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RGB Light Panel

by aaronneal Jan 25, 2017
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Hey this is a really cool project, nice job! I'm really impressed with how even the light diffusion is in your pics. No hot spots! I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the advantage of the layer of clear acrylic with the circle pattern on it. I assume its related to light diffusion in some way. The main issue for me is I don't have access to a laser cutter to create this piece :( so I'm hoping maybe I can omit it if I build this. Do you think the diffusing would be sufficient with just the frosted layer and mirror layer? Maybe if I add a second frosted layer? I have to say that the mirror layer is pretty clever.

Would it be possible to post an image of the assembly open from the side view w/ the acrylic sheets installed? I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how the acrylic sheets fit into the frame / what the orientation is of the frame.


Thanks for your kind words,

The clear acrylic guides the light from the edge to the etched circles where it is then scattered in all planes. This then needs reflecting out the front, hence the mirror. The frosted piece then diffuses the light to get rid of the hot spots created by the etched clear piece.

By using the same thickness mirror to frosted layer it centrally aligns the LED with the clear acrylic light guide, i.e. it is the same thickness as the LED and will have the best light transfer. And the frosted piece (diffuser) needed to be slightly offset from the light guide panel, otherwise all you saw were hundreds of lit up circles.

I never tested what it was like to only run the LEDs around the frosted piece, i guess you would have to try it and find out.

I don't have time to post a picture unfortunately due to my current commitments. However, the mirror and clear etched sheet are sandwiched together and placed in the larger area, with the clear acrylic directly over the LED. The frosted piece then sits alone in the other slot.

If you use an A4 sheet there are two pieces for each of the longer sides and a single piece for each short side, this is due to my printers maximum height of 200mm.

Does that help clear up any issues?


Thank you, it's interesting.
You can learn more about ESP and scheme.