about 1.5.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into it.

My wife's Switch shipped early and arrives today. I'll test this later tonight when I have a chance to sit down with the Switch; lucky me, she won't have any games since we ordered them with my Switch so I'll be able to mess with it as much as I'd like until Friday.

Just got two of these printed. Ill be testing them Friday morning, will also post a video.

I get my switch on launch day as well and will print out a few of these to test out :)

I'm willing to help you out when my Switch arrives. I have a launch day pickup on March 3 scheduled at GameStop. I'm hoping they do a midnight launch so I can get my hands on it as soon as possible. I will have a prototype of yours printed before I leave so I can try it out.

Can't wait! If you don't mind, could you take few pictures of the mod when you have it?

Awesome! I will have to print one when my Switch arrives to try it out...